U.G / M.D / M.S Dissertation

Completed :

Sl No Name of the PG Student  Guide  Co_Guide Title of the Dissertation Duration  (From-To)
1 Dr. Sheetal Pattanshetti Dr.P.S.Jevoor A study of the formation and branching pattern of brachial plexus and its variations in adult human cadavers of North Karnataka 2008-2011
2 Dr. Manisha More Dr. Daksha Dixit Gross and endoscopic anatomy of sphenoid air sinus in cadavers and the adults of North  Karnataka 2008-2011
3 Dr. Raghavendra K. Dr. V.S.Shirol A Morphological study of Circle of Willis and its variations in adult human cadavers of North Karnataka.cross sectional study 2009-2012
4 Dr. Dnyaneshwar Dr.S.P.Desai Anatomical parameters of hip joint, A cadaveric cross sectional study 2009-2012
5 Dr.Amit Magadum Dr.P.S.Jevoor A Study on Stature estimation from hand and foot lengths in adult subjects of  Belgaum region 2010-2013
6 Dr. Asha Shirahatti Dr. Daksha Dixit A Cross- Sectional Study of palmar dermatogyphic pattern in patients with type 2 Diabetes mellius at KLE’S Dr.Prabhakar Kore Hospital & Medical Research Centre 2011-2014
7 Dr. Veeresh Itagi Dr. V.S.Shirol Morphometric Analysis of menisci of the knee joint in adult human cadavers of North Karnataka – A  cross sectional study 2011-2014
8 Dr. Varsha Kolhapure Dr. R.D. Virupaxi Morphometric analysis of human foramen magnus and occipital condyles for sex determination in dry adult skulls of Belgaum District 2012-2015