Jnmc Alumni association

Jnmc Alumni association registration certificate 2008

JNMC Alumni association registration certificate 2020

JNMC Alumni Association Office bearers of year 2008

Dr. A S Wantamutte President

Dr. Z A Hafiz Vice President

Dr. P V Patil Vice President

Dr. Ramesh Chavan Secretary

Dr. Arathi Darshan Joint Secretary

Dr. Sunita Patil Joint Secretary

Dr. Vijay Pujar Treasurer

Dr. (Mrs.) N S Mahantashetti Member

Dr. V V Gramopadhye Member

Dr. Ashok Pangi Member

Dr. Sujata M Jali Member

Dr. Neeta Deshpande Member

Dr. Shilpa Kodkany Member

Dr. Prabhu Halakatti Member

Dr. Mohan Desai Member

Dr. Shobha Karikatti Member

Dr. Dyanesh Morkar Member

Dr. Sharada Metgud Member

Dr. Rajesh Powar Member

Dr. Mahantesh Nagamoti Member

Dr. Sameer Kutre Member

JNMC Alumni Association Office bearers of year 2010


Dr. M.D. Dixit. Cell No. 9844050225

Dr. C.T. Shravage, Belgaum
Dr. V.A. Kothiwale, Cell No. 9449200570

Dr. Ramesh Chavan. Cell No. 9845121532

Joint Secretary:
Dr. M.B. Bellad, Professor. Cell No. 9448124893
Dr (Mrs.) Yashita Pujar. Cell No. 9448142989

Dr. Vijay Pujar. Cell No. 9844052989
Dr. Suresh Patted.

Dr. A.C. Bidri
Dr. C.S. Patil
Dr. Satish Jigajinni
Dr. Sachidanand
Dr. R.S.Wali
Dr (Mrs.) N.S. Mahantashetti
Dr. R.S. Mudhol

Dr. H Vijayendra
Dr. Babanna Hukkeri.
Dr. R.B. Metagudmath.
Dr. A.S.Harugop.
Dr. V.V. Gramopadhaye.
Dr. S.B. Kulkarni.
Dr. I.S. Mane.
Dr. Patne.
Dr. R.B. Nerli.
Dr. Sunita Patil.
Dr. Dyanesh Morkar.
Dr. Mahantesh Nagmoti.
Dr. Annasaheb Patil.
Dr. Ravi Jatti.
Dr. Ramesh Koujalagi.
Dr. K.G. Byakodi.
Dr. Kamal P Patil.
Dr. Rajesh Powar.
Dr. Uday Ajari.
Dr. Ashok Pangi
Dr. B.P. Belaldavar

JNMC Alumni Association Office bearers of year 2017

Dr. V A KothiwalePresidentRegistrar, KAHER University, KLE Society, Belgaum
Dr. S B KamatVice-PresidentProfessor, USM-KLE IMP, Belgaum
Dr. Sadanand SawantVice PresidentPrivate Practitioner, Belgaum
Dr. S P DesaiSecretaryProfessor, Dept. of Anatomy, JNMC, Belgaum
Dr. V M PattanshettiJoint SecretaryProfessor, Dept. of Surgery, JNMC, Belgaum
Dr. Basavaraj TotinkotJoint SecretaryProfessor, BIMS, Belgaum
Dr. C S SanikopTreasurerProfessor, Dept. of Anesthesiology, JNMC
Dr. Shridevi MetgudTreasurerAssociate Professor, Dept. of OBGYN, JNMC Belgaum
Dr. V S SadhunavarAdvisory Committee Member Director, KLE Society, Belgaum
Dr. Shashi UppinAdvisory Committee MemberProfessor, Dept. of Surgery, JNMC, Belgaum
Dr. C S PatilAdvisory Committee Member Professor & Head, Dept. of Microbiology, JNMC, Belgaum
Dr. Ashok PanditAdvisory Committee Member
Dr. SachidanandAdvisory Committee Member Former Registrar, RGUHS, Bangalore
Dr. S M DugganiAdvisory Committee MemberNeuro Surgeon, Hubli
Dr.(Mrs.) N S MahantashettiAdvisory Committee Member Principal, JNMC, Belgaum
Dr. R S MudholAdvisory Committee MemberVice - Principal, JNMC, Belgaum
Dr. Ashok PangiMemberDept. of Surgery, USM-KLE IMP, Belgaum
Dr. Vijay PujarMemberPediatric Surgeon, Belgaum
Dr. B P BelaldavarMemberProfessor, Dept. of ENT, JNMC Belgaum
Dr. Yashita PujarMember Professor, Dept. of OBGYN, JNMC Belgaum
Dr. Suresh PattedMemberDept. of Cardiology, KLESDR.PK Hospital & MRC, Belgaum
Dr. Ramesh ChavanMemberProfessor, Dept. of Pathology, JNMC, Belgaum
Dr. Madhav PrabhuMemberProfessor, Dept. of Medicine, JNMC Belgaum
Dr. A S HarugopMemberProfessor, Dept. of ENT, JNMC, Belgaum
Dr. R D VirupaxiMemberProfessor, Dept. of Anatomy, JNMC, Belgaum
Dr. C T ShravageMemberPrivate Practitioner, Belgaum
Dr. R B NerliMemberProfessor & Head, Dept. of Urology, KLESDR.PK Hospital & MRC, Belgaum
Dr. Sunita PatilMemberProfessor, Dept. of Pathology, JNMC Belgaum
Dr. Dyanesh MorkarMemberProfessor, Dept. of Medicine, JNMC, Belgaum
Dr. Mahantesh NagamotiMemberProfessor, Dept. of Microbiology, JNMC Belgaum
Dr. Vijaya DandinavarMemberAssociate Professor, Dept. of Physiology, JNMC Belgaum
Dr. Jayasheela BagiMember Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry, JNMC Belgaum
Dr. Ravi JattiMemberProfessor, Dept. of Orthophedics, JNMC, Belguam
Dr. Ramesh KoujalagiMemberProfessor, Dept. of Surgery, JNMC, Belgaum
Dr. Kamal PatilMemberProfessor, Dept. of OBGYN, JNMC, Belgaum
Dr. Rajesh PowarMemberProfessor & Head, Dept. of Plastic Surgery, KLESDR.PK Hospital & MRC, Belgaum
Dr. Ranjeet KangaleMember Professor, Dept. of Pathology, JNMC, Belgaum





