1.    Orthopaedic Trauma

2.    Paediatric orthopaedics

3.    Joint Replacement

4.    Spine Surgery

5.    Arthroscopic surgery

6     Plastic & Hand surgery

7.    Neuro Surgery

8.    Physiotherapy

9.    Prosthetics  & Orthotics

10.  DEXA scan for Osteoporosis detection.

11.  Departmental library containing all latest textbooks,  reference books & journals.

12. Departmental e-library with internet connections where one can access all latest updates from  books and journals.

13.  LCD projector, Over Head Projector, Slide Projector in teaching programs.

14.  OSCE Exam facility

15. Specimens, X-Rays, Bones and Instruments for Undergraduates and Postgraduates teaching purpose.

16. There are 4 units (A,B,C,D) having 30 beds each (20 Male + 10 Female)  with total of 120 bed with 90-95% bed occupancy.

17.  Four OT’s (2Major and 2 Minor) are provided for Orthopaedic purpose.

18. Wards are provided with 4 cabins for Unit Chiefs, teaching rooms with LCD projectors, Duty  rooms for doctors and nurses, physiotherapy rooms, side laboratory for routine Biochemical & Haematological Tests.