The museum hall is a rectangular one measuring 160’X40’ eccentrically separated into two longitudinal halves by pillars.  The bigger half is utilized for displaying pathological specimens. The other half of for the museum has accommodated into 12 wooden cubicles of 8’ x 10’ x 8’. The cubicles deal with common diseases in India.

Three cubicles have been used for parasitology, three cubicles for bacterial infections, one cubicle for viral disorders and one each for liver pathology, blood disorders, immunology, disease of civilization and cancer. This plan is in line with Burroughs Welcome Museum of Tropical Diseases. The individual disease is explained from all points with the help of charts, figures, photographs, specimens and transparencies.

The evolution of Pathology and Microbiology has been displayed elegantly and it is very informative. The contribution of individual worker is depicted diagrammatically. This attracts the students greatly.