Sl No. Name of the First Author Name of the Co-Author Level Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Volume Page No. Year
1 Dr. Pratiksha Yadav1*, Dr. Abhinandan Ruge1,
Dr.Kamiya Morani1
and Dr.V. M. Kulkarni1
International Case Study: Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Perianal Region, Vulva and Cervix. British Journal of Medicine & Medical Research 4(24). 4186-4191 2014
2 Dr.Srinivas M Naren Satya 1, Dr. Vishal Kadeli,
Dr.Naveen Mulimani,
Dr. Shridhar Ghagane
International A Classic Case of Subcutaneous Cysticercosis: A Rare Case with Sonological Findings and Review of Literature Polish journal of radiology 7;81:478-482 October 2016
3 Dr.Niharika Prasad Dr.Rajendra.B. Nerli,
Dr. Shridhar Ghagane,
Dr. Naveen Mulimani, Dr.Sushant Deole,
Dr.Neeraj Dixit,
Dr.Murigendra B Hiremath
International A Classic case of solid Multiloculated Ameloblastoma of the Mandible International Journal of Contemporary Medicine surgery and Radiology Vol:4 no. 3 Pg no. C179-c181 July-Sep 2019


Sl No. Name of the First Author Name of the Co-Author Level Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Volume Page No. Year
1 Dr Vivek Gupta. Dr.Navin Mulimani,   Dr.Ajay Kumar,     Dr.Chirag Ahuja, Dr.S.N.Mathuria, Dr.N.Khandelwal. National Endovascular treatment of ruptured proximal pica aneurysms: A single-center 5-years experience Published in the Neurology India Vol-62
Issue 3
269-275 May-June 2014
2 Dr Rajashekar Gali, Dr Abhinandan Ruge,
Dr Ajitha Nawale
National Role of dynamic and contrast ultrasound in urethrovaginal fistula International Journal of Scientific Research Volume-5  Issue-12 December 2016
3 Dr.Karthik Shyam Dr.Abhinandan Ruge
Dr.Babu Philip
National Endovenous Laser Ablation of Varicose Veins: Evolution, Technique, Recent Advances and Future Paripex Indian Journal of Research Volume-7  Issue-7 July-2018
4 Dr. Abhinandan Ruge Joel Machado, Babu Philip, Alpha Maria. National Breast lesion wire localization Global Journal For Research Analysis Volume-7  Issue-8 August 2018
5 Dr.Ravi Ichalakaranji Dr.Praful Maste,
Dr.Navin Mulimani,
Dr.Jagadeesh Ramini,
Dr.Rajesh Shenoy
National Computerized tomography assessment of calvarial wall thickness in different gender and age in neurosurgical practice – A single centre study Indian Journal of Neurosciences Vol – 5
Issue – 2
73 – 77 April – June 2019
6 Dr..Anil S. Harugop, Dr.Sushsini,
Dr.Shama Bellad,
Dr.Navin Mulimani,
Dr.Adarsh Sanikop, Dr.Jahnavi
National Role of selective intralesional embolization in vascular conditions of the nose and paranasal sinuses International Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery Vol – 5
Issue – 5
1225 – 1258 September – October 2019
7 Dr.Venkatnarayan K, Dr.Dhanasekaran S, Dr.Krishnaswamy UM, Dr.Ramachandran P,
Dr.Devaraj U, Ruge A.
National Acute pain abdomen after bronchial artery embolization Lung India 2019;36:562-4 2019
8 Dr. Sadhana Beaty Dr. Abhinandan Ruge National Meandering through arteriovenous malformation maze: A multidisciplinary
Indian Journal of Medical Research 78-79 November 2020


Sl No. Name of the First Author Name of the Co-Author Level Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Volume Page No. Year
1 Dr.Santosh Hajare Dr.Navin Mulimani,
Dr.Aditi Rao
Regional Acute Pancreatitis  with Rare Complications Journal of KLESH lifeline 36 (1) 38 – 40 January 2019
2 Dr.B.M. Kajagar Dr.M.I.Uppin,
Dr.Nikhil M,
Dr.Ameya M,
Dr.Bhavana Doshi,
Dr.Naveen Mulimani,
Regional Apla Syndrome with Elephantiasis Nostra Verrucosa: A Complication of Chronic Lymphedema Journal of KLESH lifeline Vol – 37 37 – 40 August 2019