International Publication

Sl No. First Author Co Author Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Volume Page No. Year
1 Ganesh Anantrao Mane Mubashir Angolkar, Kamal Patil, Ashwini B Narasannavar, Ashutosh Shrestha Bijendra Banjade, Jitendra Kumar Sah Antenatal Care Practices at Primay Health Centre in North Karnatka: A Cross Sectional study Interntional Journal of Science Research 4 3 May-15
2 Fernando Althabe1 Mabel Berrueta1, Jennifer Hemingway-Foday2, Agustina Mazzoni1, A Color-Coded Tape for Uterine HeightMeasurement: A Tool to Identify Preterm PLOS ONE | DOI:10.1371/journal. pone.0117134 March 30, 2015 DOI:10.1371/ 0117134 30-Mar-15
3 Carolina Astoul Bonorino1 Andrea Gowdak1, Luz Gibbons1, M. B. Bellad3, M. C. Metgud3, A Population- based, Multifaceted strategy to imp0lement antenatal corticosteroid treatment verses standard care for the reduction mortality due to preterm birth in low-income and middle-income countries: the ACT cluster randomized trial Lancet Vol. Oct 15, 2014
4 Vijay C Pujar Shrin S Joshi, Yeshita Pujar Hema Dhumale Role of Laparoscopy in the Management of Neonatal Overian Cysts Journal of Neonatal Surgery 3 2 2014
5 Arati Mahishale M.B.Bellad Effectiveness of Postmaternity Abdominal corset on pain and functional independence in early postpartum women with caesarean section -A Randomized controlled trial Journal of South Asian Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecology 14 Sept/Dec 2014
6 Shivaprasad Goudar3 Bhalchandra S. Kodkany3, Richard J. Derman4, Sarah Saleem5, Pregnancies in Low Resource Settings Journal of Neonatal Surgery 3 2014


National Publication

Sl No. First Author Co Author Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Volume Page No. Year
1 Dr. Divyakala Karegoudar Dr. Patel Ronilkumar Dhirubhai , Mukesh Dhital, Dr. Kapil Amgain A study of liver disorders and its consequences in pregnant women with jaundice in tertiary care entire in Belgaum Karnataka India Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences 13 14 to 18 May-14
2 Dr. Hema S. Patil Satwik Metgud 5 year Audit of Perinatal Mortality in atertiary teaching Hospital- A Retrospective study Journal of Evolution of Medical & Dental Sciences Vol. 2 Pg No. 9511 to 9518 Dec 2013
3 Dr.Shobhana Patted, Dr. Babasaheb R Desai, Dr. Yeshita V Pujar, Dr.Bhavana Sherigar Jasneet Kaur Nandeshwar Patil Murigendra Hiremath Diagnostic Value of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) for Detection of Genital Tuberculosis in Evaluation of Female Infertility Indian Journal of Maternal and Child Health Vol. 12 July-Sept 2010
4 Shaila V.Kothiwale Desai BR, Babasaheb Desai Yeshita Pujar Bhavana SherigarMallpur MD Poor Periodontal Health as Risk Indicator for Low Birth Weight of the Infants Indian Jl of Stomatology Vol. 2 July/Sept 2011
5 Dr.Mrutyunjaya B. Bellad Pramila Koli, Anita Dalal Is Vacuum – assisted Delivery a Safer Option for Delivering a Floating Head at Cesarean Section? Journal of Perinatology Vol.12 July-Sept2011
6 Dr. Kamal Prakash Patil M.K.Swamy Bansal Deepti A Rare Case of Gastro Intestinal Stromal tumour presenting as Adnexal Mass. The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of India. Vol. 60 Pg 527 & 528 Nov Dec 2010


Regional Publication

Sl No. First Author Co Author Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Volume Page No. Year
1 Dr.Santosh B Kurbet Santosh B Kurbet, H.S.Patil , S.M.Dhaded, Apple peel jejunal atresia: Successful Management of a rare case Journal of Scientific Society Vol. 39 Jan-Apr 2012.
2 Dr. Yeshita V Pujar Hema Dhumale, Bhavana Y.Sherigar,M.R.Bhandankar, R.S.Mane Correlation of Abnormal Middle Cerebral and Umbilical Artery Doppler with Perinatal Outcome in Foetus with IUGR Journal of Scientific Society Vol.37 Jan/Mar 2010
3 Dr.Bhavana Sherigar A.Dalal, G.Durdi R.Rathod Inter observer variability of visual inspection with acetic acid between nurse and doctor. Journal of Scientific Society Vol.37 Jan/Mar 2010
4 Dr. Hema Annasaheb Dumale Shravage J.C. .Ambar S.S A rare case of puerperal pyrexia secondary to renal abscess/ Journal of Scientific Society Vol.37 July Sep-10
5 Dr. Geeta Goudar Bhavana S,Phillip Anita D, Yeshita Evaluation of visual inspection methods for cervical cancer screening Journal of Scientific Society Vol.37 July/Sept 2010
6 Dr.A.S Gogate J C Shravage, B A Gogate, Sheetal Ambar, Vasant. T, Amit Katti Broad Ligament Fibroid Lifeline August 2010