The Department of Microbiology was started as a combined department with Pathology in the year January 1966. Later in 1967, separate designation was given to the department with Dr. K.V. Subha Rao, as the Head of the Department of Microbiology. Since then, the department is headed by the following.

1. Dr. M.R.Parthasarthy January 1966 to Sept’ 1967
2. Dr K.V. Subba Rao October 1967 to July 1971
3. Dr. S.J. Nagalotimath July 1971 to September 1974
4. Dr. P.V. Ramana Rao September 1974 to October 1977
5. Dr. (Mrs)A.V. Dhaded October 1977 to February 1978
6. Dr. C.S. Patil February 1978 to December 2004
7. Dr.(Mrs) S.C. Metgud December  2004 to Feb 2010
8. Dr. S.G. Karadesai February 2010 to 31.8.2012
9. Dr. M. B. Nagamoti September 2012 to September-2014
10.Dr. Jyoti Nagamoti October-2014 to October-2016
11.Dr. Sumati Hogade October-2016 to Till Date

The Department is well staffed with 11 M.D qualified teaching staff and 13 non teaching staff. The teaching faculty is engaged, along with diagnostic work, in teaching the students enrolled in various courses. The courses offered by the department include U.G., P.G. and Ph.D. program .Four faculty members had registered for PhD. and three have been already awarded with the degree. Department is involved in teaching the Allied Health Science Courses like Nursing, Dental, IGNOU, Physiotherapy along with other undergraduate course of MBBS and BDS. Recently the M. Sc. (Microbiology) course is started the department.



The faculty has been trained in various fields of Microbiology two of the faculty members have been awarded  “Short Term Fellowship in Medical Education”  by University of Illinois at  Chicago, USA. One of the faculty members has been awarded FAIMER fellowship, Philadelphia USA.



Faculty members regularly attend the conferences/ CME and Workshops at State, National and also International level and also contribute significantly to them as resource persons. The department has hosted 2 National Conferences, 1 State Conference and 5 CME’s which were a great success.

The Department conducts and co-ordinates the Training programs of KSAPS & ICHAP on HIV awareness, preventive and diagnostic aspects.



There are total of 89 Publications from the department 4 in International Journal, 45 National Journal, 40 Regional Journals.



The department contributes in very significant manner in various research activities in collaboration with other departments of JNMC/ VKIDS & as well as with other institutions viz. Engineering (Biomedical Eng) &  Pharmacy, Nursing, Ayurveda,  etc.

The faculty is involved in 60 Research projects.



The faculty members have been honored by awards like Hari Om Alembic & Jhala Award & two of our faculty members have been conferred with  Best Teacher Award. The senior faculty members have been taken part in the professional bodies at National & State levels in several capacities like Presidents, Vice presidents, Treasurer, Secretary & executive committee members. Our Senior faculty members have served as LIC inspector, Governing body member, Chairman of Board of Studies and Expert  Committee, member of RGUHS & different sub committees of KLE University & other Deemed Universities.



Every member of our Alumni is well placed in medical colleges/ research institutes, of repute in India and abroad and are considered respectable authorities of the subject which bring pride to our department and college.



Departmental faculty members hold various administrative assignments in college and University and involved in Inter departmental and inter college activities at various capacities.