Sl No. Name of the First Author Name of the Co-Author Level Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Volume Page No. Year
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4 Dr Santosh Patil Dr Devendra Kumar,
Dr Y.C.Manjunath,
Dr Muralidhar Kamalapur
International Diagnosis of Spondylolysis on MRI: importance of Recognization of Hypoplastic L5 on MRI. Egyptian Journal of  radiology and Nuclear  medicine 2012
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6 Dr Gajanan S Gaude Dr. V.V. Hattiholi,
Dr Prakash Malur,
Dr Jyothi Hattiholi.
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8 Dr Nihaal Reddy Dr Harpreet Singh,
Dr.Santosh Patil.
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9 Dr R Hemanth Kumar Dr Nihaal Reddy,
Dr Harpreet Singh,
International Evaluation of Major Aorto Pulmonary Collateral Arteries in case of Ventricular Septal Defect-Pulmonary Atresia International Journal of scientific research Volume – 13 Issue  – 9 Sept – 2014.
10 Dr Nihaal Reddy Dr Jithan Veigas,
International A Rare Case of Malignant Meningioma. International Organization of scientific research Volume – 13 Issue  – 9 Sept – 2014.
11 Dr Nihaal Reddy Dr Hemanth Kumar,
Dr Harpreet Singh,
Dr. Ashwin Patil.
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Dr.Ashwin Patil,
Dr Mahesh Kamate
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13 Dr  Marialuisa Quadri, Dr Mahesh Kamate,
Dr Suvasini Sharma,
Dr.V.V. Hattiholi.
International Manganese Transport Disorder: Novel SLC30A10 Mutations and Early Phenotypes Wiley Online Library 30(7) February 2015.
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Dr.Ashwin Patil
International Evaluation of a fused Supernumerary Kidney using MDCT : A rare case report IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences Volume – 14 Issue – 5 57-60 May – 2015.
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No – 12
2692 – 2695 December 2015
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Dr.V N Amogh 1,
B V Balakrishna 1,
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International A Classic Case of Subcutaneous Cysticercosis: A Rare Case with Sonological Findings and Review of Literature Polish journal of radiology 7;81:478-482 October 2016
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19 Dr.Santosh Patil Dr.Pranav Mallya
Dr.Arvind Patil
International Bone Mineral Density Patterns at Lumbar Spine And Hip Using Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry: A Descriptive Study American Journal of Oral Medicine and Radiology 2017;4(1) 18-24 2017
20 Dr.Santosh Patil Dr.Manjunath Y C
Dr.Vijay H V
Dr.Raja Shaikh
International The Magnetic Resonance Cholangio-Pancreatography (MRCP)   Appearance In Pancreatico-Biliary Diseases American Journal of Oral Medicine and Radiology 2017;4(1) 25-28 2017
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23 Dr Abhinav Aggarwal 1 Dr.Aakriti Kapoor Aggarwal 2,
Dr.Aakaar Kapoor 3,
Dr.Ravi Kapoor 4,
Dr.Ashutosh Bansal 4
International Hemiatrophy of brain: antenatal ultrasonography and MRI/postnatal MRI diagnosis with the introduction of “shifted falx sign” Journal of medical ultrasonics (2001);44(1):147-151 Jan 2017
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Dr. Ivvala Sai Prathyusha 2,
Dr. Munnangi Satya Gautam 3,
Dr. Deepthi Raidu 4,
Dr. V N Amogh 5
International A Recurrent Case of Pentalogy of Cantrell: A Rare Case with Sonological Findings and Review of Literature Polish Journal of Radiology  18; 82:28-31 Jan 2017
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Dr. Ivvala Sai Prathyusha 3,
Dr. K Hema Chandra Reddy 4,
Dr. Kamala Retnam Mayilvaganan 2,
Dr. Deepthi Raidu 5
International An Atypical Presentation of Congenital Pulmonary Airway Malformation (CPAM) : A Rare Case with Antenatal Ultrasound Findings and Review Literature Polish Journal of Radiology 4;82:299-303 June 2017
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27 Dr.Shikha Rastogi Dr.Roopa Jatti
Dr.Santosh Patil
International Ultrasonographic evaluation of the circumoral  Musculature skeletal classes I and skeletal class II Division 1 Malocclusion subjects: a comparatives study International Journal of current Research Vol-9         Issue – 08 55757-55761 August 2017
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Dr.Naveen Mulimani,
Dr. Shridhar Ghagane
International Endovascular Management in a Case of Recurrent Bleed Following Transurethral Resection of the Prostate The Arab Journal of Interventional Radiology Vol. 2 (1) P No 33-35 Jan-June 2018
30 Dr. Virupaxi V Hattiholi
(Corresponding Author).
