MS/ MD/ MPT Dissertations


Sl No Name of The PG Student Guide Co-guide Title of the Dissertation Duration (From-To) 
1 Dr. Abhijeet saini, PG (Gen.Surgery ) Dr. A. S. Godhi Dr. Santosh B. Kurbet Tissue glue is an alternative method of skin approximation in patients undergoing circumcision 2013 to 2015
2 Dr. Narendra Malenini, PG (Anaesthesiology ) Dr. Manjunath C. Patil Dr. Santosh B. Kurbet Comparative evaluation of intranasal dexmedetomidine and intranasal midazolam for pre medication in children undergoing anaesthesia 2013 to 2015
3 Dr. Deepak V. Kadlimath, MD (Anaesthesiology) Dr. M. G. Dhorigol Dr. Santosh B. Kurbet A Comparison of efficacy of ultrasound guided versus traditional approach for caudal epidural anaesthesia in paediatric patients 2015 to 2017
4 Dr. Geethika, MS (General surgery) Dr. Ramesh S. Koujalgi Dr. Santosh B. Kurbet A One year randomized control trial  to compare the outcome of primary repair of Hypospadias with vascular cover using vaginalis flap with those using preputial dartos fascia 2015 to 2018
5 Dr. Akshata A. Kulkarni, MD (Anaesthesiology) Dr Vandana  A Gogate Dr. Santosh B. Kurbet Effect of intranasal dexmedetomidine on duration of anaesthesia and post operative analgesia in paediatric patients undergping infraumbilical surgeries under single shot caudal epidural anaesthesia 2015 to 2018
6 Dr. Manoj Kadlimatti, PG (Paediatrics) Dr. Mahantesh V. Patil Dr. Santosh B. Kurbet Prevelence of congenital anomalies of kidney and urinary tract (CAKUT) in children 2018 to 2019
7 Dr. Divya  M. Madhale, MPT Dr Deepa Metgud Dr. Santosh B. Kurbet Effect of matrix rhythm therapy (MaRhyThe) compared to conventional treatment in chronic functional constipation in children : A randomized controlled trial 2018 to 2019
8 Dr. Chikku Mathew (PG)Anaesthesiology Dr. Manjunath C. Patil Dr. Santosh B. Kurbet Comparison of glottic view by paraglossal approach using miller blade and midline approach using macintosh blade for direct laryngoscopy and endotracheal intubation in paediatric patients – A one year randomised clinical trial 2020 to 2021
9 Dr. Ketki Khasnis (PG)Anaesthesiology Dr. Vandana A. Gogate Dr. Santosh B. Kurbet Comparison of four different methods of fredicting endotracheal tube size in indian children : One year hospital based observational study 2021 to 2022
10 Dr. Ganesh kumar Reddy Dr. Abhijit S. Gogate dr. Santosh B. Kurbet Quality of life of patients with Hirschprung’s disease and anorectal malformation after pull through surgery – Observational study 2022 to 2023