National – Completed

Sl No Principal Investigator Co-Principal Investigator Title of the Project Funding Agency Duration (From-To) Clinical Trial Registration Details if any Status of the Project
1 Dr. Mubashir Angolkar Regional Clinical Care Mentor USAID & KHPT Bangalore March 2010 to Nov 2011
2 Dr. Mubashir Angolkar   (Site PI)  SUPERB for Women ICMR Delhi Jan 2013 to Aug 2014
3 Dr. Mubashir Angolkar Delay in diagnosis and treatment (TB-PPM) Abt Associates Inc. India Mar-11
4 Dr. Mubashir Angolkar Cervical Cancer Screening Trustee Grama Shikshana Charity Foundation, Hubli 1.1.2019 to 31.3.2019
5 Dr. Mubashir Angolkar Targeting Anaemia and Goitre to Improve maternal and Child health in Raichur District through rigorous and sustained training of peripheral healthcare workers and Primary care Physicians utilizing Digital ECHO platform ICMR-NITM April 2019 – March 2022
6 Dr. Mubashir Angolkar India Pediatric HIV Chohort ICMR Delhi  6.2.2020 to 31.8.2020

Ph.D Thesis


Sl No Research Scholar Guide Co-Guide Title of the Thesis Duration (From-To)
1 Dr. Ashwini Narasannavar Dr. A. S. Wantamutte Screening for Oral Precancerous Lesions and Conditions among Rural Population of Belgaum 8/1/2011
2 Tika Ram Gurung Dr. B. S. Kodkany Determinants of Birth Weight: A Community Based Prospective Cohort Study At Rural Area of Belgaum Districtof Karnataka 8/12/2013
3 Dr. Annapurna Kari Dr. Mubashir Angolkar Feasibility and Acceptability Study of Implementing Birth Preparedness and Complication Rediness Plan through ASHAs – A Health System Research Aug-17
4 Dr. Nagaraj Patil Dr Mubashir Angolkar Dr. Subarna Roy Assessment of Effect of Sustained Information Education and Communication (IEC) through Technological Aid  to  Health Care Providers in Improving  Anaemia Incidence among Pregnant Women in Rural Setting Aug-19
5 Dr. Fatima Khazi Dr Mubashir Angolkar Dr. S. L. Hoti Health Related Quality of Life and Its Associated Factors among HIV Infected and Affected Children in North Karnataka 2019-2022
6 Mr. Vikrama Simha Reddy Dr Mubashir Angolkar Understanding Social Determinants as Risk factors for Suicidal Behaviour among Youth in COVID 19 Pandemic Scenario: A Community Based Study 2021-2024
7 Mr. Anil kumar Dr. Sheetal Harakuni Dr. Ramesh Paranjape Socio-demographic risk-factors determining the distribution of pulmonary tuberculosis at Belagavi district – a geo-spatial analysis 2021-2024
8 Ms Deshna Oswal Dr Mubashir Angolkar Dr. N. S. Mahantshetti Evaluating the impact of fortified Bovine Colostrum on linear growth among children aged 9 months to 36 months: A community based Randomized Control Trial 2021-2024
9 Ms Shivani Haritay Dr Mubashir Angolkar Iodine nutrition anomalies and mental health 2021-2024
10 Mrs Kashamma Uppin Dr. Rajesh Powar Dr. Roopa Bellad Impact of Antenatal Breastfeeding counselling in mothers with fetus with cleft lip palate on growth and breastfeeding of infant post nataly up to 6 months. A Non Randomised Intervention Study 2021-2025


Sl No Research Scholar Guide Co-Guide Title of the Thesis Duration (From-To)
1 Dr. Mubashir A Dr. B. S. Kodkany A study of causes of Perinatal Deaths through Verbal Autopsy-A community Based Study August 2007 – April 2014
2 Dr. Vijayashree Mathad Dr. (Mrs). N. S Mahantashetti Morbidity, Growth and Development during first year of life: A prospective comparative study among rural babies of normal and low birth weight. 2012 – 2019