Dr. Pallav Gupta
Dr.Jyoti Hattiholi
International Role of multidetector computed tomography in the evaluation of mediastinal mass lesions International journal of anatomy radiology and surgery (IJARS) 1-6 2018
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133-136 April-June 2018
32 Dr.Pradeep Goudar Dr.Ashwin S Patil,
Dr.Virupaxi V Hattiholi (Corresponding Author),
Dr.Adarsh Sanikop
International Computed tomography guided core needle biopsy of the thoracic lesions : A 1 year observational study International journal of anatomy radiology and surgery (IJARS) Vol-7(4) 10-14 October – 2018
33 Dr.Muthiah Muthu Magesh Dr.V.V.Hattiholi (Corresponding author),
Dr.Mahesh Kamate
International A Hospital-based Observational Study on the Characterization and Correlation of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Patterns with Clinical Findings on Cerebral Palsy International journal of Contemporary Medicine Surgery and Radiology Volume 3
Issue 4
112-117 October – December 2018
34 Dr.Rajendra V. Mali
(Corresponding author)
Dr.Aseem Katyal International Characterization of In-Vivo Proton Magnetic resonance Spectroscopic Patterns of Intracranial Space-Occupying Lesions: A 1-Year Observational Study International Journal of Contemporary Medicine Surgery and Radiology Volume 3
Issue 4
126-130 October – December 2018
35 Dr.Mahesh Kamate Dr.Mayank Detroja,
Dr.Virupaxi Hattiholi
International Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis type- 11 in an adolescent Journal of the Japanese Society of Child Neurology Accepted 6th March 2019
36 Dr.Rohan Bhanushali Dr.Pradeepgoud H. Patil
(Corresponding author)
International Role of magnetic resonance imaging in evaluation of the brain lesions in HIV- infected patients: A prospective observational study International Journal of Contemporary Medicine Surgery and Radiology
July – September 2019
37 Dr Niharika Prasad International Liver abscesses associated with Venticuloperitoneal shunt infection: A rare complication Eurorad 2019
38 Dr.Niharika Prasad Dr. Virupaxi Hattiholi International Recurrent Presacral mass in an adult female: A case of sacrococcygeal teratoma Eurorad 2019
39 Dr.Niharika Prasad Dr. Virupaxi Hattiholi International A case of pineal germinoma presenting with mass effect and proximal hydrocephalus in a young male  patient Eurorad 2019
40 Dr.Niharika Prasad Dr. Virupaxi Hattiholi International A typical Case of central neurocytoma causing science of raised Intracranial Pressure in a Young Male Eurorad 2019
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Dr. Shridhar Ghagane,
Dr. Naveen Mulimani, Dr.Sushant Deole,
Dr.Neeraj Dixit,
Dr.Murigendra B Hiremath
International Delayed severe bleeding following partial nephrectomy managed with selective embolization: A Case report Journal of Nephrology & Urology Vol.3 (1.1)2019, P.No 1-3 2019
43 Dr.Niharika Prasad International A case of unilateral ovarian torsion : Tale with a Twist Eurorad 2019
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Issue XX
45 Dr. Usharani S. Sanu Dr.B.S. Prasad,
Dr.Santosh Patil,
Dr.R.R.Hiremath and
Dr. Sunil S Vernekar
International Distal Radial Artery Dimensions in Different Body Constitutions (Prakriti) – an Observational Study Journal of Stress Physiology & Biochemistry Vol – 18
No – 1
Page no. 101-108 2022



Sl No. Name of the First Author Name of the Co-Author Level Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Volume Page No. Year
1 Dr Mahesh Kamate Dr Manisha Bhandankar,
Dr S.M. Dhaded,
National MRI Abnormalities of the Anterior Temporal lobe: A new Indicator of Congenital Cytomegalovirus  Infection. Indian Pediatrics Volume – 48 17th April 2011
2 Dr Gurusideshwar M Wali Dr Mallikarjun S Khanpet, Dr.R.V.Mali. National Acute Movement Disorder with Bilateral Basal Ganglia Lesions in Diabetic Uremia”. Annals of Academy of Neurology Volume – 14 Issue – 3 September 2011.