On Republic Day the 26th of January 2002, JNMC Alumni Association had arranged a Mega Global Meet – SPECTRUM – 2002. This was to commemorate JNMC stepping into 40th year of its fruitful existence. The past students of JNMC are spread all over the world, and this was the occasion, where they were brought on to a common platform at their Alma Mater to interact academically and socially and to cherish their old memories of studentship.

The day began with Inaugural function which was attended by more than 1000 past students with their families. A multimedia presentation for 30 minutes depicted various milestones in the history of JNMC right from its inception at Lingaraj College, Belgaum till today. The Chief Guests of the function were Padmashree Dr. Mohan Agashe, Psychiatrist and Director Film & TV Institute from Pune. And Mrs. Vimala Patil, Ex.Editor, Femina & Vice-President, Press guild of India. Dr. C.S.Patil, President of JNMC Alumni Association & vice Principal, JNNC Belgaum welcomed all the guests & Alumni to the function & briefed about the aims and objects of the alumni Association. He also requested all the members to establish the communication link between the Alumni and the Institution.

Dr.H.B.Rajashekhar, Principal J.N.Medical College, introduced the guests and highlighted the importance of existence of Alumni Association. The function was inaugurated by the Chief Guests & other by lighting the lamp, followed by felicitation of 30 Distinguished Alumni. Who have achieved highest in their academic and social fields. 40 teachers of J.N.Medical College, who had completed their 25 years of services successfully, were also felicitated in the function. 5 senior most teachers who had established departments in their speciality were specially honored. All General Secretaries of J.N.Medical College, Belgaum from first General Secretary. Present General Secretary was honored. Felicitation was also offered to co-general Secretaries.

Dr. Mohan Agashe in his address said the need to inculcate ethical values in all forms of education. The IIT’s have become export products of students. Stating that the primary education in India is worst and the higher education is best, Agashe stressed the need to focus of professionalism in education.

Mrs. Vimala Patil, vice-president Press Guild of India, Mumbai, released the souvenir and said enthusiasm and energy to work hard are the keywords for the success o any educational institution.

The function concluded with the vote of thanks by Dr. Vijay Gramopadhyaye, vice President of the Alumni Association. Afternoon was time when various senior editors of media who were specially called from Bangalore and other places met with Board of Directors of K.L.E.Society including the Chairman Shri. Prabhakar Kore and discussed the statues of medical Education in the State and also about the various activities of Alumni Association. Later alumni with the media.

Evening started with variety of cultural programmes began with melodies of Mr. Shivamogga Subbanna and Srinivasa Udupa with their team, who entertained the audience with variety songs. Apart from this there was an organized cultural night – SUNHERI YAADEIN which was enjoyed by all. The popular cine Actress Miss Chandani and Mrs. Rekha entertained the guests.

On 27th there were batch wise meetings which allowed the close interaction between the doctors about their progresses & achievements socially and academically. On both the days there was Photo exhibition arranged by department of Medical Education J.N.Medical College, Belgaum which highlighted various activities of Alumni during their studentship at J.N.Medical College. The function concluded with the recommendations and valedictory function where many delegates expressed their views regarding the meet and also directions were given for further activities of Alumni.

Alumni meet held on 9/8/2008

Held on 9-8-2008
Total registrations – 550 .
Chief Guest – Dr. Satish Jigjini, Hon. Vice- Chancellor, BLDE
University, Bijapur.
Felicitation of Dr. Satish Jigjini.
The Programme Included Inauguration, Felicitation, Recognizing & Highlighting various activities of the Alumni, Batch wise meeting & Cultural Programme by Dr. Sadanand Patne from Gadhinlaz & Dr. Murgude from Sankeshwar.

ALUMNI MEET held on 9th August 2008.

JNMC Alumni meet was held on 9th August 2008 at Dr. B.S. Jirge Memorial Auditorium, JNMC, Belgaum.

