Facilities (infrastructure and learning resources including no of beds in the hosp.)

The Department of Pulmonary Medicine was started in 1986 at J.N. Medical College. It has becatering to the needs of Under – graduate and post – graduate students. Now it is at the thrash hold of staring a post – graduate degree and diploma courses in the department.

               The Department being a basic specialty has got 40 beds at KLES Hospital and Medical Research Center, Belgaum. The ward has got side laboratory where in all bedside investigations can be done. The side room also available for teaching and for demonstration purpose. The respiratory medicine department has got 4 spacious consultation rooms. Minor procedures like passing of intercostals tubes, biopsy etc are carried out in the procedure rooms available in the OPD Section. Systemic case recording is maintained according to accepted standards both at OPD and ward level. Cross reference to respective departments are easily available. The department in college, homes staff rooms with separate rooms for Prof and HOD Associate Professor. The museum displays information charts and specimens. The lecture hall is well equipped and has got screening arrangements so that the audiovisual aid can be used.

                 The department is well staffed and carry out routine clinics and lectures on Tuberculosis and Respiratory diseases for the Under – graduate students. The staff also attends the post – graduate programme in General Medicine including case discussion, Journal club and seminars on any Respiratory diseases and disorders. Special diagnostic and nursing procedure are regularly demonstrated.  The department has also imparts training to the rotating internees. The department has been quit active in the research work and the staff members regularly attends the National Conference and presents Scientific papers. Also several papers have been published in the national medical Journals.

                   The specialized investigations like fiberoptic bronchoscopy, arterial blood gas analysis, lung function testing, CT guide biopsy, bronchoalveolar lavage, diffusion study etc., are done at K L E S Hospital and the post – graduate are explained about and inferences. The patients are also maintained on the ventilator for the management of Acute respiratory failure as and when required. The monitoring of such patients are done by post – graduate students and they are supervised by the staff members.

                    The follow up of OPD patients as well as discharge patients is also maintained regularly and scrutinized by the members. The department is also active in other academic work of the clinical cases that are presented at the fortnightly conducted by the J.N. Medical College Scientific society. Clinically interesting and problem oriented cases are presented during this meetings. It is also known for its strict and exacting pattern of work and research oriented clinical presentation.

Facilities available in the Department:


  1. Fibreoptic Bronchoscopy

  2. Video Bronchoscopy unit

  3. Pulmonary function testing unit with facilities for lung volumes estimation

  4. Diffusing capacity estimation

  5. KOKOS spirometer for bronchial provocation testing

  6. Mini-microspirometer

  7. Allergen testing kit

  8. Intercoastal tube drainage

  9. Pleural Biopsy

  10. Lung Biopsy

  11. Pleurodesis 

  12. Creation of artificial pneumothorax

  13. CT guided biopsy of the mediastinal mass and lung lesions

  14. Ultrasonography guided biopsy of mediastinal and lung lesions

  15. Mechanical ventilation

  16. Arterial blood gas analysis

  17. Capnography


-Availability of dedicated thoracic surgeon for lung surgeries.

-Availability of mechanical ventilation for respiratory failure cases.