The Department of pharmacology was established in 1966 under the stewardship of Dr.D.R.Kulkarni, then the professor and head of the department and had his guidance almost for about 19years. Dr. K. P. Singh took the reins of the department for about a year from July 1985 to September 1986. Dr.K.S.Sachdev occupied the chair for about one and half year from January 1987 to May 1988. Dr.P.A.Patil who held the charge during gap periods, took the charge of HOD in July 1988 and continuing his services in the same capacity till 4 May 2008. After that Dr. S.V. Hiremath took over the charge as H.O.D and lead the department successfully up to 31st of August 2012. Now Dr.S.S.Torgal has taken the charge as H.O.D and leading the department till date. Read more