• Facilities1) Infrastructure : Hospital Department                 Total built up area – 450 sq. ft., Total number of rooms – 3, Museum / Discussion room -400 sq ft., HOD Room sq ft.-10 sq ft., Office sq ft.-40 sq ft.Operation Theatre setup

                 Spacious & well equipped operation theatres which include 24 Hitech OT’s designed according to the latest International standards. Each theatre is equipped with: Anaesthetic machine, Multiparameter for haemodynamic, Pulseoximeter, capnography, temperature, Gas monitoring and Cardio scopes with defibrillator. We also have neuromuscular monitor, syringe pumps, infusion pumps, blood warmers, ABG analyses, Fibreoptic bronchoscope.

    Sl. No. Name of the Equipment Sl. No. Name of the Equipment
    1 OT tables 19 Defibrillator (Philips)
    2 OT lights 20 Video Laryngoscopes
    3 OT with Camera attached 21 Flexible Fiber Optic Scope
    4 OT Pendants 22 Ventilators
    5 Anaesthesia Equipment 23 C-MAC video laryngoscope
    6 Cautery Machine 24 Sono Site Ultrasound Machine
    7 Suction Machine (Electric) 25 Patient Warmer
    8 Suction Machine (Non Electric) 26 Infusion Pump
    9 Pulse Oxymeter 27 Oxylog mobile ventilator
    10 Multipara Monitor 28 Fiber optic scope
    11 Defibrillator 29 Nerve stimulator
    12 Ventilator – ICU 30 Tof –  guard (card readers)
    13 Transport Ventilator 31 TENS-XL
    14 Infusion Pump 32 Blood warmer
    15 Syringe Pump 33 Fluid warmer
    16 Autoclave Machine 34 Pulse Oximeter
    17 Anaesthesia Work Station 35 Mutipara Monitor
    18 Syringe pump 36 Cooled Radio frequency ablator machine   
        37 Non-invasive – neuro modulation Device

    2)   Speciality :

    We are specialized in providing anaesthesia in field of  Neurosurgery, Cardiothoracic, Paediatric  Surgery, Onco surgery,  Urology & Acute and Pain management.

    3)   Museum

    Museum comprises of images of scientists, ancients equipments, drugs, mannequins, boyles machine.

    Specialized services for chronic pain management, utilizing minimally invasive procedures to address chronic pain effectively.

    4)   Library:

    Comprises of 106 books of various sub specialties and  Journals

    5)   Training:

    We provide BLS & ACLS trainings for UG, PG, nursing staff, Factory workers, Fire fighters, teachers, army staffs & non- teaching staff.