Cadaveric Skill Lab

          A cadaver is one of the important tools of medical education as it gives so much information and forms the basic foundation for the learning in the life of a medical student. Until recently, the cadaver was used for learning only at 1st year, by dissection. Now the concept has changed and clinical students and clinicians are also making the use of cadaver for Self Directed Learning with the help of soft embalmed cadaver with almost near real situation. The cadaveric skill lab is a cost effective solution for learning the various operative procedures, critical steps and that too in near identical way that will be performed in a real patient. Training in surgical specialties, particularly the operative skills has become important complex task involving training, ethical issues and patient factors. This training in operative skills has been made easy by early exposure in surgical specialties on cadavers.

        The cadaveric skill lab was established on 15th august 2018 with lot of encouragement from Chancellor, Vice–Chancellor and Registrar of KAHER, Belagavi. The cadaver skill lab with the simulation of operation theatre is fitted with cameras for many people to observe simultaneously. Till now 22 workshops has been conducted by various surgical departments like E.N.T, General Surgery, OBG, Oncosurgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology for training not only the for UG and PG students but also to gain expertise themselves, thus enhancing the skills of budding surgeons. Cadaveric skill lab is a boon to the surgeons to perfect their surgical skills.