KLES Health Institution Campus-Board Members

1. Name of the President : Dr. Arvind L. Tenagi, Professor and Consultant Ophthalmologist
2. Name of the First Vice President :         Dr. M.S. Karishetti, Professor and Consultant ENT Surgeon
3. Name of the Immediate Past President : Dr. M.G. Dhorigol, Professor and Consultant Anesthesiologist
4. Name of the Secretary : Dr. Sangamesh Salimath
5. Name of the JR Joint Secretary : Dr. Salman Patel, JR
6. Name of the Treasurer : Dr. Nilesh Kumar, JR
7. Membership Committee In-charge: Dr. S.B. Patil, Professor and Consultant Ophthalmologist
8. Public Relations Officer: Dr. Sumeet Gupta, JR