Learning from someone who wants you to grow


  • KAHER's J N Medical college (JNMC) over a period of time has emerged as one of the best medical colleges in India.
  • JNMC has excellent infrastructure and learning resources that collectively provide a stimulating and enjoyable learning ambience. 
  • Having joined the professional course, students face pressures not only from Academic point of view but also personal & career related.
  • Some common problems faced among the students community are peer pressure, adolescent problems & mounting career demand which may interfere in their pursuits.
  • In order to help them to cope up with these problems the Local Mentorship programme has been successfully implemented in this college over the past 12 years .
  • In all 76 mentors ( teachers) have been nominated for MBBS phase I, II and III students. Recently even Postgraduate Mentorship Programme & Intern mentorship programme has been Implemented. Nominated mentors act as local counselor to a allotted group of students, where in they are helped academically, given personal counseling, support in co-curricular activities, co-ordinate welfare activities & co-ordinate with parents.
  • They work collectively seeking students involvement in pursuit of the college vision & objectives and also to establish healthy, cooperative & academic ambience in the college.


To identify specific needs of the students community.
(Academic, Personal, Career related & provide Counseling & Remedies)


  • 1. Mentor shall interact with his or her group of students regularly.
  • 2. To maintain full personal data of students and his / her performance progress.
  • 3. To periodically interact with parents as to their wards performance.
  • 4. To send the progress report& attendance details of the ward to their parents.
  • 5. To maintain register of all interactions & functions carried out.


Committee Members

Chairperson :

Dr(Mrs) N.S. Mahantshetti –Principal, JNMC

Members :

  • Dr Rajesh Powar ;Vice-principal & Professor Department of Plastic Surgery. JNMC Belagavi
  • Dr Vishwanath Pattanshetti Vice-principal & Professor Department of Surgery. JNMC Belagavi
  • Dr. Manasi, Co-ordinator, JNMC NAAC Steering committee & Associate Professor Of Pathology. JNMC Belagavi

JNMC Mentorship Programme Co- Ordinator & Member Secretary

Dr.(Mrs) Dr. Vijaya S Dandannavar


Associate Professor
Department of Physiology
JNMC Belagavi & Co-ordinator for Mentorship programme - MBBS Phase I


1. Dr Ashwini Ratanakar Assistant professor – Department of Pathology

Co-ordinator for MBBS Phase II- Contact no 9448571222

(Microbiology, Pathology, Forensic Medicine & Pharmacology)

 Dr Bhagyajyoti ;  Assistant professor – Department of Ophthalmology

Co-ordinator for MBBS –Phase III / Part I- Contact no 9743420888

  (ENT, Ophthalmology & PSM) 

3. Dr Shruti Andola  Assistant  Professor  – OBG & Gynaecology

*Co-ordinator for MBBS Phase III / Part II Contact no 7760710689

(Medicine Paediatrics, Skin VD, Radiology, Surgery, Orthopedics Anesthesia OBG & Gynae)


Dr Vijaya.S.Dandannavar

Mobile No:  9980170970 

E-mail: jmncvijaya@gmail.com / drvijaya.patil@yahoo.com