(a)      Playgrounds and games played :

  • Play Grounds :  - Outdoor Stadium,

                                     - Indoor Complex.

                                     - Lawn Tennis Court.

                                     - State-of-the-art Swimming Pool of Olympic standard.


  • Games played :  Football, Hockey, Cricket, Volley ball, Basket Ball,Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Carom, Chess & Athletic Games.


(b)      Gymnasium facilities and arrangement:

  • Available at Indoor Games Complex (1087 Sq. mt.) and  at 3 Hostels (89.6 Sq. mt., 70.04 Sq. mt. and 303.42 Sq. mt.).


(c)      Management :  Under control of Principal.


Sports Officer/Physical instructor:

  • Sports Officer – 1 (Senior Professor by rotation – now Dr.A.S. Harugop, Professor of ENT).


  • Physical Director / Instructor – 1 (Mr.Ravindra D. Khot, B.A., M.P.Ed.).



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