Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belagavi

Department of Microbiology

U.G/M.D/M.S Dissertation: Ongoing

Sl No Name of the Student Guide Co-Guide Title of the Dissertation Duration (From-To)
1 Dr. Meera Rajeev Dr.Madhumati Patil _ Prevalence of carbapenemase producing Klebsiella pneumonia isolated from various clinical samples –A  one cross sectional study. 2019-2022

U.G/M.D/M.S Dissertation: Completed

Sl No Name of the Student Guide Co-Guide Title of the Dissertation Duration (From-To)
1 Dr. Kirtilaxmi Benachinmardi Dr. Jyoti M. Nagmoti Dr. Shaila Kothiwale Clinico-bacteriological study of adult periodontitis with special reference to detection of  ß- lactamase producing anaerobic bacteria. 2009-2012


Dr. Varun Goel Dr. Sumati R. Annigeri  Dr. Prakash K. Phadnis Quantitative cultures of aerobic bacteria and their antibiotic susceptibility patterns from endotracheal aspirates of patients with ventilator-associated pneumonia. A one year cross – sectional study. 2009-2012
3 Dr. Anitha Raj Dr. S.G. Karadesai Dr. V. M. Pattenshetti A Cross Sectional Study to know the Bacterial and fungal Pathogens causing Diabetic Foot Ulcer 2010-2013
4 Dr. Soumya S. Dr. M.B. Nagmoti Dr. Shirol Comparative Evaluation of Phenotypic tests for identification of extended – spectrum – beta – lactamases (ESBL) and Metallo-Beta-Lactamase (MBL) producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa from pus samples of Hospitalized patients in Tertiary care Hospital, One year study. 2010-2013
5 Dr. Anupama Dr. S. G. Karadesai Dr A. M. Pandit Isolation, Identification and antifungal susceptibility of Dermatophytes from clinical samples-One year study 2011-2014
6 Dr. Parul Garg Dr. Jyoti M. Nagamoti Dr. Kottershetti. Bacteriological study of oral and maxillo  facial infections with special reference to anaerobes 2011-2014
7 Dr. Preeti S. Maste Dr. S. C. Metgud Evaluation of conventional Castaneda biphasic and lysis centrifugation blood culture techniques and polymerase chain reaction in diagnosis of human brucellosis . 2011-2014
8 Dr. Pradheer Gupta Guide: Dr. Sumati Annigeri Co-Guide:                         Dr. Vijaylaxmi Suranagi Isolation, Identification and Speciation of fungi associated with chronic rhino sinusitis-one year cross sectional study. 2012-2015
9 Dr.Wareesa Reja Bora Guide:                    Dr. Manjula Vagarali Comparison of Cefoxitin  disc diffusion test with PCR to detect mec A gene for detection of Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus –A cross sectional study 2012-2015
10 Dr. Disha Bhatia Guide: Dr. Sheetal Harakuni Co-Guide:                                        Dr. V. M. Uppin Role of Operating Theatre environment in causing Surgical site infections- One year longitudinal study 2013-2016
11 Dr. Rubeena Ishrat Mulla Guide : Dr. M. B. Nagamoti Co-Guide: Dr. M. B. Bellad Comparative evaluation of Zeihl-Neelsen staining, Fluorescent staining and Culture with Polymerase Chain Reaction in the diagnosis of Genital Tuberculosis in infertile women- One year cross-sectional study at Tertiary Care Hospital, Belagavi 2014-2017
12 Dr. Spurthi G. S. Guide : Dr. S. C. Metgud Co-Guide: Dr. Shridevi Metgud Bacteriological Study of leucorrhea in reproductive age group women, with special reference to anaerobes 2015-2018
     13 Dr. Ruchika M. Guide: Dr. Manjula Vagarali Comparison of Phenotyphic and Genotypic methods for biofilm forming Staphylococcus epidermidis from various clinical samples –A  cross sectional study. 2015-2018
14 Dr. Ranjeeta Guide : Dr. Sumati A. Hogade Prevalence of nasal carriage of Staphylococcus aureus among school children of an urban area-One year study 2015-2018
15 Dr.Pragati Narayanakar Gide: Sharada Megud Co-Guide:Manisha Bandankar  “Effectiveness of serum Procalcitonin and serial Levels of C-Reactive Protein versus Blood culture in Early Diagnosis of Neonatal sepsis 2016-2019
16 Dr.Dipa Patil Gide: M.B. Nagamoti “Seroprevalence of Hepatitis C Virus and Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection in HBsAg positive patients t KLE’s Dr. Prabhakar Kore Charitable Hospital and Medical Research Center, Belagavi” –A one Year Cross Sectional study. 2016-2019
17 Dr.Kumari Surya Gide:Jyoti Nagamoti Co guide : Vijaya Sajjan  Clinico-Bacteriological study of Acne Vulgari patients attending Dermatology Out Patient Department with special reference to Anaerobes- A cross sectional study 2016-2019
18 Dr.Pooja Shukla Guide:Dr.Sheetal Harkuni
Co.Guide:Dr.Roopa Bellad  Incidence of Hospital Acquired Infections in patients  admitted to Pediatric Emergency ward  in a tertiary care hospital – one year longitudinal study. 2016-2019