June 2021 to May 2022 

SL N0 Title of the professional development Programme organised for teaching staff Dates: (from - to) No. of participants
From - To
1 Digital Medical Illustration in Anatomy Made easy for the Medical Educator 10th April 2021 16
2 CME by KLE'S Cadiology Alumni 2nd Feb 2021 20
3 Role of Telemedicine in COVID 19 Pandemic 2/13/2021 378
4 Workshop on Dignostics Microbiology Skills Organized by Dept. of Microbiology On 11th april 2021 at KAHER’S JNMC, Belagavi. 100
5 39th Annual National CME in Pathology (Virtual) 2021 24th - 26th June 2021 568
6 Publication and Peer Reviews 19th Mar 2021 137+44
7 Stop Bugs and Save Drugs 17th Aug 2021 216
8 Fouth Cadioverc Skill Lab Wokshop 18th Dec 2021 58
9 25th Sugery CME-2021 3RD Dec 2021 198
10 Webinar-Alumni Webinar Series 10th Feb Faculty-11+31 PG
11 World Hearing Day 3rd March  2021 Faculty-11 +31 pg
12 Balance Awareness Week 21-26th September 2021 Faculty-11 +31 pg
13 Interactive ECG Learning workshop for Postgraduate, Undergraduate students & Interns of J.N. Medical College, Belagavi. 13th & 15th January 2021. 200
14 WORKSHOP ON HIV / AIDS” for faculty members and postgraduate students  1st December 2021 394
15 Online Guest Lecture organized by Department of Anaesthesiolgy 23.01.2021 62
16 BLS Workshop 12.02.2021 17
17 BLS Workshop 25.02.2021 to            26.02.2021 51
18 BLS Workshop(Online) 07.04.2021 100
19 BLS Workshop 07.04.2021 28
20 BLS Workshop 05.04.2021 10
21 BLS+ACLS Workshop 16.4.2021 10
22 Case scenario 27.04.2021 8
23 Ventilation, HFNC & Oxygen Therapy workshop 11.06.2021 30
24 ACLS 15.07.2021 5
25 ACLS 16.07.2021 4
26 ACLS 20.07.2021 6
27 BLS workshop” for Physiotherapy 1st MPT students 14.09.2021 to 15.09.2021 53
28 BLS workshop for Forest Department Officers 16.10.2021 46
29 BLS workshop for Armedforce instructor officers 16.12.2021  &   18.12.2021 143
30 BLS workshop 21.12.2021 10
31 CME in Anaesthesiology - 2021 24.12.2021 336
32 APPI  Belagavi Branch  is Organizing a Webinar on the occasion of WorldLeprosy Day 2021 30th Januay 2021 47
33 APPI Belagavi Branch  Organiing   21st National Seminar 2021   Theme  From the NewNormal to a New future  -A Sustanable repsone to covid- 10 4/6/2021 224
34 APPI Belgaum Branch -National Level webinar series 10/16/2021 87
35 APPI Belgaum Branch 9/18/2021 125
36 APPI Belgaum Branch 9/25/2021 125
37 APPI Belgaum Branch -National Level webinar series 10/13/2021 102
38 APPI Belgaum Branch -National Level webinar series 10/23/2021 95
39 APPI Belgaum Branch -National Level webinar series 10/30/2021 87
40 APPI Belgaum Branch -National Level webinar series 11/13/2021 76
41 APPI Belgaum Branch -National Level webinar series 11/27/2021 74
08.11.2021 101
43 Basic NRP workshop 9th January 2021 39
44 Advanced NRP workshop 2021 6th March 2021 41
45 “39th JNMC Scientific Society Annual CME (Online)” 10th to 11th April 2021 355
46 CVI Clinic 12/2/2021 45
47 An update in Ophthalmology - Polychrome 11/6/2021 40
48 CME KLE Retina update 3/10/2021 75
49 Webinar on Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Live Conducted by JNMC & Belgaum OBG Society 17th June 2021 61
50 Belgaum Infertility CME Conducted by JNMC & Belgaum OBG Society 10th July 2021 62
51 Webinar on Anemia in Pregnancy Conducted by JNMC & Belgaum OBG Society 30th June 2021 73
52 Webinar on Gynae Ultrasound Conducted by JNMC & Belgaum OBG Society 21st August 2021 62
53 Gynae – Oncology Web Series – Episode 3
Teach – Train - Transform Conducted by JNMC & Belgaum OBG Society
7th July 2021 73
54 KOA - ICL "Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Back to Basics" 3rd & 4th April 2021 196
55 World Arthirtis Day, World Osteoporisis Day & CME 12th October 2020 142
56 Interactive Surgery Masterclass: on Thyroid Gland by Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar.
• Anatomy, clinical examination, surgeries- techniques, tips & tricks.
• A minimal invasive approach to thyroidectomy with video
7th May 2021- Virtual
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57 Interactive Web series on Diabetic Foot Part I- Diabetic foot biomechanics and pathophysiology by Dr. Sunil Kari, Eminent diabetic limb salvage surgeon 12th May 2021- Virtual
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58 Interactive Surgery Masterclass:
by Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar.
• Right Hemicolectomy, Anatomy, Clinical Examination, Surgery- Techniques, Tips & Tricks.
21st May 2021- Virtual
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59 Interactive Web series Part II- Diabetic foot in the COVID 19 pandemic by Dr. Sunil Kari, Eminent diabetic limb salvage surgeon 28th May 2021- Virtual
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60 Interactive Surgery Masterclass:
by Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar.
• Abdomino Perineal Resection Surgery- Techniques, Tips & Tricks.
11th June 2021- Virtual
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61 Cadavaric Skill Lab Workshop for Final year PG & Final year UG (Surgery Posting) On 18th Dec 2021 64
62 Ventilation, HFNC & Oxygen Therapy workshop 12th Dec 2021 64
63 Program of Revised Basic Course Workshop for Teaching faculty, Tutors 16TH to 18th Feb 2021 28
64 Revised Basic Course Workshop in MET with AETCOM 23rd to 25th February 2021 28
65 Revised Basic Course Workshop in MET with AETCOM 24th to 26th August 2021 30
66 CO-ORDINATORS REPORT ON Advance Course In Medical Education (ACME) 2nd to 6th November 2020 30
67 CO-ORDINATORS REPORT ON Advance Course In Medical Education (ACME) 3rd to 6th May 2021 30
68 CO-ORDINATORS REPORT ON Advance Course In Medical Education (ACME) : 9th to 15th November 2021 29
69 CO-ORDINATORS REPORT ON PG Orientation Program 20th-21st April 2021, (batch-2)27th -28th April 2021 in DOME 156

