Neurology Department Award 2015 to 2020

Sl No Title of the innovation Name of the Awardee Name of the Awarding Agency with contact details Year of Award Category- Institution / teacher  / research scholar / student Photo
1 Paper Presentation: A clinical profile of seizures in the very elderly Dr. Siddharth  Singh KNACON 2020 2020 Student Photo
2 Quiz Miss. Vaishnavi A to  Z  of  scalp EEG Workshop 2020 Student Photo
3 Paper presentation –  Atypical Neurovascular syndromes – First prize Dr. Komireddy Preeti Karnatak Neurosciences Academy 2019  Student Photo
4 Paper presenation – Acute flaccid quadriparesis – A  rare cause – First prize Dr. Neha G Patil Empower- 19 2019 Student Photo
5 Quiz competition  – Second prize Dr. Vaibhavi Dhakappanavar IANCNPCON 2019 Student Photo
6 Best Department Neurology  Department J.N. Medical College Belagavi 2019 Department Photo
7  Nerve conduction Abnromalities  in pateints  with newly  diagnsoed  diabetes  mellitus  – Paper presentation – First prize Dr. Aditya Kulkarni KNACON- 2018 2018 Student Photo
8 Hospital based  retrospective study of  Cryptococcal meningitis  in large  cohort  from India   –  Elsevier Young Scientist Award  for the Best Clinical paer Dr. Darshan Doshi World Congress of  Neurology 2015 Student Photo