Sl No Name of the PG Student  Guide  Co_Guide Title of the Dissertation Duration  (From-To)
1 Dr. Mounica B Dr. Yeshita Pujar  Nil  Cogential Anomalies Diagnosed By Antenatal Ultrasonography At Tertiary Care Centre  2018 to 2020 
2 Dr. Suryadevara Geetha Surya Kumar Dr. M. B. Bellad Nil  Acceptance of Post-Partum Intrauterine Contracpetive Device (PPIUCD) – hospital based descriptive longitudinal study at the teaching hospital attached to KAHER’s J N Medical College, Belagavi 2018 to 2020 
3 Dr. Susan Sam Varghese Dr. Yeshita Pujar  Nil  Management Practices in Ectopic Pregnancy – A Hospital Based study  2018 to 2020
4 Dr. Lameez Khan Dr. M. C. Metgud Dr. Prasad M R  Maternal and fetal outcomes among pregnant women with heart disease – A Prospective study 2018 to 2020
5 Dr. Ankita Patil Dr. Anita Dalal Nil  Lateral Location of Pacenta as a predicor of pre eclampsia in pregnant women, A Hospital Based prospective study 2018 to 2020
6 Dr. Sbubha S R  Dr. M. C. Metgud Nil  Accuracy of estimation of gestional age from 18-38 weeks by mean fetal renal lenth 2018 to 2020
7 Dr. Kshama A Hinchigeri Dr. Kamal Patil  Nil  Injection tranexamic acid for preventing postpartum hemorrhage after vaginal delivery: One year hospital based randomized placebo-controlled trial 2018 to 2020
8 Dr. Avula Lakshmi Mounica Dr. Yeshita Pujar Nil  Fetal Macrosomia : risk factors, maternal and perinatal outcome – A one year cross sectional study 2019 to 2021
9 Dr. Jayanth S Dr. Romana Khursheed Nil  Maternal and Perinatal outcome in Women with gestational diabetes mellitus – A one year cross sectional study 2019 to 2021
10 Dr. Girish Murgesh Biradarpatil Dr. Kamal Patil Nil  Efficacy and safety of Ferrous Carboxy maltose in postpartum iron deficiency Anaemia correction 2019 to 2021
11 Dr. Naramsetty Lakshmi Chandana Dr. Kamal Patil Nil  A Comparison of predictive value of transvaginal cervical length at 11-14 weeks and at 18-22 weeks of gestation in preterm labour  2019 to 2021
12 Dr. Karuturi Vemani Dr. M. C. Metgud Nil  Analysis of Maternal outcomes in pregnancy complicated with disseminated intravascular coagulation at a tertiary care centre – An observational study 2019 to 2021
13 Dr. Alimilla Sindhu Dr. Kamal Patil Nil  Factors responsible for the failure of labour induction 2019 to 2021
14 Dr. Rashwani Ratnakaran Dr. M. B. Bellad Nil  Post Partum Blood loss in Induceed versus spontaneous delivery – an observational study 2019 to 2021
15 Dr. Smriti Shree Dr. Hema Patil Nil  Vaginal dysbiosis in early second trimester of pregnancy and its assocation with PPROM: A longitudinal observational study of KAHER’s Dr. Prabhakar Kore Charitable Hospital Belagavi 2019 to 2021
16 Dr. Bhawna Garg Dr. M. B. Bellad Nil  Inj. Ferric Carboxymaltose versus Iron Isomactoside in Anemia in Pregnancy – A Randomized Contolled Trial  2019 to 2021
17 Dr. Sanjana K. Dr. M. C. Metgud Nil  Prospective study of association of uterine atonicity and PPH with serum calcium levels 2019 to 2021
18 Dr. Shwetha B H Dr. Anita Dalal Nil  Maternal lipid profile during second trimester on pregnancy outcomes  2019 to 2021
19 Dr. Sravani Naramsetty Dr. M. B. Bellad Nil  Laparoscopic hysterectomy for benign conditions a hospital based cross sectional study. 2019 to 2021
20 Dr. Aarathi E M Dr. Yeshita Pujar Nil  Maternal & Foetal Outcomes in Twin Gestation 2019 to 2021
21 Dr. Aditya Mohan Gan Dr. Romana Khursheed Nil  Impact of evidence based surgical bundle for prevntion of cesarean section SSI.  A randomised control trial 2019 to 2021
22 Dr. Archi Raj Dr. Anita Dalal Nil  Association of serum lactate level with severity of Pre-Eclampsia and maternal complications : An Observentional study 2019 to 2021
23 Dr. Rashmi Keshav Giri Dr. Yeshita Pujar Nil  Ultrasonographic evaluation of first trimister  2019 to 2021
24 Dr. Diksha Garg Dr. M. C. Metgud Nil  Clot Obsertational test for Early Detection of Coagulopathy in Obstetric Emergency – A One Year Prospective Study 2019 to 2021