June 2020 to December 2020 (Teaching)
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June 2019 to May 2020 (Teaching)

SL N0Title of the professional development Programme organised for teaching staffDates: (from - to)No. of participants 
37th Annual Conference of the API Karnataka Chapter
Association of Physicians of India, Belagavi Branch
Theme: ‘ Empoering Physicians to conquer Infections’’
1st & 2nd June 2019.900Medicine
2PG Orientation Programme 2019-20 Batch 18th June 201950Medicine
3Revised Basic MET workshop under RTC-MCI17th -19th June 201929Dome
4One Day Sensitization Program (AETCOM)20th June 201928Dome
5Digital CME By Dr. H. V. Shivaram, Topic: Approach to massive abdominal wall hernias19-06-201929Surgery
637th Annual National CME in Pathology19.6.2019 to 22.6.2019195Patho
7Workshop on Leadership25-06-201934Com-Medicine
8Orientation Programme for New PG students.23rd July-2019. 17Micro
9PG Orientation Program19-06-201924Surgery
10PG intensive live teaching programe20-07-201928ENT
11CME in Anaesthesiology, Anaesthesia for High Risk Patients03.08.2019250Anaesthesiology
12Basic NRP Workshop10th August 201934Pediatrics
13CME in Perinatology SAATH – SAATH”4th August 2019150Pediatrics
14APPI Workshop on bridging the Gap ( Neuro-physio connect)30-09-201955Physiology
15Workshop on IAMM (Karnataka Chapter) Quarterly Meet “Healthcare Associated Infection Surveillance.3rd August-2019 112Micro
16ECG Workshop -2019"21st to 24th August 2019
17CME on Essential Updates for UG’s -201914-09-201947ENT
18Balance Awareness Week 201924-09-201912ENT
19World Alzhimers day21.09.201940NEURO
20Faculty orientation program09.09.201930NEURO
21IANCNPCON 2019 – 3rd Conference of Clinical Neurophysiolog subsection of Indian Academy of Neurology06.09.2019 to 08.09.2019190NEURO
22Leadership Skills for Health Professionals17th & 18th September 201940MPH
23BLS & ACLS Workshop Armed Force staff, Infantry The Maratha light Infantry Regimental Centre, Belagavi.9.10.2019 to 11.10.201998Anaesthesiology
24Advance Course in Medical Education (ACME) under Nodal Centre -MCI 14th – 18th October 2019 in DOME25Dome
25KOSCON 20198th to 10th November 2019262Ophthalmology

