The out-patient department houses the section of audiology and speech pathology where individuals with defective speech and hearing are assessed. We have a qualified audiologist and speech pathologist to attend to these patients. The ward has an independent laboratory to carry out routine investigations of in-patients. The department possesses Otoacoustic Emission Machine (OAE) procured for detection of Neonatal deafness. In keeping with International developments a Microdebrider was recently procured for FESS operations.

There is provision for seminars for students, both undergraduates and postgraduates in a spacious seminar room in the department through LCD projector and laptop. The department regularly conducts health checkup camps through various organizations.


  • Audiometry room – Sound proof with  air conditioned
  • V-ENG facility, Neuro Otology Clinic
  • Speech therapy facility
  • Minor OT with emergency Tracheostomy tray
  • Impedance Audiometry
  • Otoacoustic Emission (OAE) Machine
  • Video Endoscopy room
  • Temporal bone laboratory
  • Seminar room


  • 60 Beds
  • Teaching room
  • Dressing room
  • Side laboratory
  • Central oxygen supply and Suction facility
  • Emergency Tracheostomy and Nasal packing trays
  • Pulse oxymeter and Nebulizers
  • Emergency drugs and Intubation tray


  • Two OT Tables.
  • Two Carl Zeiss operating microscopes
  • Karl Storz’s video endoscopy for FESS
  • Bronchoscopy – Rigid and Flexible
  • Microlaryngeal surgery facility
  • Microdebrider with shaver system
  • Micro-ear surgery facility with drill system
  • Rhinoplasty Sets