The Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College was started in the year 1964. Undergraduate courses in Radiology were started in 1967, consisting primarily of 4 weeks of clinical postings, followed by assessments. The main objective of this course is to train the medical student in basic principles in Radio-diagnosis and various imaging modalities.

              The department of Radio-Diagnosis provides sound Radiodiagnosis and academic training to undergraduate and postgraduate students in the K.L.E.S. Dr.Prabhakar Kore Hospital & Medical Research Center Belgaum, which is attached to Jawaharlal Nehru. Medical College, Belgaum.

             The postgraduate courses offering both Masters degree (M.D.) and Diploma in Radio-diagnosis (D.M.R.D.) were started in the year 1993, and 1994 consisting of three and two years residency programmes respectively.

Main objectives of these courses are-

1) Modeling postgraduates into proficient and conscientious radiologists.

2) To train professionals and master most of the competencies pertaining to Radiology that are required to be practiced at the secondary tertiary health care delivery systems

3) Professionals who carry out professional obligations ethically and according to the objectives of the national health policy.

4) Professionals who are aware of advances and developments in the field of Radiology and have acquired a spirit of Scientific inquiry.

5) Professional who have developed skills in basic concepts of research methodology and epidemiology.

6) Professionals who have acquired basic skills and knowledge required for teaching medical and paramedical professionals.

7) Professionals who have empathy and humane approach towards patients and their families and demonstrate inter personal in accordance with Societal norms and expectations.

    The Radiology department consists of experienced faculty members who are experts in different modalities of imaging and manage the departmental activities.

This department is well equipped with ultramodern diagnostic facilities like,

1)  1.5 Tesla symphony maestro class-MRI with spectroscopy and whole spine imaging software.

2)  SIEMENS 64 slice whole body & cardiac CT scan.

3)  Sonography:- Philips HD11, Esaote My Lab 60, Siemens Acuson 300  Philips HD 3 & Philips HD-11XE, Philips HD-11XE, BPL Aplinion ECUBE –i7, Hitachi Aloka, & Samsung SONOACER3.

4)   Computed Radiography Machine.  AGFA DX-M-1, AGFA CR-15X-1,Carestream Direct View Classic CR-1

5)   Mammography :- Siemens Mammomat Nova 3000

6)  “DEXA” GE Lunar bone densitometry.

7)  Siemens 800 MA with fluoroscopy,  Allengers 800MA MARS-50/FC/MT,  Siemens 600 MA with fluoroscopy, Siemens 600MA, Allengers 300MA  MARS 30, X-ray machines, Siemens Mobile Units, Mobilet plus500MA , Multimobile 2.5 (07 No) Allengers100MA(100AMS), Allengers 130MA opel 6.

 8) PACS Med synaptic

 9) Image Guided Non Vascular Interventions.

10)Image guided Neurovascular & Peripheral Vascular Interventions.

11) Siemens biograph Truepoint PET CT.  

          The academic activities of the department which include workshops, C.M.E.s, guest lectures and Symposiums keep Medical faculty and students upto-date with changing trends and  newer techniques available in the field of Radio diagnosis. M.C.I. norms are followed for academic activities.