27CME & Workshop on BREAST IMAGING UPDATE24-11-201979Radiology
28National Epilepsy day23.11.201935Neurology
29Health Professions Education 201921.11.19 to 23.11.1930Neurology
3011th National Conference on Health Professions Education (NCHPE)21st to 23rd November 2019453Dome
31Foot and Ankle Disorders - CME 2019.1st Dec 2019.14Orthopedics
32CME on Updates in Pediatric Hematology1st December 2019132Pediatrics
33"HIV workshop
2nd December 2019150Medicine
34Advanced vestibular disorders and basic hands on trianing in using V-ENG06-12-2019 to 07-12-201912ENT
35Mission Kishore Uday Workshop22nd December 2019 131Pediatrics
36"Title: Pediatric brain tumors
Guest Speaker:
Dr.Prasad Hanagandi,
Consultant Radiologist,
37A to Z scalp EEG workshop 10.01.2020108NEUROLOGY
38KNACON 202011.01.2020 to 12.01.2020150NEUROLOGY
39CME in Cardiac Anaesthesiology 2020 “Anaesthesia for Ischemic Heart Diseases”11th January 2020104CARDIAC ANAESTHESIA
40"API- Karnataka State Chapter Belagavi Branch
Association with: BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital, Bengaluru .
Organizes a CME on: Multi –Organ Translation
25th January 202054Medicine
41Advanced NRP workshop 20209th February 2020,39Paediatrics
42BLS workshop13th February 202020Anaesthesia
43Workshop on Exam Pe charcha for MBBS Phase I students ( Batch 2020) 22-2-2020330Physiology
44Demonstrate laparoscopic procedures and interactive session (Workshop) 25th February 202034Surgery
45BLS & ACLS workshop27th to 29th February 2020120Anaesthesia
46Post-Graduate Intensive Training Programme – 20201st March 202024Paediatrics
47Laser Workshop for Hemorrhoids4th March 202022Surgery
48Suturing Class for UG final year students7th March 202049Surgery
49Workshop Basic Surgical Skills & Bowel Anastomosis: Training on Wheels11th March 202030Surgery
509th Meeting of API Belagavi Branch14th March 2020 at Hotel EEFA54Medicine
51Humanities in health professions education12-13 march1Dome
52Research methodology and biostatistics16-20 march2Biostastics
5311th Meeting of API Belagavi Branch22nd March 202050Medicine
54Online Photography on ocassion of World health Day22/4/202030Physiology
55Faculty trianing on various online teaching platform30-04-2020 & 02-05-202018Dome
56Hypertension- Prevention Management of High blood pressure in Adults18-5-202011Physiology
57Cinemeducation lecture03-06-202030Physiology
58world environment day-webinar06-06-2020scheduledPhysiology
59Online Poster presentation for students on ocassion of World health Day04-07-2020Physiology

June 2018 to May 2019 (Teaching)

SL N0Title of the professional development Programme organised for teaching staffDates: (from - to)No. of participants 
64Epilpesy Program31.05.201970Neurology
65Advance Course in Medical Education (ACME) under Nodal Centre -MCI24th – 28th April 201925DOME
66CISP18th to 20th April 201930DOME
67CME on “Dental Pharmacology – The Pharmacological aspects in Dental practice”11th April 2019110 Pharmac
68CISP10th to 12th April 201925DOME
69ENT Coblation Live Surgery Workshop08-04-201936ENT
7037th Annual CME – 2019, JNMC Scientific Society was7th April 2019897Urology
71Workshop cum CME on TAVR (Trans Aortic Valve Replacement)29.03.201940Cardiology
72Deccan Cardiology Meet, Belgaum29.03.201918Cardiology
73CYTOSKCON 201929.3.2019 to 30.3.2019120Pathology
74Hands on Bone Workshop28th March 201940Orthopedics
75Post Graduate Intesive Training Course29-30th March 201913Orthopedics
76CME On Heart Failure24.03.201912Cardiology
77“Thesis Writing and Basic Research Methods Workshop”18th & 19th March 201946Pediatrics
7811th Annual CME17-03-201975Phychiatry
79Integrated Teaching Programme on Congenital Heart Disease15.03.201925Cardiology
80Digital Live CME by B. RAMANA, Consultant surgeon at Appollo Gleneagles Hospital, Kolkata Topic: “TAR TECHNIQUE WITH TITANIZED POLYPROPYLENE MESH- Tips & Tricks, Nuts & Bolts”,15th March 201915Surgery
81LION-2019 Lion Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Workshop –Web Conference11-03-201912ENT
82CME The mixed basket10-03-201975Ophthalmology
83International Workshop on Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer14th March to 15th March, 201930Urology
84International Symposium on Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer16th March 2019200Urology
85CISP26th to 28th February 201925DOME
86One Day Sensitization Program (AETCOM)22nd February 2019 in DOME23DOME
87PG Orientation21-02-201912ENT
88Revised Basic MET workshop under RTC-MCI19th -21st February 201922DOME
89PG intensive live teaching programe19-02-201912ENT
90PALS Workshop16th & 17th February 201931Pediatrics
91CISP1st & 2nd February 201919DOME
92One Day Sensitization Program (AETCOM)31st January 2019 in DOME18DOME
93Revised Basic MET workshop under RTC-MCI28th -30th January 2019 in DOME21DOME
95RNTCP workshop TOG Sensitization workshop17-Jan-19130Pulmonary Medicine
96BLS Workshop12th January 201936Pediatrics
972nd Cadaveric Lab Workshop11th Jan 2019, at Cadaveric Lab Anatomy Dept. JNMC Belagavi20Surgery

June 2019 to May 2020 (Non Teaching)

SL N0Title of the administrative training Programme organised for non-teaching /technical staffDates: (from - to)No. of participants 
366Soft skill Training Workshop8th & 9th July 201913Anatomy
367Soft Skills Training Workshop for Non-Teaching staff8-7-2019 to 9-7-20196Physiology
368“Electronic Medical Records”29-08-201961MHA
369Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare30-11-201922MHA
370BLS Workshop16-01-20196Clinical Skill Lab
371BLS Workshop23-01-20196Clinical Skill Lab
372BLS & ACLS Workshop07-06-201910Clinical Skill Lab