25 Dr. Mareedu Spoorthi Dr. Hema Patil Nil  Maternal Hypothyroidism and Infant Outcomes: A Prospective study 2019 to 2021
26 Dr. Tella Srivani Dr. Anita Dalal Nil  Induction versus spontaneous labour – A one year cross sectional study of maternal and neonatal outcomes 2019 to 2021


Sl No Name of the PG Student  Guide  Co_Guide Title of the Dissertation Duration  (From-To)
59 Dr. Meghan H M  Dr. M. B. Bellad Dr. Manjunath C Patil A Cross Sectional Study of Caesarean Sections one year hospital based study at a teaching hospital 2017 to 2019
58 Dr. Anjana Krishna Dr. M. B. Bellad Dr. M. B. Nagmoti  Prevalence of Urinary Tract Infection in Pregnancy at first antenatal care vist – A Hospital based study at the Teaching Hospital Attached to KLE University’s J.N.Medical College, Belagavi 2017 to 2019
57 Dr. Sweta Verma  Dr. M. K. Swamy Nil  An Observational study of management practices and maternal outcome of postpartum hemorrhage at a tertiary care centre in Belagavi 2017 to 2019
56 Dr. Meghana T Dr. Kamal Patil  Nil  Early Onset Fetal Growth Restriction and Its Perinatal Outcome – A One year Cross Sectional Study 2017 to 2019
55 Dr. Vartika Mohan Dr. Anita Dalal Nil  Oral Vs Vaginal Administration of Misoprostol, for induction of Labor, in Women presenting with premature rupture of Membrances 1 year Randomized Controlled Trial at the Teaching Hospital attached to Dr. Prabhakar Kore Charitable Hospital Belagavi 2017 to 2019
54 Dr. Archana Gupta  Dr. Yeshita Pujar  Nil  Prevalance of red cell alloimmunization Among Pregnant woman attending antenatal clinical at teaching hospital attached to KLE University J N Medical College, Belagavi 2017 to 2019
53 Dr. Priya A Joshi Dr. M. C. Metgud Nil  Correlation between fetal Transcerebellar Diameter and Gestional Age – A Hospital Based Observational Study 2017 to 2019
52 Dr. Samridhi Dhawan  Dr. Yeshita Pujar  Nil  Comparative study of Interacervical Dinoprostone Gel and Vaginal Misoprostol for Induction of Labour 1 Year Randomized Control Trial at Tertiary Care Centre, Belagavi 2016 to 2018
51 Dr. Belide Shruthi Dr. M. B. Bellad Dr. Sunil Jalalpure  Homocysteine and Asymmetric Dimethyl Arginine (ADMA) Levels in Early Pregnancy and Pregnancy Outcome – A Descriptive Observational Study at Teaching Hospital Attached to KLE University’s J.N.Medical College, Belagavi  2016 to 2018
50 Dr. Sunaya S Puranik Dr. Kamal Patil  Nil  Prevalence of Congenital Anomalies and Assessment of Associated Maternal risk factors : A One Year Cross Sectional Study at KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore Charitable Hospital, Belagavi 2016 to 2018
49 Dr. Rajashekhar Vittal Mali Dr. Anita Dalal Nil  Association Between Maternal and Fetal Risk Factors and Stillbirth in Tertiary Care Hospital in Belagavi – A Case Control Study 2016 to 2018
48 Dr. P. Divya  Dr. M. C. Metgud Nil  One Year Prospective Observational Study Onmaternal and Fetal Outcome with Severe Anaemia Admitted in the Labour Room at KLE Dr. Prabhakar Kore Charitable Hospital  2016 to 2018
47 Dr. Ayesha Gulzar Dr. M. K. Swamy Nil  A One Year Cross Sectional study of Primary Cesarean Section  at KLE Dr. Prabhakar Kore Charitable Hospital  2016 to 2018
46 Dr. Dcosta Usula Amellia Jean Dr. Yeshita Pujar  Nil  A One year cross sectional study of Antepartum Haemorrhage and its Association with Maternal and Perinatal outcome at KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore Charitable Hospital, Belagavi 2016 to 2018
45 Dr. Apoorva Hiremath Dr.Anita Dalal Nil  Accuracy of various ultrasonoghraphic formular in predicting EFW-A one year prospective congitudinal study. 2015 to 2017
44 Dr. Madhushree Deshpande Dr.M.C.Metgud Nil  Retrospective analysis of Blood Transfusions in Obstetrics: A one year cross sectional study. 2015 to 2017
43 Dr. Pandya Jay Y Dr.M.K.Swamy Nil  A cross sectional study of severe pre eclampsia and HELLP syndrome. 2015 to 2017