There were 550 registrations with majority of the Alumni being outside Belgaum. The Delegates were from Districts of Belgaum, Hubli, Dharwad, Bagalkot, Bijapur Bangalore, Davangere, Mangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Baramati, Ahmednagar, Kolhapur, Sangli, Miraj, Karad, Satara etc.

The Meet was an Half day affair.The meet was inaugurated by Dr. Satish Jigjini, Hon. Vice- Chancellor, BLDE’s University Bijapur. He is an Aluminus belonging to 1974 Batch. Who also obtained his MD Pathology from JNMC. He was also later felicitated by Prof (Dr.) Chandrakant Kokate Hon. Vice- Chancellor, KLE University, Belgaum.

The meet began with an Invocation song by the Final MBBS students followed by lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries on the Dias. The Dignitaries invited on the Dias were Dr. Satish Jigjini Hon. Vice- Chancellor; BLDE’s University Bijapur who was the chief guest, Prof (Dr.) Chandrakant Kokate Hon. Vice- Chancellor, KLE University, Belgaum was the guest of honour. Dr. Nadagouda M.P., Dr. V.S. Sadhunnavar, Dr. Hafiz & Dr. P.V. Patil- Vice Presidents JNMC Alumni Association, Dr. V.V. Gramopadhye Past Vice- President, Dr. V.D. Patil Principal JNMC, Dr A.S. Wantamutte President JNMC Alumni Association, Dr. M.V. Jali CEO & MD KLE’s Dr. Prabhakar.Kore Hosp & MRC, Dr N.S. Mahanshetty Vice- Principal, JNMC & Dr. Ramesh Chavan the Organizing secretary of JNMC Alumni Association. The dignitaries were presented with floral Bouquets.

The President Dr A.S. Wantamutte, President JNMC Alumni Association welcomed the dignitaries on the Dias & the Alumni of JNMC. Dr. N.S. Mahanshetty Vice- Principal, JNMC introduced the Chief Guest with his fabulous achievements. Dr. Prakash Malur introduced Prof (Dr) C.K. Kokate. The Chief guest Dr. Satish Jigjini Hon. Vice- Chancellor, BLDE’s University Bijapur expressed gratitude and belongingness to this place. He thanked his teachers and remarked that he owed his achievements to his teachers. Later Prof (Dr.) Chandrakant Kokate Hon. Vice- Chancellor, KLE University welcomed the Alumni and greeted them on behalf of the University. He introduced the past students of the recent developments and the heights to which KLE has risen. He also introduced the various courses and splendid activity performed by the KLE’s Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hosp & MRC. Dr. Nadagouda, Dr. Hafiz, Dr. V.V. Gramopadhaye, Dr. Ajit Kulkarni and many more past Alumini spoke regarding their college days in JNMC in the open forum. Principal Dr. V.D. Patil then made the Presidential remarks and read out the message from Dr. Prabhakar Kore, M.P. Hon. Chancellor, KLE University, and Belgaum. The Chancellor expressed happiness and was very eager to attend and meet the KLE family but could not do so because of his outstation commitments. He said though he was in Bangalore but his heart was in the JNMC Campus. We all missed our Chancellor on this occasion was acclaimed by the Principal. The Principal in his address urged the Alumni to grow together. “You grow, we grow” and vice- versa. Let us help each other in various field of Medicine. Which will strengthen our bonding and relation with the College and this is one of the main objectives of the JNMC Alumni Association. Towards the end of Inaugural ceremony Dr. Ramesh Chavan, Organizing Secretary thanked the Dignitaries on the Dias and the JNMC Alumni.

The Inaugural function was followed by Cultural Programme which had Skit & Orchestra performed by Dr. Patne & Group. Who is our Aluminus. Dr. Satish Jigjini , Dr. Murgude from Sankeshwar & Dr. Madan Dongare also participated in the Cultural night.

The Cultural Programme was followed by fellowship & Banquet.

The JNMC Alumni Association has announced that the next Alumni Global meet will be held on 6th December 2008. The Details of Registration fees will be informed in the first week of September.

If you would like to know further details please E mail us on jawaharlalnehru@rocketmail.com

Dr. Ramesh Chavan, Dr. A S Wantamutte
Secretary, President,
JNMC Alumni Association, Belgaum



Total Registrations – 776 ( Alumni + Spouse & Children ).
Chief Guest – Dr. Chandrashekhar Shetty, Hon. Vice- Chancellor, Devraj Urs Academy of Higher Education & Research ( Deemed University ) Tamaka, Kolar.
32 senior teachers were felicitated.
5 senior teachers were honored.
14 Alumni were felicitated.
The Programme Included Inauguration, Felicitations, Recognizing & Highlighting various activities of the Alumni, Release of Journals & Souvenir, Batch wise meeting( Share your memories) Cultural Programme.
Donation of 17.5 Lakhs announced by the Alumni towards Association.


J.N. Medical College Global Alumni Meet was held on 6th December 2008.

