The credit of establishing the department of Pathology goes to Prof. M. R. Parthasarathy, who joined the college on 5th of January 1966. With the back- ground of his long experience, he occupied the first floor of the main building and planned various sections. Dr. (Mrs). Grace Parthasarathy helped him to a great extent in establishing the department. Both of them left the college on 14th march 1968 handing over the charge to Professor of Microbiology. Dr. Subba Rao, headed pathology department till 31st of march 1970 and contributed to the further development of the department. On 1st April 1970, Prof A. V. Ramaprasad, took over the charge from Dr. SubbaRao. He planned the whole department and established the department. Prof. Ramaprasad, left the college on 30th of April 1974, Dr. S. J. Nagalotimath, took the charge on  1st of May 1974 as the Head of Pathology department. Dr. (Miss). Rani Darbar, and Mr. Mohan Reddy served the department as assistant professors at the crucial hours.

Over these years the dept. of Pathology has grown gradually and is now well established. It caters to the diagnostic services of   KLE’s Dr. Prabhakar Kore charitable hospital At present the dept. of Pathology has adequate staff; Professors – 08, Associate Professor – 01, Assistant Professors – 4, Tutors – 25.

Museum is the best part of the department. It has 2330 well displayed specimens in semi circular bays. There are 12 cubicles which have several specimens and charts. The arrangement of the museum is based on the ‘The Burrows Welcome Museum’ at London.

There is good collection of stones occurring in almost all parts of body which are displayed impressively. The evolution of Pathology and Microbiology is displayed for the benefit of the students and the visitors. Many have commented the museum to be the ‘Best in Asia’.

The Departmental Museum is the heart of the department. It has been acknowledged as one of the best medical museums in this region. It houses 2330 specimens organized in a systematic fashion, helping the postgraduates & undergraduates in understanding the anatomic pathology.

Department undertake academic activities for the benefit of postgraduates including autopsies, seminars, guest lectures, clinical case discussions, workshops & slide seminars. The department has been holding CME Programmes annually since past 37 years. Prestigious awards like Silver Headed Cane/plaque& the Excellence in Teaching are also given away to the experienced pathologists during the event. The feed back so far has been positive & encouraging.