M.D  Dissertation-Ongoing

Sl. No. Name of the P.G Students Guide Co-Guide Title of the Dissertation Duration (From-To)
1 Dr.Sangeetha S. Dr.Yogesh Kumar S. A awarness about Risk factors and screening of breast and cervical cancers among female college teachers of Belagavi city – A Cross Sectional Study 2017 to 2020
2 Dr. Jyoti Singh Dr.Chandra S.Metgud Facility based study of near miss Obstetric events in two tertiary care Hospitals of Belagavi 2018 to 2021
3 Dr. Christina K. Dr.P.R.Walvekar Profile of married woman with infertility residing in rural area – A cross sectional study 2018 to 2021
4 Dr. Sandhya Gowthaman Dr.Deepti M.Kadeangadi Birth preparedness and complication readiness among rural pregnant women – A community based cross – sectional study 2018 to 2021
5 Dr. Sushmitha J. Mahantshetti Dr.Padmaja R. Walvekar Dr.Kamal Patil Maternal risk factors associated with Congenital Anomalies among new born babies: A hospital based case – control study 2019 to 2022
6 Dr. Nishtha Malhotra Dr.Shivaswamy M.S. Prevalence of elder abuse in the rural field practice area of Belagavi district: a cross sectional study 2019 to 2022
7 Dr. S. Ram Pragadeesh Dr.Chandra S.Metgud Prevalence of aboration among married women aged 20-40 years in a rural area 2019 to 2022
8 Dr. Srihari D. Dr.Sanjay Kambar Prevalence of peripheral Neuropathy among Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus patients in an Urban community 2019 to 2022
9 Dr. Gowthamkarthic R. Dr.Girija J. Mahantshetti Prevalence of Depression among High School students in an Urban area 2019 to 2022
10 Dr. Adhikam Jagadeep Dr.Yogesh Kumar S. Awareness of Cigarettes and other Tobacco products (COTPA) Act among tobacco retailers in a city of north Karnataka: A community based cross sectional study 2019 to 2022
11 Dr. J. Ooviya Dr. Deepti M.Kadeangadi Dr.Anuradha B. Patil Community based assessment of Iodine status among rural ante-natal women – A cross sectional study 2019 to 2022
12 Dr. Soumya Agadi Dr. Asha A.Bellad Assessment of Nutritional status of elderly population in rural areas: A community based cross sectional study 2019 to 2022
13 Dr. Anas Mailadi Dr. Rajesh R.Kulkarni Profile of substance abusers admitted at de-addiction centers in a city of North Karnataka 2019 to 2022
14 Dr. Ashok Umayorubhagom Dr.Sulakshana S.Baliga Factors affecting Tuberculosis treatment outcome among newly diagnosed tuberculosis patients – A Longitudinal study 2019 to 2022