Registration details:

Registered = Delegates 580 + spouse 93 + children 13 = 686
Spot registration = Delegates 83 + spouse 7 = 90
Total Registrations = 776

Details of Life membership

Life members existing = 432
New members during the global meet = 12
Total life members = 444

Thus 776 delegates registered for the Global Alumni Meet. The meet began with Registration and Breakfast from 8.30 am onwards up to 10.30 am. Before the Inaugural function condolence was held in the B.S. Jirge Memorial Auditorium for the departed teachers, Alumni of this college & the martyrs of Mumbai attack. The inauguration function then began with the Invocation song and the KLE University song. The Chief Guest for the Inaugural function was Dr. Chandrashekhar Shetty, Hon. Vice-chancellor, Sri Devaraj Urs Academy of Higher Education & Research (Deemed University) Tamaka, Kolar. The Guest of Honor were Dr. Prabhakar Kore, MP, Chancellor, K.L.E.University, & Dr. Chandrakant Kokate, Vice-chancellor, K.L.E.University. Dr. A.S.Wantamutte, President of JNMC Alumni Association welcomed the Chief Guest, other dignitaries and the Gathering. He briefed the formation of JNMC Alumni Association and its activities in the past, he also highlighted the up coming of K.L.E.Society, K.L.E.University & J.N.Medical College. Dr.V.V.Gramopadhaye introduced the Chief Guest Dr. Chandrashekhar Shetty as dynamic Academician. Dr.M.B.Bellad introduced Dr. Prabhakar Kore as the spear head of K.L.E.Society under whom the Society has made a remarkable progress. Dr. P.R.Malur introduced Prof (Dr.) Chandrakant Kokate. Dr. Chandrashekhar Shetty in his address made aware the duties of the institution towards Alumni and Vice Versa. Dr. Prabhakar Kore assured to give all the help and support from the K.L.E.Society and University to the alumni and the association. Dr. Chandrakant Kokate also promised all possible help from the University. Dr. H.B.Rajashekhar & Dr. P.F.Kotur also graced the occasion. Dr. H.B.Rajashekhar in his speech re-collected memories of past 46 years. & re-collected the ups and downs in the transition of JNMC to till the present day. Some of the renowned Alumni were also called upon to express their views and share their memories. The Alumni expressed great satisfaction towards the college and gratitude with respect towards all the teachers. Eminent teachers like Dr. D.R.Kulkarni, Dr. M.B.Joglekar, Dr. Chandrashekhar & Dr.A.S.Wantamutte were felicitated by the Chief Guest and Guests of honor. The others felicitated were our Distinguished Alumni like Dr. M.D.Dixit, Dr. Suresh Duggani, Dr. M.P.Nadagouda & Dr. Hemachandrasagar & Dr.S.Sachidanand. The achievements of many more Alumni were also highlighted. Books written by our Alumni were also released like the Atlas on operative ENT by Dr. H Vijayendra & Practical Pathology Book by Dr. Ganga Pilli. During the inauguration JNMC Scientific Society Journal Vol.35 No. 4 & Souvenir of Smriti – 2008 were also released by the guest. Web site of JNMC alumni association.com was also inaugurated by Prof (Dr.) C. K. Kokate, Hon Vice –Chancellor, KLE University. The web site was designed by Dr. M.D. Dixit. Vice-Principal Dr. N.S.Mahantashetti gave the presidential remark by thanking the Alumni for coming a long way and expressing love towards their Institution & respect for their teachers. She also said JNMC was proud of its Alumnus for bringing pride to the institution by excelling in the field of Medicine or Social and Political Activities. She appealed to the Aluminus to let us work & grow together, let us share our expertise or help the college & hospital in what ever capacity we can. Dr. Ramesh Chavan proposed the vote of thanks. The Dignitaries & the Aluminus expressed thanks to our beloved principal who was responsible to make such a mega event a successful one. It was not possible without his meticulous guidance.

Lunch break was from 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm with excellent delicious food. From 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm there was a Programme called as “share your memories” conducted for every batch from 1964 to 2003. This was conducted by Dr. Rajesh Powar and Dr.Jyoti Nagamoti. The Alumni from every Batch expressed their views towards their friends and Teachers and shared wonderful memories of their student life at JNMC. They remembered the different lecture halls, hostels, wards, OT’s, OPD’s, the JNMC garden, the libraries, various hotels and theatres of Belgaum, also the Gokak falls, Goa,dodsagar, Dandeli, Amboli & Rakaskop trips. This was followed by Photographs of individual Batches.

The Cultural Programme started at 6.00 pm in the JNMC Garden, this was presented by Dr.Sadanand Patne, Ophthalmologist our own Alumni. The Cultural Programme comprised of Solo Songs, Orchestra, Dance & Skits. Musical Fountains was also demonstrated during that night. 23 renowned Teachers and 10 Distinguished Alumni were also felicitated in between cultural Programme (list enclosed). Many of our old Alumni and management personal have announced donation for JNMC Alumni Association. It was decided take up project of building KLE Doctors Club and Swimming Pool in the JNMC campus by the JNMC Alumni Association. The banquet was excellent with hundreds of feed back compliments recieved by Organizing Committee Members. Towards the end Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hon. Chancellor & Dr. N.S.Mahantashetti Chairperson & Vice-Principal, thanked the alumni for sparing their time and visiting their parent institute. Both expressed full support of the Alumni & Association.

