The Department of General Medicine was established in J. N. Medical College in the year January 1966. It was headed by Dr. S. D. Shastri from 1966 to 1969. From the year 1969 to 1971 it was guided and improved by Dr. Basavaraj Urs.  Dr. S. G. Desai took over the department in 1971 and under his guidance the department developed till 1984. Dr. H. B. Rajshekhar was head of the department from 1984 to 2001 followed by Dr. S. B. Kalagate from 2001 to 31/10/2008  &Dr. Kothiwale V. A. from 31/10/2008  to 30/9/2014.  At present Dr. Rekha S Patil taken over as Head of Department from 1/10/2014. Read more