M.D  Dissertation-Completed

Sl. No. Name of the P.G Students Guide Co-Guide Title of the Dissertation Duration (From-To) (Completed)
1 Dr.Bhuvana Gajula Dr.P.R.Walvekar Effect of Maternal body mass index on Anthropometry of Newborn – A Hospital Based Study Oct.18
2 Dr.Shilpa Reddy Ganta Dr.Deepti M.Kadeangadi Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Food safety measures among Urban and Rural Households of Belagavi – A Cross Sectional Study Oct.18
3 Dr.Sphurti Uday Chate Dr.G.S.Ashtagi Prevalence of Domestic Violence among ever married women in an Urban area Oct.18
4 Dr.Vinayak H. Kashyap Dr.Shivaswamy M.S. Assessment of National Programme for prevention and control of Cancer, Diabetes Cardiovascular disease and Stroke (NPCDCS) with reference to individuals screened positive for Diabetes and Hypertension at sub-centre level camps in Belagavi Taluka in Karnataka – A Cross Sectional Study Oct.18
5 Dr.Aniketh D. Manoli Dr.C.S.Metgud Knowledge, Attitude and Practice regarding Road Traffic Regulation among College Students in Urban area Oct.18
6 Dr.Vasanthakumar J. Dr.Sanjay Kambar Prevalence of Thyroid Dysfunction among Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients in Urban areas of Belagavi – One year Community Based Cross Sectional Study Oct.18
7 Dr.Chippagiri Soumya Dr.Sanjay Kambar Cutaneous Manifestations in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Urban areas of Belagavi – A Longitudinal Study Oct. 17
8 Dr.Ishan Pathak Dr.G.S.Ashtagi Assessment of Utility of Sanitary Latrines in Rural Population – A Cross Sectional Study Oct. 17
9 Dr.Nidhi Pathak Dr.Shivaswamy M.S. Menopausal symptoms among Post Menopausal aged 40-60 years residing in an Urban area of Belagavi – A Community Based Cross Sectional Study Oct. 17
10 Dr.Preet Khona Dr.C.S.Metgud Ocular Morbidities among Elderly in Rural area of Belagavi – A Cross Sectional Study Oct. 17
11 Dr.Amaresh P. Patil Dr.Yogesh Kumar S. Tobacco use among Auto – Rickshaw Drivers in Belagavi City – A Cross Sectional Study Oct. 17
12 Dr.Jaideep K. Chaubey Dr. P. R. Walvekar Risk factors in Breast Cancer among women admitted in Tertiary Care Hospital – A Case Control Study Oct. 16
13 Dr.Abhinandan R. Wali Dr. S. M. Katti Dr.R.B.Uppin Prevalence of Osteoporosis among population aged above 40 years in selected Urban areas of Belgaum – A Cross Sectional Study Oct. 16
14 Dr.Nilesh N. Jadhav Dr.Shivaswamy M.S. Utilisation of Health Schemes by the registered Pregnant women in the Rural Field Practice Area of Handiganur in Belgaum; A Community based cross sectional study. Oct. 16
15 Dr.Kruthika K. Dr. C. S. Metgud Prevalence of Contraceptive use among married women residing in Urban areas. Oct. 16
16 Dr.Prashant Dhongadi Dr.Sanjay Kambar Assessment of the quality of life in Type – 2 Diabetes Mellitus patients using World Health Organisation Questionnaire and Appraisal of Diabetes Scale. Oct. 16
17 Dr.Ravikiran P. Kamate Dr.G.S.Ashtagi Prevalence of Substance use among Adolescents residing in Urban Slums. Oct. 16
18 Dr.Shivanand C. Mastiholi Dr. S. M. Katti Nutritional status of preconception women in rural areas of Belgaum District – A Cross Sectional Study Oct.15
19 Dr.Mohd Sarosh Ahmed Dr. P. R. Walvekar Assessment of Depression among elderly residing in an urban areas: A Cross Sectional Study Oct.15
20 Dr.Divyae Kansal Dr.Sanjay Kambar Prevalence of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus among Pregnant women attending antenatal clinic at Three Urban Health Centres of Belgaum – A Cross Sectional Study Oct.15
21 Dr.Suhasini Kanyadi Dr. C. S. Metgud Knowledge beliefs and practices regarding Reproductive health among late Adolescent Girls in an Urban area of Belgaum Oct.15
22 Dr.Abhishek Prayag Dr. G. S. Ashtagi Prevalence of Anaemia among School Children in rural and urban areas of Belgaum – A Comparative Study Oct.15
23 Dr.Shrinivas Krishnagouda Patil Dr.Shivaswamy M.S. Evaluation of Government Health Centres of A District in North Karnataka According to Indian Public Health Standards 2012 – A One Year Cross Sectional Study Oct.15
24 Dr.Poornima M.P. Dr. P. R. Walvekar Prevalence of Risk Factors for Type II Diabetes Mellitus among adults – A Community Based Cross Sectional Study Oct-14
25 Dr. Jenyz M. Mundodan Dr. Chandra S. Metgud Evaluation of services provided under integrated Child Development Services Scheme in Three Urban Health Centres of Belgaum District Oct-14
26 Dr.Shwetha T. Dr. Shivaswamy M.S. Men’s participation in Utilization of Reproductive and Child Health Services by Women – A Community Based Cross Sectional Study Oct-14
27 Dr.Sushrit A. Neelopant Dr.Girija S. Ashtagi Prevalence of Tobacco use in Men above the age of 18 years in an Urban Area of Belgaum Oct-14
28 Dr.Ashwini L. Chingale Dr. S. M. Katti Prevalence of Obesity among Elderly in Urban Field Practice Area Oct-14
29 Dr.Chandrika Doddihal Dr.S.M.Katti Adolescent pregnancy and its outcome – A community based prospective study Oct-13
30 Dr.Sandeep Patil Dr.Shivaswamy M.S. Disability in rural population – A community based cross sectional study Oct-13
31 Dr.Avinash Kavi Dr. P.R.Walvekar Assessment of the risk factors for coronary artery disease among adults residing in rural area – A cross sectional study Oct-13
32 Dr.Sachin Desai Dr.C.S.Metgud Prevalence of cognitive impairment in elderly population residing in an Urban Area Oct-13
33 Dr.Praveen G.S. Dr.Sanjay Kambar Prevalence of diabetes mellitus among tuberculosis patients registered under revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme Oct-13
34 Dr. Namratha. Kulkarni Dr.(Mrs.) V.A. Naik Prevalence of Tobacco consumption among Rural Women in the Reproductive age group – A Cross Sectional Oct-12
35 Dr. Ashwini. S. Dr. S. M. Katti  Comparison of infant feeding practices among Urban and Rural mothers – A Cross Sectional Study Oct-12
36 Dr. Rakesh. Nayak Dr. P. R. Walvekar  Assessment of Nutritional status of under five children residing in Rural area- A Cross Sectional Study Oct-12
37 Dr. Nikhil. Hawal Dr.Shivaswamy M.S.  Impact of Peer Education on self care in Diabetes Mellitus – A Randomized Control Trial in Urban Field Practice Area Oct-12
38 Dr. Amarnath RLC Dr.(Mrs.) V. A. Naik “Prevalence of Obesity Among School Children in the age  group of 10-15 years in Private Schools of Belgaum City – A Cross Sectional Study” Oct-11
39 Dr. Shilpa K Dr. S. M. Katti Dr. S. T. Kalsad “Clinical profile of HIV/AIDS patients seeking Anti-Retroviral therapy at District Hospital – A Longitudinal study Oct-11
40 Dr. Neeta K Hatapaki Dr.Shivaswamy M.S. Dr.(Mrs.) S.C.Metgud “A Cross Sectional Study of Knowledge, Attitude & Practices about Milk Borne Diseases and Assessment of Quality of Informally marketed milk in Urban & Rural Field Practice Areas of JNMC Belgaum” Oct-11
41 Dr. Umesh Charantimath Dr.P.R.Walvekar “A Cross Sectional Study to know the prevalence of Hypertension among rural adults” Oct-11
42 Dr. Venkata N. Ramana Dr. S. M. Katti A Cross-Sectional study of Ocular Morbidity Pattern in the people above the Age of 6 years residing in Agasga Sub-Centre, Belgaum District Oct-10
43 Dr. Gautam Babu Dr.P.R.Walvekar Dr.Bhavana Sherigar Maternal determinants of low birth weight : A case control study in a tertiary care hospital, Belgaum, Karnataka Oct-10
44 Dr. Rajesh R. Kulkarni Dr. Shivaswamy M.S. A Cross-Sectional Study of Morbidity Pattern, Health Seeking Behaviour and Expenditure Pattern of Agricultural Workers Residing in Rural Field Practice Area, Vantamuri Belgaum Oct-10
45 Dr. Sulakshana Prabhu Dr. (Mrs.) Vijaya A. Naik Health Status of Adolescent Girls and their Treatment seeking Behaviour – Community Based Cross Sectional Study in Peeranwadi Subcentre of PHC Kinaye – District Belgaum Oct-10
46 Dr. Rudramma J. Dr. A. S. Wantamutte Utilization of Antenatal Interanatal and postnatal Health Care Services by mothers in Rural Field Practice area of JNMC Belgaum – A Cross Sectional Study Oct-09
47 Dr. Praveen Kumar B.A. Dr. (Mrs.) V. A. Naik Morbidity Profile and its Relationship with Disability and Psychosocial Problems among elderly – A Community Based Cross Sectional Study Oct-09
48 Dr. Anil B. S. Dr. H. N. Sangolli Effects of Directly Observed Iron Therapy on the Adherence of Iron Tablets consumption by Pregnant Women of Rural Field Practice area – A Controlled Trial Oct-09
49 Dr. Veena Y. Kabadi Dr. S. M. Katti Effects of Consanguineous Marriage on Fertility, Pregnancy outcome and on Health of Under-5 years children – A Cross Sectional Study in rural area Oct-09

