M.Ch (Urology) PG Dissertations


Sl. No. Name of the PG Guide Title of the Dissertation Status Ongoing / Completed Duration (From to)
1 Dr. Shyam Mohan Dr. R.B.Nerli “ Case study in the Management of Metastatic Carcinoma Prostate in KLE Belgaum.” Completed 2018 – 2021
2 Dr. Pulkit Gupta Dr. S.I.Neeli “The study correlating renal parenchymal thickness, renal volume and renal resistive index with renal function in the obstructed urinary system.” Completed 2018 – 2021
3 Dr. Priyeshkumar Patel Dr. Vikram Prabha “Vascular factors predicting success rate of arterio-venous fistula creation.” Completed 2018 – 2021
4 Dr. Shashank D. Patil Dr. Vikram Prabha Role of colour Doppler Assessment in predicting Outcomes of anatomical snuff box Arterio-Venous Fistula (AVF) Creation Ongoing 2019 – 2022
5 Dr. Priyabrata Adhikari Dr. S.I.Neeli Efficacy and safety of additional alpha blocker in relieving LUTS secondary to BPE in patients not responding to single alpha blocker Ongoing 2019 – 2022
6 Dr. Shoubhik Chandra Dr. R.B.Nerli Genital Anomalies In New Born Males – A Comparative Study Between Singleton And Twins Ongoing 2019 – 2022
7 Dr. Abhinay Kumar Jogula Dr. S.I.Neeli “Prospective study to assess the correlation between international consultation on incontinence questionnaire on male – lower urinary tract symptoms ICIQ M-LUTS) and urodynamic study(uds) in men presenting with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS)” Ongoing 2020 – 2023
8 Dr. Ronak Shah Dr. S.I.Neeli “Comparison of safety and efficacy profile between Superperc and PCNL for renal calculus of >1 cm” Ongoing 2020 – 2023
9 Dr. Keyur Patel Dr. R.B.Nerli “Enzalutamide in metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate carcinoma patients: an observational study” Ongoing 2020 – 2023
10 Dr. Shreyas Rai Dr. R.B.Nerli “ Androgen receptor expression in preputial skin of children with hypospadias and those undergoing circumcision for various medical reasons ” Ongoing 2020 – 2023
11 Dr. Pranav Jasuja Dr. Vikram Prabha “Efficacy of collagen membrane as oral graft site dressing in patients undergoing buccal mucosa graft urethroplasty” Ongoing 2020 – 2023