The Department of Pediatrics came into existence in 1967 with a Bed strength of 30 at District Hospital, Belgaum.  The first Head of the Department was Dr. K.H. Belgaumkar, MRCP, followed by Dr. B. M. Siddibhavi, MRCP, Dr. V.D. Patil, M.D., DCH, Dr. (Mrs.) N.S. Mahantshetti, M.D, Dr. S M Dhaded, MD, Dr. (Mrs) R M Bellad, MD, DCH and Dr. (Mrs) Sujata M Jali, MD, DCH., Dr. Mahantesh V Patil, MD.  Currently the Department HOD is Dr. Tanmaya Metgud, MD. The strength of department has increased from 3 to 24. The KLE Society’s Hospital was started in 1984 with 25 beds in Paediatrics. The DCH course was started in 1978 and M.D. Degree in 1982 with an intake of 6 and 3 students per year, respectively. Currently, PG (MD Pediatrics) intake has been increased to 20 per year and two Fellowship Programs in Neonatology (2 seats) & Pediatric Neurology (2 seats). We are proud to share that we have got the permission from NMC to start 2 DM Pediatric Neurology on 4th January 2022.

In 1996, the New KLE Society’s Hospital & Medical Research Centre was started and the Paediatric Bed strength increased to 160.  In addition, we have also 20 Beds of Level III NICU and 14 Beds of Paediatrics Intensive Care.

The department has taken a lead in promoting Baby Friendly Hospital initiative, which is a National Policy, and the department is proud to state that the hospital (KLE Society’s Prabhakar Kore Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Belgaum) has been recognized as “Baby Friendly Hospital” (BFH) from 1995 our faculty members have spread the message of BFHI into the community of Belgaum and surrounding villages.

The faculty members are involved in various community programmes like RCH, IMNCI, Promotion of Breast Feeding, Home management of Diarrhoea, HIV awareness among adolescents and Adolescent Health. Every year, these programs are conducted at the hospital remises to spread awareness amount the general public. Our faculty members are actively involved in research projects in collaboration with Global Network and NIH.

The Postgraduate Alumni are doing very well and are well placed with many of them doing Post-doctoral courses and Fellowships.  Many of the undergraduates have taken up Pediatrics as a Speciality and have got their PG Degree from prestigious institutions in India and abroad.

Our aim is to set-up an Institution of Child Health to serve the growing needs of the Pediatric community in and around Belagavi.

To establish a Centre par Excellence in Child Health Care with all sub-specialties under Pediatric Department.

To initiate collaborative services / exchange programs with other universities (International /National) in field of Child nutrition & Health Care.

Speciality clinics offered under the department of Pediatrics include

  • Pediatric Neonatology
  • Paediatric Intensive Care
  • Child development & Pediatric Neurology clinic
  • Pediatric Nephrology clinic
  • Pediatric Cardiology clinic
  • Pediatric Thalassemia clinic
  • Pediatric Diabetes clinic
  • Pediatric Hemato-Oncology
  • Pediatric Adolescent clinic
  • Pediatric Under five & Immunization clinic
  • Pediatric Kangaroo mother care clinic
  • Pediatric Allergy & Asthma clinic
  • Collaborative child response clinic
  • Pediatric High risk baby follow up clinic




Breastfeeding rates are low in India. Mothers have difficulty in feeding these babies has these babies may not be able to suckle and feed on the breast. Hence many a times these babies receive formula milk which can be major source of infection leading to prolonged neonatal intensive care stay and even deaths sometimes. Human milk helps in raising the survival rates for those newborns whose mothers cannot produce enough milk. The Human milk bank will collect, pasteurize, test and store milk donated by lactating mothers and make it available for the infants in need. Our center is the first of its kind in Karnataka which will help in improving the survival of thousands of tiny newborns.

  • List of major equipments
    1. Dialysis unit
    2. Monitors
    3. ICUs
      • Ventilators
      • Electrical Breast Pump
      • Phototherapy
      • Warmers
      • Infusion Pumps
      • CPAP
    1.  Human Milk Bank