Ph.D Thesis  – Ongoing

Sl. No. Name of the P.G Students Guide Co-Guide Title of the Dissertation Duration (From-To)
1 Dr. Shivaswamy M.S. Dr. A. S. Wantamutte A Cross Sectional Study of morbidity pattern of Acute Respiratory Infections and Acute Diarrhoeal Diseases in under-five children, and Health Care seeking behaviour & Expenditure pattern of the parents in Rural Field Practice Area of Vantamuri, Belgaum 2008 to 2014
2 Dr. Deepti M. Kadeangadi Dr.(Mrs.) V. A. Naik Impact of Problem based active learning in understanding community based research by medical students – A controlled trial 2009 to 2014
3 Dr.Rajesh R. Kulkarni Dr.(Mrs.) P.R.Walvekar Effectiveness of Yoga versus Exercise on Glycemic Control among Patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus – A Community Based Randomised Control Trial 2016 to

Ph.D Thesis  – Completed

Sl. No. Name of the P.G Students Guide Co-Guide Title of the Dissertation Duration (From-To) (Completed)
1 Dr. (Mrs.) C. S. Metgud Dr. (Mrs.) V. A. Naik Factors Affecting Birth Weight of A New Born – A Community Based Study Nov. 2011
2 Dr. (Mrs.) P. R. Walvekar Dr. A. S. Wantamutte Assessment of Unmet need for Family Planning among Married Women in a Rural Community Jun. 2013