42 Dr. Pooja Kiran Dr.Kamal Patil Nil  Prediction vaginal birth after cesarean section using scoring system at the time of admission for trial of Labour-1 year prospective  cohort study  2015 to 2017
41 Dr. Surbhi Handa Dr.Yeshita Pujar Nil  Prediction of Pre-eclampsia Evaluation of B/L uterine Artery doppler at 11-13+6 weeks. 2015 to 2017
40 Dr. Yeramala Arpita Reddy Dr.Anita Dalal Nil  “An Observational study for analysis of cesarean section deliveries according to robsons ten group classification system at a tertiary care Hospital in Belagavi” 2015 to 2017
39 Dr. Anusha Jetti Dr.M.B.Bellad Nil  Correlation between duration of cohabitatian and its effects on development of adverse pregnancy outcomes. 2015 to 2017
38 Dr. Anjana B  Dr.Hema Dhumale Nil  Prostaglandins with estradiol versus prostaglandins alone for induction of labour in Unfavourable cervix – one year randomized control trial at KLE Dr. Prabhakar Kore Charitable  2014 to 2016
37 Dr. B Tejaswi R Dr.M.K.Swamy Nil  Maternal near Miss a cross sectional study Interhary care Hospital A prospective study. 2014 to 2016
36 Dr. Jahnavi Atluri  Dr.M.B.Bellad Dr.Suresh Patted Diastolic Dysfunction By 2d-Echocardiography In Pre-Eclamptic & Eclamptic Women Vs Normal Pregnant Women: A Hospital Based Case Control Study 2014 to 2016
35 Dr. Nidhi Pethapara Dr.Anita Dalal Nil  A study of first trimester maternal body mass index gestational weight gain and their association with maternal and perinatal outcomes. 2014 to 2016
34 Dr. Saniya Shaikh Dr.Yeshita Pujar Nil  Yolk sac diameter as a predictor of pregnancy outcome – a one year case control study at KLE Dr. Prabhakar Kore Free Charitable Hospital and MRC Belgaum 2014 to 2016
33 Dr. Soumya Patil  Dr.Kamal Patil Nil  Analysis of risk factor of late preterm birth: A case control study. 2014 to 2016
32 Dr. Swati Goudar  Dr.M.C.Metgud Nil  Association of Vaginal Ph>5 and The Incidence of Preterm Birth:A Prospective Chort Study 2014 to 2016
31 Dr. Snigdha  Kumar Dr. Kamal Patil  Nil  Study on Awareness and acceptability of screening for downs syndrome in the women attending ANC at KLE’s Prabhakar Kore charitable Hospital & MRC , Belgaum  2013-2015
30 Dr. Anshika  Sehgal Dr. Hema Dumale Nil Maternal serum beta human chronic gonadotropin Level estimation in second trimester as a predictor for pregnancy induced hypertension. – A Prospective study. 2013-2015
29 Dr. Steffi V Rodrigues  Dr. M.K.Swamy Nil  A randomized control trial of extra-amniotic saline infusion versus intra cervical dinoprostone gel for induction of labour.  2013-2015
28 Dr. Swathi A  Dr. M.B.Bellad Nil  Assessment of pain associated with intramuscular injection of Magnesium Sulphate with or without Lignocaine in women with severe preeclampsia and conscious eclamptic women- a Randomized Control Trial. 2013-2015
27 Dr. Tanu Pandey Dr. Yeshita Pujar  Nil  Effectiveness of antenatal corticosteroids in reducing perinatal Morbidity and Mortality in late preterm births- a Randomized control trial’  2013-2015
26 Dr. Vinu Choudhary Dr. M.C.Metgud Nil  Effectiveness of antenatal corticosteroids in reducing perinatal Morbidity and Mortality in late preterm births- a Randomized control trial’  2013-2015
25 Dr. Sameer Kulkarni Dr. Anita Dalal Nil  Clinico-Pathological Features of Ovarian tumours- A Prospective Observational study  2013-2015
24 Dr. Satwik  Metgud Dr. M.C.Metgud Nil  Comparison of efficacy & safety of intravenous ferric carboxymaltose v/s iron sucrose in the treatment of antepartum iron deficiency anemia- A randomized controlled trial  2012-2014
23 Dr. Trupti Ruge Dr. Anita Dalal Nil  To Determine the prevalence of Gestational diabetes mellitus at KLE’s   Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital and medical Research Centre , Belgaum. 2012-2014
22 Dr. Nikila  Gangula Dr. Yeshita Pujar Nil  To Determind the Perinatal Outcome in twin pregnancies with discordant growth- A cross-Sectional study  2012-2014
