International Publication

Sl No First Author Co Author Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Volume Page No. Year
1 Dr. Prakash R. Malur Dr.Pradeepgoud H Patil Primary endobronchial Hodgkin’s disease-A case report Lung India Volume - 26 Issue - 4 136-138 2009 Oct 9
2 Dr.Santosh D Patil Poster presentation : Imaging in Renal Transplant Complications RSNA Radiological Society, Poster Presentation, North America, Chicago September 2010
3 Dr.Santosh D Patil Poster Presentation: CT Angiography and Urography of Potential Renal Transplant Donors prior to Laparoscopic Nephrectomy RSNA Radiological Society, North America, Chicago. September 2010
4 Dr.Santosh D Patil A modified extended approach of high resolution Ultrasonography of cheek. European Society of Radiology Mar-11
5 Dr. Mahesh Kamate Dr.V.V.Hattiholi Predominant Corticospinal Tract Involvement in Early-Onset Krabbe Disease Pediatric Neurology journal Vol 44 No-2 February 2011.
6 Dr.Santosh D Patil “IMAGING FEATURES OF METABOLIC BONE DISEASES” RSNA-Chicago (Radiology Society of North America) August-2011


National Publication

Sl No First Author Co Author Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Volume Page No. Year
1 Dr.Rajendra V.Mali ‘Eye-of tiger’ sign and classical pantothenate kinase associated neurodegeneration Indian Journal of Pediatrics 30/09/2010
2 Dr.V.V.Hattiholi Cerebrotendinous Xanthomatosis Indian Journal of Pediatrics Vol. 77 June 2010
3 Dr.V.V.Hattiholi Central nervous system inflammatory demyelinating disorders of childhood Annals Indian Academy of Neurology Vol 13 Issue - 4 October – December 2010
4 Dr. Mahesh Kamate Dr. Manisha Bhandankar, Dr. S..M. Dhaded, Dr.V. V. Hattiholi MRI Abnormalities of the Anterior Temporal lobe: A new Indicator of Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection. Indian Pediatrics Volume - 48 17th April 2011
5 Dr. G. M. Wali Dr Mallikarjun S Khanpet, Dr.R.V.Mali. "Acute Movement Disorder with Bilateral Basal Ganglia Lesions in Diabetic Urmia" Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology, Volume-14, Issue-3 Sept - 2011
6 Dr. Mahesh Kamate Dr. Vishwanath Patil, Dr. Vivek Chetal, Dr. Pavan Darak, Dr. V. V. Hattiholi Gultaric aciduria type I: A treatable neurometabolic disorder Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology Volume - 15, Issue - 1 Jan – March 2012


Regional Publication

Sl No First Author Co Author Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Volume Page No. Year
1 Dr.Santosh D Patil Dr.S.D.Patil M.Kamate2, Dr.A.S.Patil, and V.Tonne. Miller-Dieker syndrome-case report JNMC Scientific Society Journal 2010 Vol 37 1 Jan-March 2010
2 Dr.Pradeepgoud H Patil Dr.Patil P.H., Dr.Hattiholi V.V. and Ambika ‘Hepatic Portal Venous Gas-A rare complication of Sigmoid Colon Diverticulitis, R. 2 JNMC Scientific Society Journal 2010, Vol 37 July- September 2010
3 Dr.Pradeepgoud H Patil Dr. A. C. Shetti, Dr. Ashwin Patil, Dr. Vinaykumar C. Udasi, Dr. Kiran S. Desai, Dr.Tejas B. Gosalia. “Multiple Intracranial Cavernous Angimas.”: A Rare Case Year Journal of scientific society. Volume- 39, Issue - 1 124-129 Jan - April 2012
4 Dr. S Agarwal Dr. P. H. Patil “Efficacy of B-scan Ultrasonography in ocular abnormalities- a one year cross-sectional study”. KLE Health Science Journal 6(2) 20-22 July - 2013
5 Dr. B Hemeshwar Rao Dr. Kutub Makandar, Dr. Santosh Patil. Carpal Tunnel syndrome: Assessment of Correlation between clinical, neurophysiological and ultrasound characteristics. Journal of the Scientific Society Vol-39(3) Sept–Dec 2012.
6 Dr. Santosh Kurbet Dr. Prashanth GP, Dr. N. S. Mahantshetti, Dr. M. V. Patil, Dr. Santosh Patil, Dr. R. M. Wali, Dr. Shirin Joshi, Dr. Sriharsha B. "Chronic Gastric Volvulus: -A rare case, Journal of KLESH Lifeline. Issue XXIV Jan-2013