1) Infrastructure

a) There are three demonstration rooms (each 75 Sq. m in size) with accommodation capacity of 75 students. The Audio-Visual equipments available are Overhead projector, Slide projector, Television, DVD Player, Black Board, LCD, Laptop etc.

b) Laboratory which can accommodate 80 students is used for Practical teaching purpose. There are 50 dissecting microscopes, 3 compound microscopes and 1 binocular microscope.

2) Museum

Department has a separate museum of 178 Sq. m size. A total of 57 models, 76 charts, 17 photographs and 2 specimens are displayed in the museum for Undergraduate and Postgraduate teaching.

3) Library

The departmental library is well equipped with 174 Text Books in Community Medicine, more than 1000 WHO, UNICEF Monograms, Periodicals and above 1000 Journals and other publications.

4) Training

Three Primary Health Centres viz. Kinaye, Handiganur & Vantamuri and Three Urban Health Centres viz. Ashok Nagar, Ram Nagar & Rukmini Nagar, are utilized as teaching and training centres for Undergraduates, Interns & Postgraduates.

5) Research

The Department has a Research Laboratory of 50 sq m size with various research equipments. Most of the Research activities are carried out at the field practice areas. The Ph D Thesis, Post graduate M.D. dissertations, Interns Projects, STS ICMR Projects and Undergraduate projects are carried out in the community namely in the PHCs and UHCs.