M.D  Dissertation

Completed :


Sl No Name of the PG Student Guide Co_Guide Title of the Dissertation Duration(From-To)
1  Dr.Savita S. Hiremath Dr.(Mrs)P.P.Patil _ Assessment of Physiological profile of Wrestlers in age group of 18-25 years practicing in District stadium – A cross sectional study 2012-2015
2 Dr.Basavaraj Tenginkai Dr.S.S.Goudar _ Evaluation of effect of Iron Sucrose vs Ferrous Ascorbate for treatment of Anemia in pregnancy on  Maternal and newborn outcomes at selected Primary Health centers of Belgaum District – A randomized controlled trial 2011-2014
3 Dr.Shantala  S. Herlekar Dr.(Mrs)V.J.Watve _ Effect of Instrumental music on Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Concentration and Short term Memory in Indian and Malaysian students – A randomized control tria 2011-2014
4 Dr Nirmala S. Anand Dr.S.S.Goudar _ A Cross Sectional Study to Assess the Cardiorespiratory, Autonomic And Psychomsomatic Responses & Responses to Graded Exercise Protocol During Different Phases of Menstrual Cycle among MBBS Phase I Students 2010 – 2013
5  Dr Amar Barwade Dr.(Mrs)P.P.Patil _ A Cross Sectional Study of Influence of Cerebral Dominance on Cardiovascular Responses like Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Indices to Autonomic Stressor Tests in Age Group of 16-20 years. 2010 – 2013
6  Dr. Jyothi S. Dr.R.N.Raichur _ A Cross sectional study to assess anthropometry, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, agility, quickness and strength among sprinters and distance runners aged 16-25 years practicing at district stadium 2009-2012
7  Dr. Sunil S. Vernekar Dr.(Mrs)P.P.Patil _ A cross sectional study to assess physical fitness by anthropometry and physical performance measures like cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, agility, power, quickness and strength among basketball players aged 16-26 years practicing at the district stadium 2009-2012
8 Dr.Jayasudha K Dr.S.S.Goudar _ A cross sectional study to assess physical fitness among Judo players of Belgaum city. 2008-2011
9 Dr. Renu Kusagur Dr.(Mrs)P.P.Patil _ Relationship of obesity indices with blood pressure and blood glucose level in young adult medical students- A cross sectional study 2008-2011
10 Dr.Sonal Gaonkar Dr.R.N.Raichur Dr.N.D.Zingade A cross sectional study to assess hearing impairment in school going children aged   6 to 10 years of Belgaum city. 2007-2010
11  Dr.Syed Sadat Ali Dr.S.S.Goudar Dr.S.M.Dhaded Assessment of growth and developmental disorders in children aged three years of Vantamuri PHC area attached to J.N.Medical College, Belgaum – A cross sectional study.  Dr.Syed Sadat Ali (2007-2010) 2007-2010
12 Dr.Basavaraj K Dr.R.G.Latti _ Effect of a parent- provided early intervention program on infant health and development: A randomized controlled trial. 2006-2009
13 Dr.Neha  Kulkarni Dr.S.S.Goudar _ A cross sectional study to determine pain threshold and pain tolerance in different genders among M.B.B.S. phase I students of J.N.Medical college, Belgaum. 2006-2009

U.G Dissertation


Sl No Name of the PG Student Guide Co_Guide Title of the Dissertation Duration(From-To)
1 Ms.Pooja Sindhavani Dr.P.S.Kudachi _ ‘Lifestyle, Nutrional Status & Physical Fitness Index among healthy male medical students – A cross sectional study’ Aug-12
2 Ms. Shruti Patil Dr.P.S.Kudachi _  ‘Assessment of pain perception among healthy obese male medical students – A cross sectional study’ Aug-11

M.Sc. Research Projects



Sl No Name of the PG Student Guide Co_Guide Title of the Dissertation Duration(From-To)
1 Mr Harishankar Dr Parwati Patil _ Anemia and oxidative stress 2014-15
2 Mr Ramesh Nayak Dr Parwati Patil _ Comparision between ankle brachile blood pressure in indian and Nepalese students 2014-15



Sl No Name of the PG Student Guide Co_Guide Title of the Dissertation Duration(From-To)
1 Dr.Harpreet Kour Dr S.S Goudar _ An Experimental Study to Evaluate the Effect of Instrumental Indian Classical and Western Music Therapy on Learning and Memory in Stress Induced Young Rats. 2009-10
2 Dr.Harpreet Kour Dr.R.N.Raichur _ A Cross-sectional Study For Assessment of Audio Visual Reaction Time in KSRTC Drivers of  Age Group 20-40 Years in Belgaum City. 2009-10
3 Ms.Rohini H.N Dr.P.S.Kudachi _ “Heart rate variability during deep breathing as an index of autonomic dysfunction in obese medical students -A cross sectional study” 2010-11
4 Ms.Rohini H.N Dr M.V. Ravishankar. _ “Effect of Clitoria Ternatea on Dentate gurus cell Morphology of Juvenile Diabetic Rats – A Qualitative study” 2010-11
5 Ms.Vidyashree H.M. Dr.P.P.Patil _ “Evaluation and comparison of sleep quality among Medical & Yogic students” 2010-11
6 Mr.Prem Kumar Yadav Dr.P.S.Kudachi _ “Assessment of nutritional status among medical students of private medical students” – Mr Prem Kumar Yadav.  Guide- Dr.P.S.Kudachi 2010-11

Staff Research Projects (PGDHPE)


Sl No Name of the PG Student Guide Co_Guide Title of the Dissertation Duration(From-To)
1 Dr.Vijaya S. Dandannavar Dr. Allan Schwartz, UIC, Chicago _ Comparative study to evaluate practical skills in Physiology among 1st Phase Medical Undergraduate at JNMC Belgaum, traditional practical examination versus objective structured practical examination(TPE/OSPE)” 2010-12
2 Dr.(Mrs)V.J.Watve Dr Sunita Patil _ Effect of case based turoials. On written test performacnce, a study proposed in Ist MBBS  students, in the subject  physiology, By suding endocrine module, in  J.N.Medical College, Belgaum 2012-13
3 Dr.J.G.Bagi Dr Nayana K Hasilkar _ Implementation of an E- Learning Module  to teach acid- Base Homeostasis  to phase I MBBS Students 2012-13