KLE Advanced Simulation Centre & Clinical Skills Lab


To strive to be a resource center of national and international repute for simulation based educational methodologies to strengthen the quality of health care and improve patient safety.


  • To provide a safe multi-modal simulated learning environment where high quality patient care is emphasized.
  • To implement competency based assessments for learners
  • To contribute to the growing body of knowledge supporting the role of simulation in health care education and improved patient outcomes
  • To promote partnership between disciplines for facilitating the development of inter-professional team work.
The Centre was inaugurated by Shri. Amit Shah, Union Minister of Home affairs, Govt of India on 17th Jan 2021. On this occasion following dignitaries were also present Shri. B S Yadiyurappa, Chief Minister Govt of Karnataka, Shri. Pralhad Joshi, Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Coal & Mines Minister, Govt of India, Dr. Prabhakar Kore, KLE Society Chairman & KAHER Chancellor, All KLE Society Board of management members, Dr.Vivek Saoji, Vice Chancellor KAHER, Dr. V A Kothiwale, Registrar KAHER, Dr. N. S. Mahantashetti, Principal JNMC.
Kle Advanced Simulation Centre & Clinical Skills Lab Inauguration


1Simulation Room (4 Rooms)891 Sq. Ft.
2Ultrasound Simulation Room (3 Rooms)525 Sq. Ft.
3Surgical Simulation Rooms (3 Rooms) 487 Sq. Ft.
4Debriefing room(2 Rooms)375 Sq. Ft.
5Skill Training Room (2 Rooms)1,399 Sq. Ft.
6Future Development Skill Training ( 2 Rooms)518 Sq. Ft.
7Control Room (3 Rooms)193 Sq. Ft.
8Faculty Room9.8 Sq. Ft.
9Control Room (4 Rooms) 270 Sq. Ft.
Total Built Area8900 Sq. Ft

List Of Simulators

1CAE, Apollo Pre-Hospital Adult Patient Simulator1 set
2CAE Lucina, Maternal Fetal Simulator1 set
3CAE Luna Advanced, Neonatal Simulator1 set
4CAE Learning Space Experience Ultraportable1 set
5Lap Vision VR System, Laparoscopic Surgical Simulator1 set
Total6 set

Blue Phantoms

Sl. No.Description of Blue Phantoms
1Midscapular Thoracentesis Ultrasound Training Model
2TAP Block Ultrasound Training Model
3Regional Anaesthesia US central line Training Model
4Spinal Epidural and Lumbar Puncture Training Model
5Internal Jugular Central Line Ultrasound manikin
6Renal Biopsy Ultrasound Training Model
7Thyroid Biopsy Ultrasound Training Model
8Breast Ultrasound Training Model
9Soft Tissue Biopsy Ultrasound Training Model
10Pediatric Central Line Ultrasound Training Model
11Ultrasound Machine

List Of Task Trainers

1Male Multivenous IV arm10
2Injection Trainer10
3Enema & Catheterisation Task Trainer10
4Little Anne QCPR8
5Little JR QCPR2
6Baby Anne2
7Resusci Baby2
8Choking Charlie2
9AED Trainer2
10NG Tube Trainer2
11Lumbar Puncture2
12Paracentesis Trainer1
13BSS Day Kit 12
14BSS Day Kit 22
15Crash Kelly with BTLS Spine Board with cervical straps and collars1
16Resusci Anne Adv. skill Trainer1
17Uterus Collection2
18Birthing Simulator-Prompt Flex1
19Female Pelvic Examination1
20Advance Gynaecology Model1
21Episiotomy Trainer3
22New-born Anne2
23Pedi IV Arm4
24IO Trainer2
25Megacode Kid1
26Epistaxis Simulator1
27Lipoma Pad1
28Seymour 2 Wound Care Model-Black1
29Sebaceous Cyst Pad1
30Ear Examination Trainer1
31Breast Examination4
32Adult Airway Management Trainer1
33Eye Examination Trainer1

Workshops/Training Programs/Seminars Conducted-2023

Health Science Exhibition November 2022


WORKSHOP 2020-21

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