Feed back forms have been collected from the Alumni and the analysis of them concludes that it was a very successful meet with excellent organization in every department. Alumni have expressed to visit the college often. They also enjoyed the food, Cultural programme, musical Fountain and loved the felicitation of their teachers & other Alumni. Only concern left was that the Inaugural function was too long. They have requested to cut it short or no inaugural function for the next meet.

Donations also were announced by our faithful Alumni

We have already received donation of Rs: 1,00,000/- only from Dr. H. Vijayendra H. ENT Surgeon, Bangalore.

The others who have assured are

  • 1. Dr. Somashekhar Gaddi, Neurosurgeon, Bellary- Rs- 2 lakhs
  • 2. Dr. Mamane, Urologist, Davangere- Rs- 1 lakhs
  • 3. Dr. M.P.Nadagouda,M.P. Rs- 10 lakhs
  • 4. Dr. Shailesh Kumar, Neurosurgeon, Bangalore- Rs- 2 lakhs
  • 5. Dr. Suresh Patted, Cardiologist, Belgaum- Rs- 1 lakhs
  • 6. Dr. Ashok Murgod, District Surgeon, Belgaum, Rs- 50,000/-
  • 7. Dr. Suresh Dugani, Neurosurgeon, Hubli - Rs- 1 lakhs

Dr. Ramesh Chavan, Dr. A S Wantamutte
Secretary, President,
JNMC Alumni Association, Belgaum

Suvarna JNMC Alumni Meet held on 19th and 20th of December 2013

Total Registrations – 720 Alumni (650 spouse and Children of
Chief Guest – Padmashri Dr. Ashok Pai, Renowned Psychiatrist & B.C. Roy Awardee
10 senior teachers were felicitated and honored.

Report of Suvarna JNMC Alumni meet 2013

The Suvarna JNMC Alumni meet began on 19/12/2013 with Reception, Registration and breakfast from 8am to 10 a.m.

The Principal invited the Alumni with a key note Address

At 10a.m. the first MBBS batch members were called on the stage and felicitated. They also had a group photograph on the stage.

This was followed by photograph and video show of various batches and College building along with other Campus areas which helped the Alumni to refresh their good old college days.

This was followed by talk by Alumni 7 Alumni of various batches shared their past and present memories with JNMC. Meanwhile the assembly and get togetherness was seen inside and around the Auditorium. Most of the senior teachers were surrounded by their beloved students. One of our Alumni also conducted fun Quiz.

At 12pm there was lunch which was over by 1.30pm and the Alumni along with the KLE family members had to proceed to the Nehru Stadium for Suvarna JNMC Sambhrama celebrations. The Registration counters were open from 8am to 1.30pm on 10/12/2014

After the Suvarna JNMC Sambhrama Celebration there was a grand banquet in the JNMC Gardens for Staff, Alumni and KLE family. Along with the Banquet there was the spectacular cultural programme followed by banquet along with Laser and cracker show.

Day II. 20/12/2014 began with Breakfast between 8am to 10 am. At 10 am there was Inauguration of Suvarna JNMC Alumni meet 2013. The Chief guest was Our own Alumni, Padmashree and B.C. Roy Awardee renowned Psychiatrist Dr. Ashok Pai, who was escorted on Dias with other dignitaries like Hon chancellor, Hon. Vice- Chancellor, Registrar, Principal and others. Dr. A.S. Godhi Principal, JNMC, Welcomed the Alumni to their Alma-mater. This was followed by Floral Bouquets to the Dignitaries. Lighting the lamp ceremony was performed by the Dignitaries. This was followed by Release of Alumni directory which was in the form of CD’s by Hon Chancellor. This was followed by Introduction of the Chief guest by Dr. V. A. Kothiwale followed by Felicitation of Dr. Ashok Pai. This is followed by Address by Hon vice Chancellor Dr. C.K. Kokate. Then was the Address by Our Chief Guest who was pleased to be the Chief Guest in the Alma-mater. He owed his Academic Achievements to his teachers and the College. he also stated that his felicitation in JNMC was more than the national awards he received in Delhi.

Presidential remarks were delivered by Hon. Chancellor Dr. Prabhakar Kore, who was pleased to witness his Alumni gathered in huge numbers. He was also pleased to make them aware regarding the growth of KLE Society.

Dr. (Mrs.) N.S. Mahantashetti, Vice–Principal, JNMC concluded the Inaugural ceremony by Vote of Thanks to all.

This was followed by Felicitation of teachers which included the Past Principals, senior teachers and other teachers who lent their services during the inception of JNMC in 1963.

The wise words by the eminent teachers like Dr. S.G. Desai, Dr. H.B. Rajashekar, Dr. V.D. Patil etc.

Dr. Ramesh Chavan Dr. M D Dixit
Secretary President
JNMC Alumni Association, Belgaum Date: 25/02/2019


J.N. Medical College Annual Alumni Meet was held on 24th February 2019.

Registration details:

Registered = Delegates 135 + spouse 35 + children 13 = 183
Non Registered alumni & Faculty of JNMC = 115
Total Registrations = 298

Details of Life membership

The Annual JNMC alumni meet was held on 24th February 2019 at the KLE Convention Centre Dr. B.S.Kodkany Hall, (300 Seater) of J.N. Medical College, Belagavi from 06.00 pm onwards. Total no of 298 Alumni are Registered Alumni, Non-registered alumni, Faculty members of JNMC & Children’s for the event.

