The Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College established in 1963, stands testimony to the high professional standards of the KLE Society. It seeks to be the ‘Centre of Excellence’ in Medical Education, Research and Health Care Services at Regional, National and International level.
The JNMC scientific society was established in 1970, completing about 50 years of its active existence.


The scientific society aims to provide an outstanding educational experience to all the faculty members and practitioners in various disciplines of Medicine through a single platform.


The scientific society conducts fortnightly clinical meetings, guest lectures by distinguished visiting faculty and clinico pathological case discussions, where interesting cases of different specialties are discussed. This would result in widening the perspective of the clinicians and breaking the barriers between the specialties for the benefit of the learners and the patients.
An annual CME is a regular activity of the society for the last 38 years to update mainly the practicing family physicians organized every year by different departments.
The 38th JNMC Scientific society Annual CME was organized online on the theme ‘Current Trends in Diagnostic Medicine’ in July 2020
The 37th JNMC Scientific society Annual CME was organized on the theme ‘Cancer and cure’ in April 2019


A scientific quarterly journal (Three issues per year) “Journal of the Scientific Society” is being published for the last 42 years; it is a peer reviewed journal and is attracting papers from all over India and abroad.
The current issue can be accessed at and articles can be submitted at


President: DR.N.S.MAHANTASHETTI, Principal, J.N.Medical College

Secretaries: DR.SAMEER CHATE, Professor, Dept of Psychiatry DR.SUMA DNYANESH, Associate Professor, Dept of Anatomy

Treasurer: DR.A.S.HOGADE, Professor, Dept of Pharmacology