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Publications | Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College.


International Publication

Sl No First Author Co Author Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Volume Page No. Year
1 Venkappa S Mantur., Manjunath S.Somannavar, Shivaprasad S.Goudar and Kusal K.Das Protective role of black tea extract on cadmium chloride (CdCl2) induced alteration in male albino rats Biomedicine 34(1) 127-131 2014
2 Dr.Vijaya S. D. Schwartz Alan A Comparative Study To Evaluate Practical Skills In Physiology Among 1st Phase Medical Under Graduates At Jnmc Belgaum: Traditional Practical Examinations Versus Objective Structure Practical Examinations (TPE V/S OSPE) International Journal of Educational Research and Technology (IJERT) Volume 5 [1] 126-134 March 2014
3 Wallander JL Carla M Bann, Fred J Biasini, Shivaprasad S Goudar, Omrana Pasha, Elwyn Chomba, Elizabeth McClure, and Waldemar A Carlo Development of Children at risk for adverse outcomes participating in early intervention in developing countries: a randomized controlled trial Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 2014
4 K Michael Hambidge Nancy F Krebs, Jamie E Westcott, Ana Garces, Shivaprasad S. Goudar, Balachandra S Kodkany, Omarana Pasha, Antoinette Tshfu, Carl L Bose, Lester Figueroa, Robert L Goldenberg, Richard J Derman, Jacob E Friedman, Daniel N Frank, Elizabeth M McClure, Kristen Preconception maternal Nutrition: A multi-site randomized controlled trial BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 14:111 2014
5 Anjana S. Bagewadi Mark Gelula, Shivaparasad Goudar A self Perception of key skills required by undergraduates in Indian dental school Journal of Contemporary Medical Education 2014
6 H N Rohini. Padmashri S. K, Shivaprasad S. G. “Heart rate variability during deep breathing as an index of autonomic dysfunction in obese medical students – A cross sectional study. International Journal of Current Research and Review, Vol 05 (01) 2013 Nov


National Publication

Sl No First Author Co Author Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Volume Page No. Year
1 Venkappa S Mantur. Manjunath S Somannavar, Saeed Yendigeri, Kusal K Das & Shivaprasad Goudar Ameliorating Effect of Black Tea extract of Cadmium Chloride-induced alteration of Serum Lipid profile and Liver Histopathology in Rats Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 58(2) 2014
2 Vidyashree H.M. Parwati P. Patil, Vinay Moodnur, Deepeshwar Singh “Evaluation and comparison of Sleep Quality Among Medical and Yogic students – A questionnaire Based Study.” National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy & Pharmacology Vol 3 issue 1, 71-74 2013
3 Dr.Harpreet Kour Rajashree R, Sheetal P, Goudar SS. An Experimental Study to Evaluate the Effect of Instrumental Indian Classical and Western Music Therapy on cognitive and behavioral impairment in Stress Induced Young Rats. National journal of basic medical sciences; 3(3) 192-197 Jan-March 2013
4 Dr.Jayasheela G. B. R.N.Raichur, Venkappa S. Mantur, S.S.Goudar Learning style preferences and course performance of phase I MBBS students Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development Vol.3, No.3 July-Sept 2012
5 R.N. Raichur. Shobha S.K, P.S.Kudachi, M.D. Mallapur, Rahul R R, Socio-Environmental Determinants of Health: An overview of Vantamuri village Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development. Vol. 3, No.1 Jan - March, 2012.
6 H N Rohini. Padmashri Kudachi, Shivaprasad Goudar Association of over nutritional status with anxiety in medical students National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy & Pharmacology Vol 2 (2) 123-127 2012


Regional Publication

Sl No First Author Co Author Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Volume Page No. Year
1 V. A. Naik. S. S. Goudar, Kodkany B S, Patted S S, Bellad M B, Geller S E, Edlavitch S A, Patel A, Derman R J, Moss N Experience From a Community based Research Project in South India. KLE Health Science Journal Vol. 2(1) 24 to 27 January 2009
2 Dr.Jayasheela G. B. Nagmoti J, Goudar S S. Learning Styles Adopted by Medical Students KLE Health Science Journal 4(2) 32-34 2011
3 Dr.Harpreet Kour Veerappa A Kothiwale, Shivaprasad Goudar Evaluation of the effect of strutured exercise therapy on neurophysiological and cognitive functions of youg adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus: study protocol Journal of the Scientific Society 42 (3) 216-222 Sept - Dec 2015

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