The meet began with Registration & high tea from 6.00 pm onwards. Following this was the main event. At 7.30 pm beore the commencement of Scheduled function in Dr. B.S.Kodakany Hall, (300 Seater) of KLE Convention Centre. Condolence was held to the departed alumni teachers of this college and homage to the Great Indian Army Jawans who lost their lives for their motherland in the recent Pulvama Attack. Dr. (Mrs.) N. S. Mahantashetti, Principal, J N Medical College, was the Chief Guest, & Dr. V. D. Patil, Registrar, KAHER University (Deemed University), Belagavi was the Guest of Honor.

Dr. V.A. Kothiwale, President/Vice-Principal, Alumni Association & J.N.Medical College, Belagavi gave a welcome to one & all. Dr. S P Desai, Secretary, Alumni Association, read out the report of previous year Suvarna JNMC Alumni meet 2013. Sir, also brief the formation of JNMC Alumni Association and its activities in past and also highlights the up coming events of KAHER University, J.N.Medical College, Belagavi.

In this welcome address Dr. V.A.Kothiwale mentioned Dr. (Mrs.) N.S. Mahanashetty & Dr. V.D.Patil Sir as dynamic Academician and also said that the Chancellor Dr. Prabhakar Kore as the spear head of K.L.E. Society under whom the Society has made a remarkable progress. He also made a note & stressed on the duties of institution towards alumni.

Registration of BATCH WISE LEADERS:

Following Alumni of the college were recognized as Batch Leaders, and were requested to work upon and recruit many more alumni next time.


Installation of Office Bearers:
Alumni Association was done for the Academic year 2019-2020 & 2020-2021 for next two years.
President for JNMC Alumni Association
Dr. V.A. Kothiwale, Vice-Principal, Faculty Dean & Professor of Medicine
Dr. S.P. Desai, Secretary, Professor of Anatomy, JNMC, Belagavi.
Dr. C.S. Sanikop, Treasurer, Professor of Anesthesiology, JNMC, Belagavi were recognized in this event. Others member to the committees and various advices were also nominated.
Some of the renowned alumni were called upon to express their views/share memories / give suggestions to make their association even stronger. Following are few suggestions:
Dr. C.T. Shravage suggested that the Alumni meet celebration should be once in a year called ANNUAL ALUMNI MEET but we can have frequent meeting.
He also recommended that JNMC should install “JEEVAN GOURAV” award & it should be awarded in Annual Alumni meet every year to recognize their contributions.
Other suggestions include:
Permanent cell & a person incharge can be appointed in JNMC to connect and keep in constant touch with all alumni.
Once in 3 Month a State wise Alumni meet can be conducted with the help on nominated group leaders and then meet once a year.
Conduct one (1) General Body meeting every year.
Create a separate website for JNMC Alumni Association.
Alumni to inform about their achievements details with photograph.

To college academic council as a member outside alumni to be nominated. Dr. V.D.Patil, Registrar, KAHER University suggested that every year JNMC Scientific Society Conference is conducted for 1 ½ day. This can be revised one day CME and ½ day alumni meet can be conducted. Sir, also recommended that a strong JNMC Alumni Association needs to be formed.

Dr. (Mrs.) N.S. Mahantashetty, Principal, J.N.Medical College, gave the Presidential remark by thanking all the alumni for coming a long way and expressing love towards their institution and respect for their teachers. She also mentioned that JNMC was proud of its Alumnus for bringing pride to the institution by excelling in field of Medicine and various social activities. She applied to the alumnus to let is grow to gether, share our expertise and help the college and hospital in whatever capacity we can.

The alumni meet concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Dr. C. S. Sanikop, Treasurer, Alumni Association. The alumnus expressed thanks to our beloved Principal Madam for her meticulous guidance and making this event a success.

The Alumni from every Batch expressed their views towards their friends and Teachers and shared wonderful memories of their student life at JNMC. They remembered the different lecture halls, hostels, wards, OT’s, OPD’s, the JNMC garden, the libraries, various hotels and theatres of Belgaum. This was followed by Photographs of individual Batches.

The Cultural Programme started at 07.30 pm in the JNMC Garden, this was presented by Dr. Sadanand Patne, Ophthalmologist our own Alumni. The Cultural Programme comprised of Solo Songs, Orchestra, Dance & Skits. Musical Fountains was also demonstrated during that night. The banquet was excellent. Towards the end Dr. V.D. Patil, Registrar and Dr. (Mrs.) N.S.Mahantashetti, Principal, thanked the alumni for sparing their time and visiting their parent institute. Both expressed full support of the Alumni & Association.

Alumni have expressed to visit the college often. They also enjoyed the food, Cultural programme, musical Fountain and loved their teachers & other Alumni.

Dr. S P Desai, Dr. V A Kothiwale,
Secretary, President,
J.N.M.C Alumni Association & Annual JNMC Alumni meet – 2019.

