List of Departmental Library Books

  Books CD’s
Departmental Library 68 131
Central Library 301 + 121 New —-

Sl No Name of the book Author Edition/Year
1 Shaw’s Textbook of Operative Gynaecology John Howkins 3rd Edition/1968
2 Chesley’s Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy Lindheimer, Roberts, Cunningham 3rd Edition/2009
3 Management of Common Problems in Obstetrics and Gynaecology T.Murphy Goodwin, Martin Montoro. 5th Edition/2010
4 Mudaliar and Menon’s Clinical Obstetrics Sarala Gopalan and Vanita Jain 10th Edition/2006
5 Clinical Gynaecologic and Oncology Di Saia and Creasmen 8th Edition/2007
6 The Management of Labour S.Arulkumaran, Leonie K 2nd Edition/2007
7 Hormone Replacement Therapy Donald Swartz 1st Edition /1992
8 Obstetrics Review Series V.G.Padubidri 2nd Edition/2004
9 Basics Science in Obstetrics and Gynaecolgy,Textbook of Mrcog Michel De Sweit, Geoffrey Chamberlain 2nd Edition/1994
10 Pregnancy Diabetes and Birth:A Management Guide Dorothy Reycroft, Hollingsworth 2nd Edition/1992
11 An Atlas of Colposcopy, Cytology,Histopathology of The Lower Female Genital Tract S.K.Das,S.Nigam Reprint /2009
12 Cytology ,Colposcopy in Gynaecolgical Practice Saraiya,Miniello 1st Edition/2009
13 Obstetrics Review Series V.G.Padubidri 3rd Edition/2006
14 Ultrasound of Fetal Syndromes Benacerraf 1st Edition/1998
15 Color Doppler 3rd & 4th Ultrasound in Gynaecology, Infertility and Obstetrics Sanja Kupesic, Asim Kujarak 2nd Edition/2011
16 Practical Guide to High Risk Pregnancy and Delivery Fernando Arias, Shirish Daftary 3rd Edition/2013
17 Textbook of Obstetrics Shaila Balakrishnan 2nd Edition/2013
18 Shaw’s Textbook of Gynaecology V.G.Padubidri 15thEdition/2011
19 Obstetrics and Gynaecology: An Evidence Based Textbook For Mrcog David M Lusley 2nd Edition/2010
20 Textbook of Prematurity Franl Witter, Louis Keith 1st Edition/1993
21 Manual of Gynaecology Saritha Shamsundar 1st Edition/2007
22 Essentials of Gynaecology Shirish S Sheth 2nd Edition/2011
23 Manual of High Risk Pregnancy and Delivery Elizabeth Stepp Gilbert 4th Edition/2007
24 Obstetrics and Gynaecolgy :The Clinical Core Ralph .M.Wynn 4th Edition/1988
25 The John Hopkins Manual of Gynaecolgy and Obstetrics K.Joseph Kurt, Matthew Guile 4th Edition/2011
26 Basic Science in Obstetrics and Gynaecolgy:Part 1 Phillip Bennett, Catherine Williamson 4th Edition/2011
27 Gynecology For Undergraduates The Five Fingers Sisir Chattopadhyay, M Narayanswamy 1st Edition/2006
28 Essentials of Gynaecolgy Shirish Sheth 2nd Edition/2011
29 Textbook of Obstetrics D.C.Dutta 7th Edition/2013
30 Practical Gynaecolgy and Obstetrics Shanshank Parulekar 1st Edition/1987
31 Esssential of Obstetrics:Textbook For Undergraduates Asha Oumachigui, S Soundara Raghavan 1st Edition/2011
32 Shaw’s Textbook of Operative Gynaecolgy Marcus Setchell, John Shepherd 7th Edition/2013
33 Jeffcoates’s Principles of Gynaecolgy Pratap Kumar, Narendra Malhotra 7th Edition/2008
34 Reconstructive Surgery and Gynaecolgy P.G.Knapstein, V.Friedberg 1st Edition/1990
35 Atlas of Gynaecolgic Surgery Donald.R.Ostegard, Michael Berman 1st Edition/2000
36 Management of High Risk Pregnancy:An Evidence Based Approach John Queenan, Catherine Spong 6th Edition/2011
37 Vaginal Surgery Daid Nichols, Clyde Randall 3rd Edition/1989
38 Ultrasound in Gynaecolgy Ilan Timor-Tristch, Steven Goldstein 2nd Edition/2007
39 Gynecology By Ten Teachers Geoffrey Chamberlain 16th Edition/1996
40 Introduction to Gynaecological Endoscopy Adrain Lower, Cxhris Sutton 1st Edition/1996
41 Complications in Obstetric and Gynaecologic Surgery Schaefer, Graber 1st Edition/1981
42 Panoramic Hysteroscopy B Parent, H Guedj 1st Edition/1987
43 Colour Atlas of Laproscopy Beck 2nd Edition/1980
44 Greenhill’s Surgical Gynaecolgy Stephen Corson, Thomas Sedlack 5th Edition/1986
45 Reproductive Gynaecologic Surgery David Nichols 1st Edition/1991
46 Atlas of Gynaecological Diagnsosis Abdel Yousuf 1st Edition/1984
47 Textbook of Gynaecology D.C.Dutta 4th Edition/2005
48 Preparation Manual For Undergraduates V.G.Padubidri 1st Edition/2005
