Anatomy museum was established in 1964 and is credited by Dr. S.S.Godbole, well known for his museum techniques. He prepared the major bulk of soft tissue specimens with the help of Dr. D’Souza and further it is well maintained by museum curator Dr. M.H.Inamdar.

The museum has 439 specimens well displayed in jars filled with formalin on wooden racks arranged in the form X. The specimens are of various branches of Anatomy viz, Regional, Gross Anatomy, Developmental Anatomy. The museum also includes few rarest specimens like Situs Inversus, Triple foetus with congenital anomalies. The corresponding catalogues are kept near the specimens which explains the morphological features of the specimens in detail.

The museum includes 5 Adult skeletons and one foetal skeleton. It also includes 63 radiological images with plain and contrast x-ray films, with 16 fixed x-ray view boxes, CT scans, MRI’s.

The museum includes neuronal pathway charts, embryology models and gross anatomy charts along with the displayed specimens. The museum is well-lit and ventilated and is frequently visited by the school children of Belagavi district, and at other times the museum is study space for medical students.

The museum is awarded 1st prize in Suvarna JNMC Medical Exhibition among pre & para clinical department for Medical Exhibition held from 25-08-2013 to 02-09-2013 and also awarded as Best Department for Innovative display in KLE Centenary Health Exhibition held from 21-10-2016 to 3rd November 2016.