Ph.D Thesis


Sl No Research Scholor  Guide Co_Guide Title of the Thesis Duration(From- To)
1 Dr. B. P.Belaldavar Dr.R.S.Mudhol Histopathological analysis of autologous auricular cartilage of crushed and non crushed with perichondrium in animal model study 2010-2015
2 Dr. Preeti .S.Hajare Dr.R.S.Mudhol Epidemiology of deafness in neonates of NICU & necessary rehabilitation 2010-2015


Sl No Research Scholor Guide Co_Guide Title of the Thesis Duration  (From-To)
1 Dr.Amith I. Naragund Dr.R.S.Mudhol Ossiculoplasty autograft incus vs synthetic prosthesis.
2 Dr.A.S.Harugop Dr.R.S.Mudhol Mitomycin-C  in prevention of adhesion formation of  in FESS- A cross sectional study. 2009-2014