Department of Urology in the KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital & MRC with a well-established outpatient clinic supported by comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic facilities, which include progressive care wards, hi-tech operation theatres, etc. The OPD itself is equipped with a urodynamics laboratory. There are various endoscopic facilities available and TURP is routinely  performed. Additional facilities like Laser Therapy and Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL) are also available.Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) machine has been recently commissioned with advanced electro-magnetic technology based Dornier Unit, for safe, non-surgical treatment of patients suffering from kidney stones.

Department of urology has four full time consultants, two visiting consultants, threeM.Ch candidates and three Residents, a Research Scientist, along with two dedicated nursing staff and other office staff.   OPD has got a registration center, patient resting place, toilets, consultation rooms, minor OT, ESWL and Urodynamics facilities, as well as sex counseling and Andrology facilities.

We have very advanced gadgets to investigate problems of erectile dysfunction. The basic test is the Rigi scan. Rigiscan is a highly advanced gadget which records the different events that accompany erection. It is a very useful tool to differentiate between functional and organic ED.  

In the OPD we have facilities to carry out a provocative Rigiscan where we give a visual stimulus in form of erotic movies. This we combine with oral medications to increase the efficiency of the test. It is a helpful if the patient takes this test in company of his female partner.

We also have facilities for intra cavernosal injections, vacuum pump and colour Doppler studies. We also provide facilities for implantation of artificial prostesis for patients where conservative management fails.

Brief History

  • Independent SUPERSPECIALITY Department since, 1994; Previously part of Department of  Surgery, J.N.Medical College
  • 15th Oct 2004 KLES Kidney Foundation was formed under the Directorship of  Dr. R.B. Nerli
  • First Superspeciality Department of JNMC to start  Post – Doctoral Programme ( M.Ch ) – 2001
  • Fellowship in Paediatric Urology –  2008 ( KAHE)
  • Ph.D   –  2008 ( KAHE )


To Establish Ourselves as a Premier Department of Urology with Excellence


♦        To develop the department as a pioneer in Robotic Surgery in India

♦        To establish Basic Tissue Culture laboratory

♦        Develop a Laboratory for training in Minimal Invasive Surgery