21 Dr. Nitika Dr. M.B.Bellad Nil  Prevalence of Discordant Growth in Twin Pregnancies. 2012-2014
20 Dr. Swarupa  Biradar Dr. Hema Dhumale Nil  Case control study to Assess independent risk factors influencing surgical site infection after cesarean section  2012-2014
19 Dr. Shubha Rao Dr. M.K.Swamy. Nil  Intrapartum Management of meconium stained amniotic fluid: A one year prospective cross –sectional study  2012-2014
18 Dr. Amey J Sirsat Dr. M.K.Swamy Nil  One year cohort study, the role of Umbilical artery Doppler & Modified Biophysical Proffile in prediciting neonatal outcome in Intrautrine Growth Restriction, a hospital based study. 2011-2013
17 Dr. Shonir Pai Dr. Kamal Patil Nil  Evaluation of attitude and Behavior on training implementation of Home Based Life saving skills (HBLSS) in communities of Belgaum district- Cross sectional study 2011-2013
16 Dr. Emanual Gracias Dr. Anita Dalal Nil  Association Cervical Length at 18-23 weeks of  gestation and spontaneous preterm delivery – A cohort study. 2011-2013
15 Dr. Avanti Laxmi Dr. Hema Dhumale Nil  A case control study to evaluate the correlation of hypothyroidism in pregnant women with adverse pregnancy outcome compared to pregnant women with normal preganancy outcome. 2011-2013
14 Dr. Snehal Shintre Dr. M.C.Metgud Nil  Effectiveness of risk of malignancy index to differentiate benign from malignant ovarian masses -A cross sectional study 2011-2013
13 Dr. Neha Gupta Dr. M.B.Bellad Nil  Safety  & effectiveness of  ventous extraction of fetal head versus manual extraction of fetal head at cesarean section – a randomized controlled trial 2011-2014
12 Dr. Keisham Sophia Dr. M.C.Metgud Nil  Interobserver  variability of visual inspection methods between doctor & nurse for cervical  cancer  screening. 2010-2012
11 Dr. Komal Revankar Dr. Hema Dhumale Nil  A RCT to assess the role of routine third trimester USG in low  risk  pregnancy on antenatal interventions and its impact on perinatal outcome. 2010-2012
10 Dr. Simran Jeet Dr. Anita Dalal Nil  Role of visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) and  HPV DNA testing in detection of cervical neoplasia –  A prospective study 2010-2012
9 Dr.  Valli- Pillai Dr. Yeshita Pujar Nil  The role of progesterone in maintenance therapy following arrested preterm labour. A randomized controlled trial. 2010-2012
8 Dr. Sridevi Metgud Dr. B.R.Desai Nil  Comparison of clinical methods and ultrasound for prediction of expected fetal weight with actual birth weight in term pregnancies- A – prospective study. 2010-2012
7 Dr. Parul Mahajan Dr. Parul Mahajan Nil  Study  ti determine incidence of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus using a single step diagnostic test- A one year hospital based prospective study   2010-2012
6 Dr. Deepti Dr. B.R.Nilgar. Nil  A cross sectional study by Translabial Ultrasonography to evaluate the integrity of Pelvic floor in patients with urogenital proplapse  2009-2011
5 Dr. Pallavi Dr.M.B.Bellad Nil  Oral clindamycin in 13-16 +1 week period of gestation with vaginal PH ≥ 5 for prevention of  preterm labour.  A randomized placebo controlled trial.  At KLE’S Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital and Medical Research Centre.”  2009-2011
4 Dr.Bhushan Desai. Dr. M.K.Swamy Nil  A Randomised controlled trial of oral nifedepine vs intravenous labetalol  in acute control of blood pressure in hypertensive emergencies  of pregnancy. 2009-2011
3 Dr.Vishnupriyanka Dr. Bhavana Sherigar.  Nil  Comparing the diagnostic value of  Radiometric assay and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in diction of genital tuberculosis in infertile woman 2009-2011
2 Dr. Nandan Dr. Anita Dalal Nil  Effective of Health Education on knowledge attitude of barrier towards cervical cancer screening among female nurses working in Tertiry Health care centre”  2009-2011
1 Dr Shreen Dr. Kamal Patil  Nil  Amniocentesis in prenatal diagnosis for chromosomal abnormalities- A cross sectional study” 2009-2011