U.G/M.D/M.S Dissertation: Ongoing

Sl No Name of the Student Guide Co-Guide Title of the Dissertation Duration (From-To)
1 Mrs.Maya K Dr.Anuradha B Patil _ Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in prostate Cancer  and its detarminants 2018-
2 Mrs.Akshata Sangolli Dr.R.B.Nerli _ Biochemical  characterization of urinary calculi and their determinants -A  hospital based study 2019-

U.G/M.D/M.S Dissertation: Completed

Sl No Name of the Student Guide Co-Guide Title of the Dissertation Duration (From-To)
1 Dr.M.S.Somannavar Dr.P.B.Desai Prospective study of lipid peroxidation and antioxidant status in vegetarians and non-vegetarians” June 2006 to 2009 May
2 Dr.Chetana K Evaluation of enzyme markers in carcinoma cervix.-A Cross sectional study” June 2006 to 2009 May
3 Dr.V.B.Jabannavar Dr.M.V.Kodliwadmath Oxidative stress and antioxidant defense in acute myocardial infraction _a case control study March 2007 to 2010  May
4 Dr.Manjunath S Dr.P.B.Desai Oxidative stress,antioxdant status and calcium phosphprous level in Rheumatoid arthritis _a case control study. April 2007 to 2010  May
5 Dr.Shikha Sharma Dr.P.B.Desai The diagnostic and prognostic uses of serum adenosine deaminase, 5-nucleotidase and retinol in oral and laryngeal cancers – a cross sectional study”. May 2009 to 2011 May
6 Dr.Tejasvini Gouripur Dr.M.V.Kodliwadmath ‘Oxidative stress and antioxidant status in primary pulmonary tuberculosis”-a case control study. April 2008 to 2011 May
7 Dr.Sindhu J Shetty Dr.P.B.Desai A Cross sectional study to compare serum lithium and urinary lithium in patients March 2009 to 2011  May
8 Dr.Vijayetha S.Kagwad Dr.Anuradha B.Patil Paraoxonase activity and lipid profile in pediatric nephorotic syndrome.A Cross sectional study. March 2009 to 2011 May
9 Dr.Gururaj Udachankar Dr.P.B.Desai “Cross- sectional study of lipid peroxidation anti- oxidant status and serum calcium in benign prostate hypertrophy and prostate cancer” April 2010 to 2013 May
10 Dr.Priyanka R.Siddapur Dr.A.B.Patil A comparative study to correlate the levels of serum zinc, calcium, phosphorous & Alkaline phosphatase in post menopausal women with osteoporosis: Diabetics versus Non- Diabetics. April 2010 to 2013 May
11 Dr.Sourav Koley Dr.Anil Malleshappa Establishment of reference range of serum thyroid stimulating hormone in first and second trimester of pregnancy in a tertiary care hospital -A Cross sectional study April 2011 to 2014 May
12 Dr.Pavan A.Kulkarni Dr.A.B.Patil A Cross-Sectional Study to estimate serum Zinc and HDL in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus patients. June 2011 to 2014 May
13 Dr.Reshma D.Channashetti Dr.A.B.Patil Measurement of cholesterol & triglycerides in fresh sample and dried sample after storage at different time intervals.A one year cross sectional study. Jan 2013 to Jan 2015
14 Dr.Jayaraj G.Gudi Dr.Anil Malleshappa Dr.Ravishankar Naik Estimation of IsChemia modified albumin in acute stroke with and without Diabetes mellitus  a cross sectional study. Jan 2015 to Jan 2016
15 Dr.Sangamma  Sajjan Dr.Smita S.Sonoli Dr.Naveen Angadi Estimation of fructisamine and glycated hemoglobin in subclinical  hypothyroid, clininical hypo and hyperthyroid patients without diabetes mellitus May 2015 to May 2018