PHC UHC Introduction


Since 7th April 2004 three Primary Health Centres namely Kinaye, Vantamuri & Handiganur have been undertaken by the JNMC under ‘Public – Private Partnership (‘Arogya Bandhu Scheme’), by Govt. of Karnataka’ in collaboration with Zilla Panchayat Belagavi.  Similarly Three Urban Health Centres namely Ram Nagar, Ashok Nagar and Rukmini Nagar in City Corporation area of Belagavi have been handed over to J.N. Medical College from 1st December 2011 by Govt of Karnataka Government.

Since 1st July 2017 we have under taken administrative management of two PHCs namely Kinaye, Vantamuri & two UHCs namely Ashok Nagar & Rukmini Nagar. The total administrative management of these PHCs & UHCs is done by the Department of Community Medicine (with HOD as Director of Public Private Partnership – Arogya Bandhu scheme) under the leadership of Dr.(Mrs.) N. S. Mahantashetti, Principal, J.N. Medical College, Belagavi. Apart from the Govt. facilities, the institute has provided facilities like additional infrastructure, interns & PGs hostel with mess facility, Special Clinics, Psychiatry Services – at Kinaye PHC, Specialist visits, supply of free medicines worth of Rs.1 lakh per  year/health centre, etc., Because of all these efforts in the year 2014-15, Kinaye PHC and Ashok Nagar UHC were adjudged as “The Best Performing PHC and UHC” in Belagavi district by the State Government. 

The total population served by these four health centres is about 2 lakh. The PHC/UHC facilities are used by Undergraduate students, PG Students, Allied health Sciences Students and Interns for teaching and training. Our UG/ PG Students actively participate in various national Health Programmes implemented in these UHCs & PHCs. Anganwadi Checkups, School Health Checkups and ANC / PNC & PMSMA camps are regularly conducted in all health centres. Bhutaramanahatti village in PHC Vantamuri is adopted by JNMC under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan and Swachh Bharat Activities are conducted in the adopted village. NSS Unit and Youth Red Cross Wings of JNMC, Belagavi also organize regular activities and NSS 7 days’ Special Annual Camp is organized in the adopted village under the PHCs every year.

Serious patients in need secondary / tertiary care are referred to KLE Dr. Prabhakar Kore Charitable Hospital with referral cards & Ambulance services, where free food and accommodation and basic lab services and essential drugs are provided free of cost.

Since March 2020, all our PHCs & UHCs are actively involved in Covid testing, contact tracing, Isolation and quarantine activities, treatment and referral as well as free covid-19 vaccination. 

Primary Health Centre (PHC) - KINAYE

Primary Health Centre (PHC) – WANTAMURI

Urban Health Centre (UHC) – Ashok Nagar

Urban Health Centre (UHC) – Rukmini Nagar