JNMC eminent Alumni members


S No. Name of Eminent Alumni Batch Details of positions held by Eminent Alumni
1 Dr. Satish Jigjinni 1970 Vice-chancellor,

BLDE’s University, Bijapur

ssj.ssj@rediffmail.com  Ph: 9448140698

2 Dr. C.S. Patil 1965 Principal,

S. Nijalingappa Medical College, Bagalkot.

drcspatil@hotmail.com   Ph: 9448072678

3 Dr. M.D. Sanikop 1988 Principal, Sri Devraj Urs Medical College, Kolar
4 Dr. Krishna Principal, Kuppam Medical College, Kuppam
5 Dr. Ramesh Kadam Principal, Dr. D.Y.Patil Medical College, Kolhapur.


Dr. R.C.Bidri &

Dr. Shailaja R Bidri

1978 Principal, BLDE’s University, Bijapur


08352-250207, 262770-Extn 2111

8 Dr. R.S.Wali 1970 Registrar, BLDE’s University, Bijapur

dr.rswali@gmail.com  Ph: 9886309437

9 Dr. Ravi Vaswani Registrar, Yenapoya University, Mangalore

Ph: 9448858983

10 Dr. Sachidanand 1978 Registrar,

Rajiv Gandhi Uni. Of Health Sciences, Bangalore.

sachi1260@gmail.com Ph: Ph: 9341218715

G-16, NGO’s Quarters 4th Block, Rajaji Nagar, BANGALORE

11 Dr. M.D.Dixit 1974 Cardiothoracic Surgeon,

KLE’s Dr.PK Hospital & M.R.C, Belgaum

12 Dr. Suresh Patted Cardiologist,

KLE’sDr.PK Hospital & M.R.C, Belgaum

13 Dr. Prabhu Halakatti 1986 Interventional Cardiologist, KLE’sDr.PK Hospital  & M.R.C, Belgaum

Best Clinical case Award at Singapore - 2010

Fellow of American College of Cardiology – Feb 2011 (FACC)

Email: drprabhuhalkati@rediff.com   Cell 9448140234

14 Dr. R.B. Nerli Urologist, Professor & Head

Dept. of Urology JNMC Belgaum

15 Dr. S.M.Duggani 1979 Neuro Surgeon, Asso. Professor

KIMS, Hubli

Ph: 9448110733 E mail- drsureshdugani@rediffmail.com

16 Dr. Niranjana S Desai 1977 Principal, & Professor, Dept. of Peadiatrics,

J.N.Medical College,


17 Dr. Hemachandra Sagar M.L.A. Govt. of Karnataka, Bangalore

Ph: 9845012360

18 Dr. M.P.Nadagouda M.P. Govt. of India, New Delhi

MLC , Govt. of Karnataka, Bangalore

19 Dr. Kishore Khot 1968 Consultant in Psychiatrist, SE, Missouri Hospital,

USA.  Email- kishorekhot@gmail.com

20 Dr. H Vijeyandra 1974 ENT & Etiology Surgeon, Bangalore

Vijaya ENT Care Centre. No: 1, 9th Cross Margosa road. Malleswaram, Bangalore

21 Dr. Pindi Laxman M Professor Surgery,  Satya Sai Hospital,

Gandhinagar,Kakinada, (A.P)


22 Dr. V.S. Sadhunavar 1970 Director,

KLE Society’s, Belgaum.

23 Dr. A.S.Wantamutte 1965 Former Professor & Head,

Dept.  of P & SM,  JNMC Belgaum.

24 Dr. Rajesh Powar 1986 Plastic Surgeon,

KLE’s Dr. P.K. Hosp & MRC, Belgaum

Ph: 9448113864      dr_rajeshp@rediffmail.com

25 Dr. Raviraj Ghorpade 1993 Neurosurgeon,

KLE’s Dr. P.K. Hosp & MRC, Belgaum.

Co-laternal appointment as Associate professor from 2005

nuroraviraj@rediffmail.com  Ph: 9480398370

26 Dr. Krishna Pillai 1970 Dr. Krishnana Pillay

No.7, Brewster Road,

Sagan Datoh Perek,


27 Dr. Sadanand Patne & 1976 Ankur, Doctors Colony,

Gadhinglaj, Maharastra State.


28 Dr. Seema S Patne Ankur, Doctors Colony,

Gadhinglaj, Maharastra State.


29 Dr. Vij Sikand Director,

Health town of old Lyme East Ly Me, USA.

30 Dr. Shankre Gouda Principal,

Government Medical College, Shimoga

31 Dr. Ashok  Pai, Psychiatrist & National award winning film producer,

Manasa Nursing Home, Tilak Nagar,

SHIMOGA – 5770201.

32 Dr. Suresh N Gadasali,

500 – E, 4th Street,


Texas 79761

Director of the Healthy Heart Centre in Odessa, Texas, & Co-founder & Board member of the Alliance Hospital in Odessa (Odessa Regional |Medical Centre)

Texas Monthly Magazine “Super Doc.” Awardee – 2007,2008,2009

Recipient of “Outstanding young men of merica – 1998

Recipient of Outstanding America Award – 1999

33 Dr. Rajendra Mali 1993 PG Prof & HOD of Radiology, JNMC, Belgaum

rajendramali@rediffmail.com Ph: 9449066299

34 Dr. Giriyapannavar. C Prof of Pharmacology, Uni-KL Royal College of Medicine,        At - IPOH – Perak state, Malaysia.

giricr@gmail.com  giricr@hotmail.com

35 Dr. M.M. Umadi Prof & HOD. Dept. of OBG, BIMS, Belgaum

Consultant, OBGYN, Shahapur, Belgaum.