49 Infectious Diseases of The Female Genital Tract Riachard Sweet, Ronald Gibbs 4th Edition/2004
50 Early Pregnancy Failure H.J.Huisjes 1st Edition reprint 1991
51 Text Book of Gynaecology D.C. Dutta  
52 Essentials of Obstetrics Sabaratnam Arulkumaran 2nd Edition
53 Obstetrics By 10 Teachers Stuart Campbell 17th Edition
54 Obstetrics & Gynaecology Charles R.B. Beckmann 6th Edition
55 Essentials of Obstetrics & Gynaecology Hacker and Moore’s 5th Edition
56 Clinical Methods in Obstetrics & Gynaecology Pn Nobis 2nd Edition
57 Ctg Made Easy Susan Gauge, Christine Henderson 2nd Edition
58 The Kidney & Hypertension in Pregnancy Priscilla S Kincaid-Smith 2nd Edition
59 Bonneys Gynaecological Surgery   11th Edition
60 Practical Management of Obstetric Problems Sulochana Gunsheela 1st Edition
61 The Masters’ Techniques in Gynaecologic Surgery UroGynaecologic Surgery W. Glenn Hurt 2nd Edition
62 Complications of Gynaecologic Endoscopic Surgery Keith Isaacson 3rd Edition
63 Menopause Obstetrics & Gynaecolgy in Perspective Usha R Krishna, Duru Shah 2nd Edition
64 Menopause Obstetrics & Gynaecolgy in Perspective Usha R Krishna, Duru Shah 2nd Edition
65 Contributions to Obstetrics & Gynaecolgy S S Ratnam Volume 2
66 Diagnostic Ultrasound Appled to Obstetrics and Gynaecolgy Rudy Sabbagha 2nd Edition/1987
67 Cancer Prevcention and Early Diagnosis in Women Alberto Manneta 1st Edition/2004
68 Imaging in Obstetrics and Gynaecology Pratap Kumar, My Rawal 2nd Edition/1998
69 Interventional Ultrasound and Obstetrics and Gynaecology and The Breast Joaquin Santaloyya-Forgas 1st Edition/1998
70 Advances in Gynaecological Pathology David Lowe 1st Edition/1992
71 Obstetrics and Gynaecology Ultrasound :Case Series Review Karen Reuter 2nd Edition/2007
72 Gynaecological Imaging Fielding, Brown, Thurmond 1st Edition/2011
73 Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology Sanfillipo, Muram, Lee 1st Edition/1994
74 Colposcopy Cexeus, Carrera, Coupez 1st Edition/1977
75 Practice of Fertility Control:A Comprehensive Manual S. K. Chaudiri 7th Edition/2011
76 Women and Exercise :Physiology and Sports Medicine Shangold, Mirkin 2nd Edition/1993
77 Urogynaecologic and Reconstructive Pelvis Surgery Mark Walters, Mickey Karram 3rd Edition/2007
78 Gynaecologic Surgery Luis Sanz 2nd Edition/1995
79 Operative Laproscopy: The Masters’s Technique Richard Soderstorm 1st Edition/1993
80 Obstetrics and Gynaecologic Dermatology M Black, M Mckay 2nd Edition/2002
81 Laproscopic Surgery in Gynaecological Oncology Denis Querleu, Joel Childers 1st Edition/1999
82 Hysterosalphingography :A Text and Atlas David Ott, Jamil Fayez 1st Edition/1936
83 Hysterosalphingography and Pelvis Ultrasound: Imaging in infertility and Gynaecology Isabel C. Yoder 1st Edition/1988
84 Hysterosalphingography and Pelvis Ultrasound: Imaging in infertility and Gynaecolgy Isabel C. Yoder 1st Edition/1988
85 Urogynaecologic and Reconstructive Pelvis Surgery Mark Walters, Mickey Karram 3rd Edition/2007
86 Hysterectomy Michael P. Diamond 5th Edition
87 Munro Kerr’s Operative Obstetrics Thomas F. Baskett 11th Edition
88 Cesarean Section Guidelines For Appropriate Utilization Bruce Flamm 4th Edition
89 Hypertension & Pregnancy Jay M. Sullivan 4th Edition
90 Hypertension in Pregnancy J. J. Walker 4th Edition
91 Drug Therapy in Obstetrics & Gynaecology William F. Rayburn 3rd Edition
92 A Practical Manual of Diabetes in Pregnancy David R.M., Michael 5th Edition
93 Obstetrics & Gynaecology Geoffrey Chamberlain Diana, Hamilton-Fairley 3rd Edition
94 Manual of High Risk Pregnancy & Delivery Elizabeth Stepp Gilbert 5th Edition
95 Pelvic Floor Disorders Bourcier, Edward J. Guire, Paul  
96 Clinical Maternal & Fetal Nutrition Barbara Luke 2nd Edition
97 Handbook of Congenital Malformations Rubin 1st Edition
98 Assisted Reproductive Techniques Challenges & Management Options Khaldoun, Arri Coomaras 3rd Edition
99 Pelvic Floor Disorders Edward J. McGuire, Paul Abrams 2nd Edition
100 Manual of High Risk Pregnancy and Delivery Elizabeth Stepp Gilbert 5th Edition