3 Dr Mahesh Kamate Dr Vishwanath Patil,        Dr Vivek Chetal,
Dr Pavan Darak,  Dr.V.V.Hattiholi
National Glutaric aciduria type I: A treatable neurometabolic disorder. Annals of Indian Academy Neurology Volume – 15 Issue – 1 January – March 2012.
4 Dr Mahesh Kamate Dr Gowda P Prashanth, Dr. V.V.Hattiholi. National Clinico- investigative profile of infantile and late – infantile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses. Neurology India. Volume – 60 Issue – 3 May – June 2012.
5 Dr Aralikatte O Saroja, Dr Karkal R Naik, Dr.R.V.Mali,
Dr Sanjeeva R Kunam
National ‘Wine glass’ sign in recurrent postpartum hypernatremic osmotic cerebral demyelization. Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology Vol- 16
Issue  1
Jan-mar 2013.
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Issue 3
269-275 May-June 2014
8 Dr Nihaal Reddy Dr Pranav Mallya,
Dr Hemanth Kumar,
Dr. Ashwin Patil.
National A Case of Cryptococcosis in an  Immunocompromised Patient. Indian journal of applied research Volume –  4  Issue – 9 Sep-2014.
9 Dr S Haveri Dr.Santosh Patil,
Dr S.V. Udapudi,               Dr F.T.Taj.
National Isolated Musculocutaneous Nerve Injury after fall from height. The Indian Practitioner Volume – 67 No. 8 August 2014.
10 Dr.Harshita Rai Dr.Vishali Keluskar,
Dr.Santosh Patil,
Dr.Anjana Bagewadi
National Accuracy of measurements of foramen magnum and occipital condyle as an indicator for sex determination using computed tomography Indian Journal of Health Sciences and Biomedical Research KLEU Vol – 10
Issue -1
80-83 January-April 2017
11 Dr.Mahesh Kamate Dr.Shivaraj Naik, Dr.Shankar Torse,  Dr.Virupaxi Hattiholi National NEONATAL ROTAVIRAL  ENCEPHALITIS Indian J Pediatr DOI 10.1007/s12098-0172385-2 29-May-17
12 Dr.Muralidhar G. Kamalapu Dr.Santosh K. Dasar,
Dr.Santosh D. Patil, Dr.Preetam B. Patil
National Antenatal Diagnosis of Congenital High Airway Obstruction (CHAOS) International Journal of Medical Science and Innovative Research (IJMSIR) Volume -3,
Page No. 155-157 March 2018
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Issue 3
65-69 June 2018
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Issue 3
70-73 June 2018
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Dr.Virupaxi V Hattiholi
National Vol – 14
No – 2
Journal of the Indian Medical Association Vol 116, No 8 August 2018
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Dr. Ashwin Patil
National Prevalence of Osteoporosis, serum vitamin D and serum calcium deficiency cases among women: A hospital based retrospective study International journal of clinical biochemistry and research Vol 5 (4) P.No 1-4 Oct- Dec 2018
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Dr.Navin Mulimani,
Dr.Jagadeesh Ramini,
Dr.Rajesh Shenoy
National Computerized tomography assessment of calvarial wall thickness in different gender and age in neurosurgical practice – A single centre study Indian Journal of Neurosciences Vol – 5
Issue – 2
73 – 77 April – June 2019
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Dr. Uma Maheswari Krishnaswamy,
Dr.Priya Ramachandran,
Dr.Uma Devaraj,
Dr.Abhinandan Ruge
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Issue – 6
November – December 2019
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(Corresponding author)
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Issue – 2
RO33 – R037 April 2019
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Dr.Shama Bellad,
Dr.Navin Mulimani,
Dr.Adarsh Sanikop, Dr.Jahnavi
National Role of selective intralesional embolization in vascular conditions of the nose and paranasal sinuses International Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery Vol – 5
Issue – 5