36 Dr. Kamal Patil 1987 Professor,

Dept. of OBGYN, J.N. Medical College, Belgaum.

Country Trainer, HBLSS, Emonc Project, Belgaum

Most illustrious alumni of J.N. Medical College, Belgaum, who had passed out from the institution.

1 Dr. Somasekar I Tolanur 1988 Principal

Sri Lakshmi Narayana Instt. of Medical Scienes,

Usudu, Agaram ulavaikal Revenue Village,

Villanur Communie (Puducherry – 10)

Phones : 0413-2661995

Fax: 0413-2661996

Mobile: 09943413137

E-mail: drsomtolanur@yahoo.com;


2 Dr. Mallikarjun B Sanikop 1989 Dean, Faculty of Medicine,

Sri Devraj Urs Medical College, B H Road, TAMAKA

Kolar , Karnataka
Phone: 08152-224930, 225136, 224931, 221577

Pin code: 563101

3 Dr. Manjunath B.H. 1998 Registrar,

JSS University,


Ph: 9341383002

Website: www.grotal.com/Dr.manjunatghBH

4 Dr. C Shivaram 1973 Dr. C. Shivaram
Dean/PrincipalAIIMS, Bellur
Phones (Resi) : 080-23390581
EMail : amphere@vsnl.com
5 Dr. R.S.Wali 1970 Registrar,

BLDE’s University, Bijapur

dr.rswali@gmail.com  Ph: 9886309437

6 Dr. Ramesh Kadam 1974 Principal,

Dr. D.Y.Patil Medical College, Kolhapur.

7 Dr. Krishna 1992 Principal,

Kuppam Medical College, Kuppam

8 Dr. Ashish Ahuja Registrar,

Govt. Medical College, Ludhiyana

Dr. B.K.Ahuja 132/1 Rani Janshi Road, Civil Lines, Ludhiyana - Punjab

9 Dr. P.V. Patil Principal,

Navodaya Medical College, Raichur

Dr. Prakash Patil

1/3, Prakash Kiran, Raikar Clny

Kolhapur – 416005

Ph: 652118

10 Dr. Shailesh Kotwadkar Director,

Nagpur Cancer Hospital,  Nagpur., MBBS, MD

11 Dr. Raja Shaikh Radiologist, Attending Physician, Vascular Anomalies Center

Instructor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School

12 Shivakumar Tolanur Principal,

LNIMS, Usudu, Agaram Ulavaikal Revenue village, Villanur  communie, Puduchery - 10

13 Dr. Kranti Patil

Awardee, Basically Obst. & Gyneacologist

Working in Med.  Legal section After complete her degree in  For. Medicine

MBE Award fro Queen Eleizabeth

The award was announced in the Queen’s new year honors list in recognition of Dr. Kranti’s contributions to the police service in Scotland.  The award was presented to Dr. Kranti on July .  She is the only person of Indian regin

14 Dr. Sujay Vikhe Patil

M P Govt. of India

Dr. Vithalrao Kikhe Patil Foundation, Ahamadnagar, Maharastra

Member, Standing committee on Health & FWs

Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Housing and Urban affairs

15 Dr. Sunil Desai,


Cary Cardiology, PA (Benson), 1 Medical Drive, Estrn Carolina Medical center, Benson, NC 27504
16 Dr. Vinod Bhat Professor & Chancellor,

Manipal University, Manipal


17 Dr. Ashish Ahuja Registrar,

Government Medical College, Ludhiana


18 Dr. Satish Kotwadkar Director,

Nagapur Cancer Hospital, Nagpur

19 Dr. Pushparaj Shetti MD,DM Consultant Neurologist New Med. Centre,         Dubai, UAE
20 Dr. Rajat Arora, MD.DM International cardiologist Medical Director, Yashodha Superspecility Hospital,                 Gaziyabad & Khushambi
21 Harish Kumar, MD Pediatric Intensivist, People Tree Hospital, Bangalore
22 Indira Kabade, DGO Former RCH Officer, Belagavi
23 Dr. Saba Anasari, MD Junior Consultant, VIMHANS,

New Delhi

24 Dr. Prateek Sondhi, MD Sr. research fellow, AIIMS,

New Delhi

25 Dr. Sharat B N, MD Former country co-ordinator, RNTCP, Ministry of Health and Family welfare
26 Dr. Anil Bilimale, MD State Co-ordinator,

RMCHA, Karnataka

27 Dr. Satyajit Ghdhi, MS, M.Ch. Surgical Gastroentrologist,

Apollo Hospital, Bangalore.

28 Dr. Tanay Sholapurkar, MS, MCh Consultant, Neurosergian, Jain Social Federation Anandrishi Hospital, Ahamadnagar, Maharastra