The department of Hospital Administration was established in the year 2000 under the guidance of Dr.Anil P. Hogade. As the department is multidisciplinary by nature it is being ably supported by various departments and the faculty members in pursuit of its academic objectives.  The SWOT analysis of the department is as follows:

a. Strengths of the department: It is the only department in the institution which offers a post graduate degree course which is multidisciplinary in its pursuit of the academic programme. The academic programme is structured to assimilate the various disciplines in health care. The post graduate programme is aimed at creating a separate discipline which is devoted to the field of hospital administration.

b. Weakness of the department: Most of the healthcare programmes are technical in nature. This post graduate degree course lays emphasis on interpersonal skills and cognitive skills. Due to this uniqueness it is unable to draw the best talent participation by the student – community in the programme.

c. Opportunity for the department: The government should establish a separate cadre based system were person possessing the degree shall be eligible for the post of hospital administrator in healthcare institutions.

d. Threat to the department: There should be wide variety of under graduate and post graduate programme to draw the various students – community of health care discipline. This is   to cater the needs and demands of the healthcare institutions.