The department caters to the diagnostic   needs of K.L.E. Dr. Prabhakar Kore Charitable Hospital, Belagavi.  The diagnostic capability of the department is at par with the highest standards.  Along with the routine investigation in the diagnostic microbiology and serology special tests like ELISA, ANA, RA titre, antifungal susceptibility testing for yeast & Anaerobic culture methods are carried out in the department.

Recent diagnostic modalities like Polymerase chain reaction (PCR), Fluorescent microscopy are available in the department and give a cutting edge technology to the hospital services.

In our endeavor to maintain the best quality our laboratory participates in various internal and external quality assurance programs.

The department is recognized as referral microscopy center under RNTCP.  We have a CPCSEA registered Central Animal House under the administrative control of department of microbiology.

Our department does not forget social responsibility towards public health and carries out Bacteriological analysis of water, screening HIV, Brucella, high risk people Streptococcal infection, Hepatits, Dengue, Chikungunya, Helminthic infections in general population.  The department participates in Health checkup camps & participates in investigations of infections as an expert member.


We have a well-equipped Microbiology Laboratory having the different sections available for the investigations.

1)      Central Collection Room.

2)     Cleaning & Disposal Room equipped with autoclaves.

3)     Media Preparation & Sterilization section.

4)     Aerobic & Anaerobic cultures section…

5)     Serology Section

6)     Immuno fluorescence Section

7)     Mycology Section.

8)     Parasitology Section.

9)     AFB Sections.

10)   Molecular Laboratory.

11)   Section for screening opportunistic infection Room (Stool Specimen)

Beyond this we have a state of the art Molecular Biology set up. The laboratory is equipped with conventional PCR system, Biosafety cabinet, Deep freezer, Micro centrifuge and many other equipment’s required for research. The PCR can be used for diagnosis of HIV, Tuberculosis and many other infectious diseases.

Apart from these we have M-2000 SP & M-2000 RT for RNA & DNA Extraction & HIV viral load testing respectively. 

It is needless to say that we fulfill all the stipulated requirements of the Medical Council of India in terms of the infrastructure, faculty and everything else.