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Publications | Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College. 3


International Publication

Sl No First Author Co Author Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Volume Page No. Yearsort descending
19 Dr. Sheetal U. Harakuni Dr. Jyoti Nagamoti & Dr. Maheswar D. Mallapur Effectiveness of Team-based Learning in Microbiology: A Non-randomized Control Study Education for Health Vol 28 Isue 1 41-44 2015 April
20 Dr. Sumati A. Hogade Dr. Shivayogi M. Hugar1 An in Vitro Comparative Evaluation of Efficacy of Disinfecting ability of garlic oil (Lasuna), clove leaf oil (Lavang), and autoclaving on endodontic K files Tested Against Enterococcus faecalis "IAML International Ayurveda Medical Journal Impact Factor- 1.438 " Volum3; Issue 8 2277 to 2284 2015 August
21 Dr.(Mrs) S.C.Metgud. Dr. Avinash Kavi An epidemiological study of brucellosis in rural area of North Karnataka International Journal of Medical Science and Public Health Vol 4 Issue 9 01 to 05 2015 May
22 Dr. Sumati A. Hogade Vilas S.Pattar1, Renuka Metgud2, & Porashant .A.Karni4 Comparative Evaluation Oral Microbial Profille in Periodontitis and Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Patients. International Journal of Current Medical and Pharmaceutical Research Vol -3 Issue 08 2219 to 2222 2017 August 1
23 Dr. Soumya S. Praful Maste & Sumati Hogade In-Vitro Comparison of Antibacterial (Triclosan) Coated suture Material with Non-coated Suture Material against common Bacterial pathogens Causing Surgical Site Infection International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences (IJCMAS) Volume :06 Number :12 (2017) Impact factor : 4.119 3049-3055 2017 Dec
24 Dr. Soumya S. Nagamoti Mahantesh B Co-Existence of Beta lactamases (ESBL and MBL) in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolates from Pus Sanples International Journal of Microbiology Research Volume :9, Issue 12, Impact factor- 4.575 981 to 983 2017 Dec


National Publication

Sl No First Author Co Author Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Volume Page No. Yearsort descending
19 Dr.(Mrs) S.C.Metgud. Cryptococcal cyst of the acromioclavicular joint:A rare presentation Indina Journal of Health Science Vol-7, Issue-1 61-64 2014
20 Dr. Jyoti M. Nagmoti. Virulence Factors of Nonsporing Anaerobes; A revisit to explore their diagnostic & therapeutic potentional J Pub Helth Med Res Vol-2, Issue-1 1 to 7 2014
21 Dr. Manjula A.Vagrali Dr. S C Metgud Clinical Significance of Various diagnostic techniques and emerging antimicrobial resistance pattern of Helicobacter Pylori from Gastric Biopsy Samples Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology Vol-33, issue-4 560-564 2015
22 Dr.M.B. Nagmoti, Dr. Jyoti M. Nagmoti. Dr. A.M.Pandit, Dr. Manjunath Swamy, Dr.Jyoti Nagamoti Fortuitum Chelonae Complex causing Extensive Cutaneous Skin Ulcers In An Immuno- Compromised Patient J Pub Helth Med Res Vol-4, Issue-1 8 to 10 2016 Apr 4 Accepted, Recived 10.02.2016 Revised: 26.03.2016
23 Dr.Shashank Purwar Sharada C.Metgud2, Manohar B Mutnal3, Mahantesh B Nagamoti4, Chidanand S.Patil Utility of Serological Tests in the Era of molecular Testing for Diagnosis of Human Brucellosis in Endemic Area with limited resources Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research Vol :10, Issue :02 2016 Feb
24 Dr. Sheetal U. Harakuni Vijaya Dhandannvar, Maheshwar D, Mallapur Seven step approach to master the practical skills in Microbiology among 2nd year medical undergraduates: A randomized control trial. Indian Journal of Health sciences Vol-9, Issue-1 101-107 2016 Jan April


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