Sl No. Name of the P.G Student Name of the Guide Title of the Dissertation Duration Status
1 Dr. Dhivagar K Dr. Ravindra S. Honnungar An Observational Study on clinicopathological features of poisoning in living & dead. 2022 Ongoing
2 Dr. Pratima Bhat Dr. Prasann S. Jirli One-year Autopsy study on Pattern of Thoraco Abdominal Injuries in Fatal Road traffic Accident cases at Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital Mortuary Belagavi (A Cross Sectional study) 2022 Ongoing
3 Dr. M Jeya Prakash Dr. Vishal V. Koulapur A Cross sectional study on pattern of Non-fatal injuries in road traffic accidents reporting to a Tertiary care Hospital 2022 Ongoing
4 Dr. Aravind Varman Dr. Ravindra S. Honnungar A Cross sectional study on determination of sex from plain CT scan imaging of maxillary sinus dimensions. 2021 Ongoing
5 Dr. Perumal P Dr. Ravindra S. Honnungar A cross Sectional study on Galton-Henry Dactylography system interdependence of Karl-Landsteiner system and gender in a tertiary care Hospital, Belagavi 2021 Ongoing
6 Dr. Tejas Mohite Dr. Vinay S. Bannur Sociodemographic Profile and Pattern of burns cases admitted and autopsied at Tertiary Care Hospital-“A Cross Sectional Study.” 2022 Ongoing



Sl No. Name of the P.G Student Name of the Guide Title of the Dissertation Duration Status
1 Dr. Manoranjan Dr. Somashekhar S. Pujar A study of knowledges, awareness and perception towards organ donation among adult population in an urban area. 2021 Completed
2 Dr. Khaza Aziz Junaidi Dr. Vishal V Koulapur Estimation of stature from foot length measurements among health science students of North Karnataka region – A cross sectional study 2018 Completed
3 Dr. Kashif Ali Dr. Ravindra S Honnungar Correlation of computed tomography scan findings with autopsy findings in fatal head injury  cases – a one year hospital based cross  sectional study 2018 Completed
4 Dr. Vinay S. Bannur Dr. Prasanna S Jirli Pattern of Poisoning cases at a tertiary Health Care Centre-A Cross sectional study 2016 Completed
5 Dr. Pushpa M.G. Dr. Manjulabai K.H. Study of unintentional injuries at a tertiary care center- a cross sectional study 2013 Completed
6 Dr. Shivananad Kadagoudar Dr. Manjulabai K.H. Correlation and regression analysis of stature in relation to head length in south Indian population – a cross sectional study 2013 Completed
7 Dr. Ajay Kumar S. Dr. Prasanna S.Jirli Determination of sex from fingerprint ridge density among south Indian population – a one year cross sectional study 2013 Completed
8 Dr. Vinay R Hallikeri                                                                   Dr. Manjulabai K.H. Estimation of stature by using percutaneous measurements of long bones of legs and fore arm in South Indian population-A cross-sectional study. 2012 Completed
9 Dr. D. R. Mahadeshwara Prasad Dr. Prasanna S Jirli Correlation of plasma cholinesterase levels in relation to mortality and morbidity in acute organophosphorous poisoning- A 1 year cross-sectional study. 2012 Completed
10 Dr. Vijay Kumar A.G. Dr. Swapnil S. Agarwal “Fusion of Skull vault sutures in relation to age – A cross sectional Postmortem study done in 3rd, 4th, 5th decades of Life at KLE’s Prabhakar Kore Hospital and MRC Belgaum. 2011 Completed
11 Dr. Hemanth Raj M.N Dr. Manjulabai K.H. Comparison of clinical and autopsy diagnosis of cause of death at K.L.E.’s Prabhakar Kore Hospital and MRC, Belgaum – A one-year cross sectional study. 2011 Completed
12 Dr. Ajay Kumar T.S Dr. Prasanna S Jirli “Pattern of Medicolegal cases at KLES’s Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital and MRC, Belgaum – A Cross sectional study – 2010 Completed


Dr. Suresh J. Dr. Shashidhar C. Mestr “The estimation of age from Morphological changes in pubic symphysis from 3rd and 4th Decade- An Autopsy study” 2010 Completed
14 Dr. Satish Babu B.S. Dr. Manjulabai K.H. Interpretation of lesions and cause of death among victims of fatal road traffic accidents autopsied at KLE’S Hospital and MRC Belgaum – A Cross Sectional Study 2009 Completed
15 Dr. Vishal V Koulapur Dr. Shashidhar C. Mestri The estimation of stature by anthropometric measurements of inter-acromial length among north Karnataka students-a cross sectional study” 2009 Completed