1225 – 1258 September – October 2019
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Indian Journal of Medical Research Page No. 78-79 November 2020
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Dr.Fleur Lewis, Dr.Charlene Luis, Dr.Radhika Malu
National Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders and eye strain among the radiologists in Belagavi. BLDE University Journal of Health Sciences  (Original Article) Volume – 5,
Issue – 2,
Page No: 185 – 193 July-December 2020
24 Dr. Sameer Haveri Dr Kiran S. Patil
Dr. Rajendra B. Uppin
Dr.Santosh Patil
Dr. B.B. Putti
National A Cross-Sectional Study on Novel – Risk Factors Associated with Supraspinatus Tendon Tear Indian Journal of Orthopaedics

(Original Article)

August  – 2020
25 Dr.Bibi Ayesha Pathan Dr.S.I.Neeli,
Dr. D.B.Udoshi
National Role of Sonourethrography in the Evaluation of Anterior Urethral Stricture: A 1 Year Hospital Based Observation Study Indian Journal of Health Sciences and Biomedical Research 2020
26 Dr.Advaith A. Shivapur Dr.Ashwin S. Patil, Dr.Pradeep S. Goudar*,
Dr.Santosh D. Patil and Dr.Virupaxi V. Hattiholi
National Prevalence and characterization of adrenal incidentalomas on computed tomography – A hospital-based retrospective study Al Ameen US National Library of Medicine enlisted journal

(Original Article)

Vol – 14
No – 2
Page No: 159 – 168 April – 2021
27 Dr.Mahesh Kamate Dr.Mayank Detroja1
Dr. Virupaxi Hattiholi
National Acute Leucoencephalopathy with Restricted Diffusion in Children – A case series Neurology India Volume 69  Issue 2 March April 2021
28 Dr.Mahesh Kamate Dr.Narendranadha Reddy,
Dr. Mayank Detroja, Dr.Virupaxi Hattiholi
National Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinoses in Children Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology Volume 24 Issue 2 March-April 2021



Sl No. Name of the First Author Name of the Co-Author Level Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Volume Page No. Year
1 Dr.V.V.Hattiholi Dr Ashwin Patil, Dr.R.V.Mali,         Dr.P.H.Patil,
Dr Santosh Patil.
Regional “Photo Quiz” Journal of scientific society series. Vol- 38 2011
2 Dr.P.H.Patil Dr.A.C.Shetti,       Dr.Ashwin Patil,                   Dr Vinaykumar CUdasi,
Dr Kiran S Desai,
Dr Tejas B Gosalia..
Regional “Multiple Intracranial Cavernous Angiomas: A Rare Case” Journal of scientific society Series. Vol – 39 Issue – 1 124-129 Jan-April 2012.
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4 Dr Santosh Kurbet Dr Prashanth GP,
Dr N.S.Mahantshetti,         Dr M.V.Patil, Dr.Santosh Patil, Dr R.M Wali,
Dr Shirin Joshi,
Dr Sriharsha B.
Regional “Chronic Gastric Volvulus” – A rare case. Journal of KLESH lifeline Issue XXIV Jan 2013.
5 Dr.Ashwin Patil Dr.R.V.Mali,   Dr.A.C.Shetti,
Dr P.H.Patil,                     Dr V.V. Hattiholi,
Dr Santosh Patil,
Dr G Gupta.
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7 Dr.Amit Garhwal Dr.Ashwin S Patil Regional Role of magnetic resonance imaging in biometric Evaluation of corpus
Callosum in hypoxic Ischemic encephalopathy Patients
Journal of the Scientific
Volume 44 Issue 2 May-August 2017
8 Dr.Santosh Hajare Dr.Navin Mulimani,
Dr.Aditi Rao
Regional Acute Pancreatitis  with Rare Complications Journal of KLESH lifeline 36 (1) 38 – 40 January 2019
9 Dr.B.M. Kajagar Dr.M.I.Uppin,
Dr.Nikhil M,
Dr.Ameya M,
Dr.Bhavana Doshi,
Dr.Naveen Mulimani,
Regional APLA Syndrome with Elephantiasis Nostra Verrucosa: A Complication of Chronic Lymphedema Journal of KLESH lifeline Vol – 37 37 – 40 August 2019
10 Dr. Shruti Andola, Dr. Rahul Kenawadekar,
Dr. Pradeep Goudar,
Dr. Virupaxi .V. Hattiholi,
Dr. M.B. Bellad
Regional Fitz Hugh Syndrome KLESH Lifeline Vol 37 52 to 53 August 2019