Ph.D. Thesis


Sl No Research Scholar  Guide  Co_Guide Title of the Dissertation Duration  (From-To)
1 Mr. Sanjay Kumar Yadav Dr. V.S.Shirol Histochemical study of mucopolysaccharides and microscopic structure of osteoarthritic menisci of the human knee joint.
2 Mrs. Vanitha Dr. Daksha Dixit Immunohistochemical evaluation of vascular endothelial growth factor- A (VEGF-A) in human placenta and its role in growth of placenta and fetus.
3 Dr. Praneeta Viveki Dr. V.S.Shirol Ultrasonographic evaluation of fetal biometric parameters in singleton pregnancies-A hospital based study.


Sl No Research Scholar  Guide  Co_Guide Title of the Dissertation Duration  (From-To)
1 Dr. M.V. Ravishankar Dr. P.S.Jevoor Neurohistological changes in rats with juvenile diabetes mellitus and evaluation of efficacy of certain plant extracts
2 Dr. Daksha Dixit Dr. T.C. Singel A Study of oral mucosa in tobacco chewers for early diagnosis of precancerous conditions rural population
3 Dr. Rupa L. Balihallimath Dr. V.S. Shirol Morphological study of placenta and its relationship with maternal anthropometry and anthropometry of newborn
4 Dr. Sangeeta Kotrannavar Dr. V.S. Shirol A comparative histomorphometric study of human umbilical cord in normal & intra-uterine growth retarded newborns